How To Mirror Sagittarius Fashion Style

Sagittarius are the free-thinkers and rule breakers of the zodiac. Depicted as the centaur, the half-man, half-horse god, Sagittarians have a complex character that's often misunderstood (via The Times of India). As a fire sign, they are upbeat, energetic, and humorous, with a vibrancy that attracts admiration from others. But according to astrologers at Café Astrology, they are also the last fire energy in the zodiac, giving them the essence of enlightenment and higher knowledge. Their determination to explore, learn, and elevate can sometimes come off as brutal honesty to those around them. 


With a wildly beautiful and sometimes chaotic energy, Sagittarians are untamed. They thrive off adventure, travel, and challenging the status quo. They say what's on their mind simply because they have a strong understanding of truth, positivity, and freedom. When it comes to fashion, everyone should definitely take a page out of their book and embody their self-assuredness and independence.

1. Be a fashion dare-devil

Sagittarius' biggest blessing and curse is that they don't care about anyone's opinion. They have liberated themselves from societal pressure, conditioning, and outdated thinking. As the zodiac wild child, they are motivated to self-express without inhibition. Their nearly toxic positivity stems from a strong belief in themselves and an innate optimism about life. Ruled by Jupiter, the planet astrologers say represents expansion and grandeur, the centaurs have a tendency to overindulge and party in excess. They are the true rockstars of the zodiac and need to experience life at full throttle in order to ascend. 


To channel their bad girl behavior, experiment with different leathers and sports accessories. Sag Queen Miley Cyrus is known for her rocker girl fits that embody cowgirl, sex kitten, and lead guitarist all in one. To replicate her Lollapalooza all-blue affair, opt for a pair of metallic pants like Amy Lynn's turquoise faux leather trousers available at Self Ridges & Co. For the girls that love chrome, Nordstrom has the same gorgeous pair in silver.

2. Wear a statement piece

If anyone likes to make an entrance with a statement, it's Sagittarius. Expert astrologers at Astro Ved say that Sags' honesty stems from their truth-seeking ideology. Their journeys and adventures have given them self-esteem, knowledge, and independence. They're not bossy, just outspoken. Even when they're not speaking their mind, they are the center of the party and bring show-stopping looks, usually with a major statement piece.


If anyone exemplifies statement-making fashion it's the Barb herself – Nicki Minaj. Sags are maximalists. They're not scared of big prints, a pink wig, or six-inch shoes. Channel their fearless prowess by picking a major accessory that's outside of your comfort zone. A major shoe brand that is never scared to add an inch or two to its platforms is Jeffrey Campbell. They have nearly 400 sky-high platform shoes ranging from Spice Girl British boots to 8-inch wooden clogs. These are for the girls not scared to be a towering glamazon. Mirroring Sagittarius energy above all else is confidence and letting your inner wild child loose. Don't hold back.

3. Embody tomboy chic

As much as Sags love to make a statement, they are also the queens of casual. Their relaxed outlook on life and freedom-loving nature makes them the rulers of comfortable chic. They also have an up-and-ready-to-go spirit that is happy to throw on a bomber jacket 9even if it's a bit glitzy) and baseball hat to meet up with friends. To embody their sporty daytime style, try denim dad hats like Phenomenal's line of baseball caps that flaunt human rights slogans a Sag would be proud to say. 


4. Break the rules

Represented as the truth-loving centaur, Sagittarians love to challenge the status quo (via Times of India). Their fiery and assertive nature is proof that happiness lies in living without inhibitions. Moreover, their ability to be true to themselves helps to advance society by showcasing optimistic liberty. 


Sag star Janelle Monae created her own lane in fashion by breaking rules and nailing androgynous design on her terms. In true Sag fashion, she has always been the master of her fate and came out on Twitter as non-binary. In an interview with Variety, the singer-actress said she heard a quote from Steven Universe that described her perfectly — "I'm not a woman, I'm not a man, I'm an experience." Sagittarius fashion is, at its best, rule-breaking and transcendental.

5. When all else fails, wear co-ords

Because Sagittarius prioritize their freedom and comfort above all else. Two-piece co-ords are the best way to optimize a stylish outfit with minimal effort. Sags also aren't afraid to wear a bold pattern from top to bottom when done in good taste. To try our version of T Swift's head-to-toe business-to-casual get-up, try Annorlunda's two-piece ocean print set available on Asos. To truly embody Sagittarius' comfy chic mentality, cozy up in their velvet blazer and pant set available in dazzling emerald green.