Why You Should Consider Gel Cleansers If You Have Oily Skin

Getting the right skincare formula for your skin type can be challenging. With countless skincare ingredients (and their multiple uses), there are too many product options. Apart from having all these options that promise to help your skin, every skincare product doesn't fit all skin types. Each person has unique skin and should create their skincare routine around their skin's needs. For those with oily skin, these needs will look different than those with dry or normal skin.

After taking a look at the ingredients of your skincare, you'll want to take a look at its formula. While knowing what oil-fighting ingredients a product has is essential, a product's formula can be equally vital in ensuring it is the best option for your skin. One of the best options for oily skin is a gel cleanser. Because you want to ensure that you get any excess oil and grime off your face, a gel cleanser is ideal for anyone with oily skin. The Klog describes gel cleansers as those with a thick gel consistency, a mild cleanse, and only a tiny amount of foam. While not as satisfying as a foaming cleanser, a gel cleanser can be a lifesaver for those who suffer from excessive oil. Here's why.

Benefits of using gel cleansers on oily skin

Even though gel cleansers only produce a small foam and are considered mild, they are the best option for oily skin. Suki Skincare explains that while gel cleansers typically have mild ingredients, they are water-based and oil-free. Gel cleansers usually get their cleansing properties from natural skincare ingredients like flower extracts or essential oils. With oily skin, you must avoid as much oil as possible. While it makes sense that you want something harsher to deeply cleanse your face, you also don't want to remove the natural oils that your skin needs to continue regenerating healthy skin cells. Gel cleansers provide oily skin with a balance of not stripping all the skin's oil but cleaning out the pores enough to prevent breakouts.

Apart from being free from oils and helping deep cleanse the skin, gel cleansers are also great for combating acne and helping reintroduce moisture into the skin. According to Wishtrend, gel cleansers' mild ingredients are best to fight acne as they will not irritate your skin with harsh skincare ingredients and directly targets acne. Gel cleansers also help rehydrate the skin with the right amount of moisture and have anti-inflammatory properties. So, while you won't get the satisfaction of seeing suds, gel cleansers are more than capable of cleansing oily skin.

Best products for oily skin

Apart from gel cleansers, there are more products you need to ensure you keep your face clean and healthy. Biore suggests also having a toner, exfoliating scrub, and quality moisturizer on hand to complete your skincare routine. While you only want to use an exfoliating scrub a few times a week, it can help take your deep cleanse a step further to eliminate dead skin cells, control excess sebum, and remove leftover dirt and makeup that might've been missed during cleansing. Toners can help shrink the appearance of your pores and remove oil. A moisturizer is essential in any routine for any skin type to keep your skin looking plump and healthy.

Since those with oily skin tend to be prone to more acne breakouts, CeraVe reminds us to have an acne treatment on hand. Ingredients like niacinamide and retinol are essential in serums and treatments if you want to remove acne scars. Even if you are no longer suffering from acne breakouts, these ingredients can help lighten up areas that may still have scarring from previous acne. 

Ultimately, while gel cleansers are only a part of your skincare routine, you want to ensure you start your skincare routine with a good base. Follow up with equally beneficial products to get that healthy glow you want.