How To Prevent The Cakey Makeup Look

There's no set rulebook on how to do your makeup. While this allows us to express ourselves freely, it can sometimes lead to mistakes. Anyone who has applied makeup knows that a series of errors can lead to a makeup look we didn't want. Sometimes those mistakes can lead us to a cakey makeup look. Far from a glowy or dewy finish, a cakey look can be frustrating after you've spent time doing your makeup. MasterClass defines a cakey makeup look as a "thick, flaky, and patchy" look. There are various reasons why your makeup can end up looking cakey, and almost all of them are preventable.


Like any issue with your makeup or skincare, the best way to fix it is by preventing the problem in the first place. Taking just a bit more time and precaution can be the only difference between the look you were going for and an embarrassing cakey application. Whether you want a natural, glowy, or matte finish, it's always possible to get the wrong application. While everyone has their taste in beauty, no one wants to have their makeup look described as thick, flaky, and patchy.

Prepping your skin to avoid cakey makeup

Although a cakey makeup look is unfortunate, there are steps you can take before even picking up your makeup product to ensure that you have a seamless application.

If you are running low on time, you may tend to eliminate your skincare routine before applying your makeup. However, this is a foolproof way of getting a cakey makeup application. According to Makeup, skipping your skincare routine and putting your application on dry uncleansed skin will cause your makeup to look patchy. Not taking care of your skin causes uneven texture and other skin issues that will get in the way of a smooth application. Another cause of that flaky makeup might be your unwashed makeup tools. Having unclean tools will ultimately hinder its efficiency and ruin your look.


Once you've nailed down your pre-makeup prep, you want to also beware of your makeup application. Beverly Hills MD suggests taking some time between your different makeup products. One reason your makeup looks patchy might be because you aren't letting your makeup set. If you pile makeup products on top of each other, they'll just slide off your skin. When it comes to foundation and concealer, you want to follow this same rule and apply it in layers. Instead of putting on too much foundation or concealer on the first swipe, try slowly building it up. This method gives you a more natural look and lets each layer settle into place before the next layer.

How to fix cakey makeup quickly

Accidents can happen and leave you with a cakey makeup look. Thankfully, there are ways you can still fix it before you step out the door.

L'Oreal Paris recommends first trying to eliminate any excess oil or makeup you may have. If you have oily skin and find that it is causing your makeup to look patchy, grab blotting sheets and gently blot away some excess oil. On the other hand, if your makeup looks too dry and thick, you can solve it all with just a beauty sponge. Simply wet your beauty sponge and wring out excess water until the beauty sponge is just damp. Press the sponge onto the affected areas and watch as it starts to soften your look.


Another easy way to freshen up a cakey makeup look is using a facial mist. Clove+Hollow suggests using a few spritzes of your favorite facial mists to add more hydration to the skin. This idea is the optimal move for anyone who might be suffering from dry skin and having patchy areas. While it can be challenging to fix cakey makeup once you are already out and about, you can also solve this by carrying your favorite concealer. Instead of worrying about how to fix it at the moment, simply conceal it as you go.