The Best Tips To Make Your Oily Eyelids Work

Do you find that your eye makeup just won't stay in place, no matter what supposedly long-lasting products you use? The culprit may be oily eyelids, a common but not often discussed beauty concern that can cause your eyeliner and eyeshadow to smudge and streak.

According to Medical News Today, there are several causes of oily eyelids, including the excessive secretion of a substance called sebum, which works to keep the skin hydrated. Other factors that may lead to oily eyelids include topical products that you use on your skin (such as eye creams and face washes), hormonal changes, and environmental elements. For example, you're more likely to run into this problem if you live in a humid climate. Stress can also lead to the over-production of sebum, as can your body's reaction to certain medications.

Regardless of the cause of your oily eyelids, they can get seriously annoying when it comes to applying makeup that you want to last longer than an hour. But while you can't change the skin type you have, there are a few things you can do to help your makeup last longer on greasy eyelids.

Avoid concealer on your eyelids

Priming with concealer is a common hack that makeup artists swear by. However, if you have oily eyelids, L'Oréal advises opting for an eye primer rather than a concealer to start off your makeup. Speaking to the beauty brand, celebrity makeup artist Sir John revealed that concealer has an emollient effect, which lubricates the skin. "I've always used invisible primer [on eyelids]," Sir John explained, adding that he sometimes uses "liners or eye kohls as a base because they adhere" before layering eyeshadow on top.

Set your eyelids with powder

If you have oily skin in general, setting your liquid makeup with powder can help to lock the products in place and reduce any shininess. When it comes to eye makeup, the same rule applies. According to Her Style Code, dusting a translucent powder over your completed eye makeup will absorb excess oils and help keep your eye makeup from smearing. But if you're the type who likes to finger-paint your makeup look, this is one time to reconsider. Maybelline explains that setting powder shouldn't be applied with your fingers. Instead, opt for a fluffy brush to dust the powder onto your eyelids.

Remove oil with a cotton swab

Before you apply makeup, always ensure that your face is clean and free of old makeup residue to give yourself a fresh canvas (per ADM Skin). This is particularly important for the eyes, where eyeliner and mascara fragments can be difficult to remove. Once your face is clean, take a cotton swab or round and remove any excess oil from your eyelids. As Dermatologist Heather Woolery-Lloyd, M.D., reveals to MindBodyGreen, you simply need to dampen the cotton swab and run it over your eye lightly to get rid of any remaining oil. It's not necessary, and can even be harmful, to tug aggressively on your eyelids, so always use a gentle hand.

Use non-greasy eye cream

As topical products can make your eyelids greasy or worsen the state of naturally oily eyelids, it's important to pay attention to your skincare. Healthline recommends switching to a non-greasy eye cream or moisturizer if your eyelids are oily, which will help to prevent your eye makeup from sliding down your face. It can also help to use a gentle daily cleanser on the eyelids, such as baby shampoo. Beauty brand Mario Badescu advises using an eye gel rather than heavy creams if you experience oily skin around the eyes. Look for products that are oil-free and provide lightweight hydration.

Use liquid eyeshadow

Though liquid products may seem antagonizing to eyelids that are already oily, Huda Beauty explains that liquid eyeshadow is actually the perfect remedy for this skin type. Start with a matte liquid eyeshadow in a hue that matches your skin tone, and then apply your powder eyeshadow on top. MasterClass explains that liquid eyeshadow stays in place, is long-wearing, and is easy to blend. As long as you shake the product before using to ensure it's properly mixed, liquid eye shadow has all sorts of applications. For instance, it can be used with powder shadows or on its own to create a shimmer or contrast on your eyelids, or even as a smudgy liner.

Mix and match these techniques to find a method that works for you. With these easy strategies, you can reduce excess oil and rock flawless eye makeup, regardless of your natural skin type.