Inspo For Bringing The Barbiecore Trend To Your Halloween Costume

As Halloween creeps up on us, it's common to have second thoughts about outfit plans. It seems like no matter when you begin planning your costume, it's never early enough. And while there's endless outfit inspiration to draw from this year, one style icon has made serious waves in the fashion world: Barbie. According to Mattel, the doll launched in 1959, and ever since, she's held a vice-like grip on pop culture throughout the decades. From Danish-Norwegian band Aqua's 1997 hit "Barbie Girl" to the upcoming "Barbie" film starring Margot Robbie, the toy company's darling has become a household name.

Barbie's passion for fashion is perhaps one of her most recognizable qualities. It was only a matter of time before Barbiecore would appear on social media as the next big thing in microtrends. The Barbiecore hashtag is approaching 90 million views on TikTok, and the look is defined by hyper-femininity and excess — think "Pink Friday"-era Nicki Minaj, L.A. billboard star Angelyne, or "Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion." 

But despite her omnipresence, Barbie is chameleon-like in her aesthetic. If you glance over popular Barbies from the swinging sixties to now, you'll notice she's adapted her tastes to the trends of the times. A characteristic trait of Barbiecore is the preference for pink, and naturally, it's a prominent feature in Barbie-inspired Halloween costumes. Now, ready to choose your dream Barbie look?

Wild Bunch Barbie

The psychedelic mod movement of the 1960s brought colorful and imaginative attire for Barbie. Both Barbie and her friend Francie rocked this late-'60s-inspired outfit release that Mattel dubbed The Wild Bunch. The technicolor style consisted of a statement faux-fur jacket, minidress, tights, boots, and accessories to match. Between the sunset color palette and sensible attention to detail, this totally dreamy Barbiecore look is perfect for vintage fashion lovers.

To capture The Wild Bunch style, try starting with Manzi Microfibre Tights in orange and pairing them with ErikenUrben Knee High Boots. For accessories, these Olinowl Rimless Sunglasses are a perfect touch. The Peppermayo Knitted Halterneck Mini Dress is a groovy nod to The Wild Bunch orange and pink color block dress, and the Yuakou Shaggy Coat ties everything together. While Barbie wears a hot pink cap in the original outfit, you can substitute it for a silky headscarf, like this Satinor Chiffon Scarf Square. You can also pay homage to The Wild Bunch design by including an old film camera, a costume gold necklace, and an orange yarn belt.

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Superstar Barbie

Using the same name as The Carpenters single that dominated radio airwaves six years earlier, Superstar Barbie exemplified the fashions of the late 1970s. Discotheques were all the rage at the time, and Barbie didn't skip a beat with her Halston-esque gown. This outfit is all about the silhouette and is about as minimalistic as Barbie gets when it comes to accessories. If you're planning on dancing all night this Halloween, Superstar Barbie is the look for you.

First, focus on the costume's centerpiece -– the dress. The Romantic Timing Magenta Satin Maxi Dress from Lulu's is on-point for a contemporary spin on seventies style. Equally as important are the shoes, and Forever 21's Faux Gem Satin Platform Heels may require a little experience with heights, but they're perfect. If your dogs start barking, you can always toss your heels in your bag and slip into travel flats, like these Silky Toes Portable Ballet Flats in magenta. Obviously, you'll need a shawl, so try the hot pink Ws&Wt Fluffy Turkey Ruff Feather Boa. Jewelry should be kept simple, but don't skimp on the sparkle.

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Barbie and the Rockers

In October 1985, the animated show "Jem and the Holograms" made its debut to the delight of television-addicted eighties children everywhere. The series followed Jerrica Benton, her pink-haired rocker alter-ego Jem, and a whole cast of characters from bandmates to sleazy record executives. Much to the chagrin of Mattel, toy company competitor Hasbro even introduced some very Barbiecore Jem dolls.

In response to Jem's overwhelming success, Mattel decided that Barbie needed to get her own band together for a bit of rockstar rivalry. And with that, the totally-not-inspired-by-Jem Barbie and the Rockers dolls were born the following year. In true PR fashion, Mattel executives were like, "Jem, who?" when asked about the similarities. "We introduced it because rock 'n' roll is a big trend. Our Rocker dolls were in production long before we ever heard of Jem," Candace Irving, then-Barbie marketing manager, told the Los Angeles Times.

Fans of '80s glam will surely appreciate the Barbie's appearance, as seen in a rockin' 1980s commercial. To achieve her music video-worthy style, start with a silver tank or bodysuit, like this Allegra K Metallic Tank Top that's pretty identical to the one Barbie wears. The Exchic Skater Skirt in white builds the base of the look, and the Ploon Bowknot Belt in purple brings the two together. Keep your legs warm with hot pink Leg Avenue Nylon Tights and slip on a pair of pumps, like Dream Pairs Classic High Heel Shoes in white. Splurge on Fashion Nova's Anita Sequin Feather Trim Blazer in Fuschia for a truly Barbiecore take on Barbie's pink blazer.

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Totally Hair Barbie

Kardashian family fans will recognize this 1990s Barbie variant. Kylie Jenner worked with designer Bryan Hearns to craft four Barbie Halloween costumes in 2018, and one bore a striking resemblance to 1992's Totally Hair Barbie. "Surprisingly, the most difficult aspect from all of the costumes were the Barbie earrings," designer Bryan Hearns told Elle. The original Totally Hair doll featured ridiculously long blonde tresses that owners could style with gel, a screaming neon minidress, and, of course, hot pink earrings and heels.

While you can go the easy route and grab the Totally Hair Barbie Doll Costume, there are ways to forge this Barbiecore design on your own. Look for an abstract bodycon minidress, like the Simmi High Neck Ruched Mini Dress by ASOS. When it comes to accessories, you're in luck –- this Barbie's earrings aren't that difficult to find. The Statement Drop Earrings by Kelmall Collection in hot pink are a perfect human-sized version of the Totally Hair doll's. Complete the outfit with a pair of neon pumps, such as Dream Pairs Low Heel Shoes in Fuschia suede. Swipe on some doll-worthy lip color, like the "megawatt pink" Stacy Matte Lipstick by Trixie Cosmetics, to really play this Barbie girl's part.

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Jam 'N Glam Barbie

Released in 2001, Jam 'n Glam Barbie exemplified every millennial tween's pop star dreams. Judging by her attire, Jam 'n Glam Barbie's stylist was studying episodes of Total Request Live like it was her job. The aughts pop princess had everything: multicolored hair extensions, shiny silver bell bottoms, a purple halter crop top, and a hot pink faux fur coat. This was the Barbie for the child who collected HitClips and knew every detail about her favorite 3LW member. And according to Mattel, Jam 'n Glam Barbie was a generous soul. The company's official product description for Ms. Jam reads, "After the show, Barbie loves to autograph posters and magazines for her fans."

When building the Jam 'n Glam Barbie costume, you'll want to wrangle the most necessary component first. Everyone wanted satiny, mirrored-finish pants in the 2000s, and the Shiny Metallic Flare Trousers by Ibakom are exactly what you need. When it comes to the art of crop tops, the Tali Sequin Halter Top in Purple by Lucy in the Sky is peak pop-star chic.

Try Fashion Nova's A Little Extra Jacket in hot pink to keep warm and stay true to the look. What's more, the affordable Ramoug Faux Fur Crop Jacket in deep pink is just as nice. Jam 'n Glam's most important accessories are her hair extensions, and Fairy Color Tinsel Extensions come with various colors to play with. All that's left are your shoes, and Zara's Ankle Strap Heeled Platforms in lilac are perfect.

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