Styling Your Desk For A Perfect WFH Oasis Doesn't Need To Be Difficult

It looks like remote work is here to stay. What started as a necessity born out of the COVID-19 pandemic has since started a global conversation surrounding the nature of work. Among the most lasting of these changes is the shift to a culture of flexible remote work. Experts already predict that, by the end of 2022, 25% of the professional jobs in North America will become remote (via Forbes). But while most people love skipping their commute, WFH presents some unique challenges of its own. "The biggest difference between working from home and working in the office is that you are in charge of your environment and have to treat yourself like an employee," career coach Heather Yurovsky tells The Muse. She goes on to explain how the lack of established boundaries can cause blurry lines in work/life balance.


One of the easiest ways to create some structure in your WFH setup is to create a private workspace where you can hit your stride. "If you look at the impact of the pandemic on the workplace, we were too focused on the location of work," business consultant Joe O'Connor tells The New York Times. "Remote and hybrid work can bring many benefits, but it doesn't address burnout and overwork." Ideally, a long-term home office should be located in a separate room in your home away from high-traffic areas. But there are a few universal tips that anyone can use to create a functional WFH oasis, regardless of the square–footage you have.

WFH must-haves for better productivity and focus

Studies have shown that WFH employees experience less stress than their in–office peers, even though they are working more (via Business News Daily). For one thing, remote work allows employees to build a space that suits their personalized needs and allows them to block out unnecessary distractions for peak focus. If you're new to remote work, you'll want to snag a few essentials for better productivity. Lifestyle influencer and ADHD coach Taylor Rose shared her best WFH must-haves in a recent TikTok. First on the list is a bullet journal to track your schedule and projects, with color-coded highlighters to match. She also recommends setting up a corner for charging your technology and grabbing a water bottle to help stay hydrated throughout the day.


One of the trendiest WFH items taking the internet by storm right now is the walking pad. Influencers, remote workers, and even college students are using these desk treadmills with their standing desks to sneak in some extra steps during the workday. These walking pads are perfect for remote work because of their sleek size, easy storability, and quiet motor. "I'm literally so obsessed with it," explains lifestyle creator Taylor Made in a recent TikTok about her walking pad. "Overall, this has helped so much with productivity. I love that I can walk while I'm working, and I hit 10,000 steps, no problem."

WFH must-haves for organization and technology

Before you ask your boss to go fully remote, you'll want to set up your space with all the necessary technology you'll need to succeed. Although these might not be the most exciting purchases you'll make when decorating your home office, they will save you plenty of time and headache once you've settled into the job. If you're looking for a few products to spend your tech stipend on to help boost your focus and get your desk organized, LA–based content creator Janette Ok shared her must–haves in a recent TikTok. For starters, you'll want an external hard drive for extra file storage. Depending on your position, you may also want two or more monitors and a wireless speaker set, as well as charging stations for your phone, work computer, and other tech gadgets.


After you've gathered your baseline essentials, you might want to explore some additional perks to further embrace your new tech–savvy lifestyle. Lifestyle influencer Jessica Rose Hood shared her list of WFH desk requirements in a recent TikTok, which included an elevated laptop stand, a wireless keyboard, a chair with great back support, and wireless headphones. Another tip? Purchase a few cable ties and cable storage containers to keep your office tidy of any loose wires. A little work will go a long way to keeping things organized and in their place, so don't skip this step!

WFH must-haves for mental health and personal expression

After all the planning it takes to get things just right, the last thing some people want to do is decorate. However, adding a personal touch to your space might be the most important step of all. "The vibes you get from your work-from-home environment can have a significant impact on your productivity, focus, and overall happiness," interior designer Veronica Sanders tells InStyle. "A workspace that is not built for success can cause distractions, as well as mental and physical fatigue." For a home office setup that helps promote good vibes, try including personal effects, art, plant life, and plenty of lighting. These tiny personal touches can do wonders for both your daily outlook and your overall mental well-being.


And if you're looking for a more dramatic change, consider choosing a paint color that fosters productivity and creativity in your space. "A simple and effective way to define and zone a space is through wallpaper or a striking mural," design expert and business owner Nina Tarnowski tells House Beautiful. "Don't be afraid to play with patterns and larger designs; even within the smallest of rooms, it can give the illusion of a much larger space." If you're working remotely from a rental, you can achieve this same effect with renter-friendly peel-and-stick wallpaper. Whatever your office setup, it's important to let your artistic side shine.