Why Trying Adaptogens May Change Your Outlook On Life

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Living in a fast-paced modern world also means combatting stress. Unless you live under a rock or on a year-round yacht, navigating stress is a natural part of the human experience. According to The American Institute of Stress (yes, such a place exists), current rising stress levels can be attributed to increasing inflation, supply chain issues, global uncertainty, and the Russian-Ukrainian war. Of those that participated in the stress survey, 25% also admitted to drinking higher amounts of alcohol. The holistic health world is hoping to change that, however.


Adaptogens are plants, mushrooms, or botanicals that help the body's resilience against stress and anxiety (via Cleveland Clinic). They promote overall well-being and help cope with fatigue which can prevent a balanced system or homeostasis. It turns out stress can do more than just impact your mental health. According to American Psychological Association, it can affect several systems within the body, including the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, endocrine, gastrointestinal, nervous system, and more. Luckily, adaptogens are able to help regulate our emotions and thus lead to overall better health.

They reduce stress while also stimulating mental energy

Plants and mushrooms classified as adaptogens are able to reduce stress by increasing your resistance to tense situations (via Cleveland Health Clinic). A 2010 study found that adaptogens demonstrate neuroprotective, anti-fatigue, anti-depressive, and nootropic activity. They also stimulate mental energy while increasing work capabilities in stressful or fatigue-inducing environments. They're able to do so by helping to regulate the body's homeostasis, stress responses, and the release of cortisol. 


According to naturopathic herbalist Dr. Marisa Marciano, adaptogens are a uniquely notable herb because of their ability to prevent damage to the body by supporting the adrenal glands and possibly the pituitary glands, which monitor and regulate hormones. One hormone they help monitor is cortisol, or the stress hormone that can contribute to signs of aging (via Dr. Axe). Adaptogens also regulate the adrenal glands, which, when out of wack, can cause problems like weight gain, fatigue, and acne. These powerful herbs are one of the best stress fighters and exist in a variety of foods, herbs, and supplements.

They uplift your mood while enhancing brain function

By reducing stress and anxiety, adaptogens are also able to create feelings of calmness, uplift the mood, and have a positive effect on the central nervous system (via Cleveland Clinic). One of the most popular adaptogens is ashwagandha, a highly used in Chinese medicine that is also a potent antioxidant that has been proven to improve memory function and inflammatory pain (via Stat Pearls). It can even improve the body's dopamine level and regulate one's mood.


Adaptogens also extend to the mushroom family, with exotic blends quickly becoming a replacement for highly caffeinated coffee drinks. Family-owned and operated GT's Living Food's line of mushroom tea elixirs offers a hefty 1800 milligram dosage of adaptogens like reishi, chaga, and turkey tail mushrooms. Other herbal blends like Om's Master Blend can be stirred into your coffee or tea for a stress-relieving boost. If you're ready to ditch the alcohol then try Kin Euphorics and indulge in buzzy botanical well-being instead of hangovers.