Here Are The Trendiest Ways To Bring Your Sunglasses Into Fall

With temperatures cooling, tank tops and summer dresses take a backseat to leather jackets and sweaters. But that doesn't mean your sunglasses should get a break too. You still have multiple hours of sunlight during the day to slay a fit with added accessories. Eyewear is one of the easiest ways to effortlessly elevate a look, and with the change of seasons always comes a change in trends. Sunglasses are like the cherry on top to styling a well-rounded outfit and they always give that added oomph, even during colder weather.

This year sunglasses have made some of the biggest leaps in design changes. The Y2K era is still reigning supreme, but the eyewear scene is continuously evolving in style, with other aesthetics not far behind. Between catching paparazzi shots of Bella in new sunnies and #fyp trends on the clock app, we've tracked down the latest shades to cop this fall.

1. all white frames

What used to be an outdated memory from the 2000s has resurfaced in a more futuristic and modern revamp. Chunky white sunglasses are making waves this fall because of how they beautifully contrast the dark tones and nudes we love to wear this time of year. Remember the all-white after Labor Day rule your mom took a blood oath to? Well, millennium fashion gurus have apparently canceled the ancient mandate. To try this autumn trend, opt for a sleek Y2K design like French brand Marine Serre's, recognizable with its upside-down crescent moon.

2. tinted color frames

Color-packed outfits don't have to be left with your summer glow. Using your sunglasses as a color-enhancing accessory is a perfect way to add dimension to darker-toned outfits. Also, a big hit during the summer, blue and yellow tinted lenses have become some of the most popular shades to hit shelves, harkening back to the late 90s. The Y2K steeze is still the reigning aesthetic, with even pink and purple shades gaining popularity. Unisex eyewear brand Bonnie Clyde is known for their indie designs with low bridge fit so you can look over your brim with class. Their line of shades comes in color lenses in every hue.

3. Sporty futuristic

When Kim K broke the internet with her Balenciaga blue dress and matching shades, sporty shades reclaimed their moment in the spotlight. Reminiscent of biker-motorcycle shades, this trend feels more futuristic, with sharp lines and chrome colors dominating the market. As Kim quickly becomes the new poster girl for the luxury Spanish brand channeling post-apocalypse energy, cheaper versions are being replicated in fast fashion brands from Shein to Amazon. Expect to see more futuristic and sporty sunnies in chrome and black as the year progresses.

4. Statment sunnies

Whether it's multi-colored wide-brimmed sunnies or the Kardashian's made-favorite Batman shades, this fall, your sunglasses want to be your statement piece. Big colorful shades with personality are the key to bringing a fantastical elevation to fall season looks. Bonnie Clyde's collaboration with singer-songwriter Raveena brings a psychedelic and dimension-hopping sunglass perspective to the market for those not afraid to play with color. Pictured above, the Portal glasses represent a spiritual awakening and intergalactic style showing off maximalist round frames and purple-tinted lenses.

5. Vintage retro style

The Y2K era isn't the only throwback getting its time to shine. Anything retro is having a moment right now, especially in the world of eyewear. With the return of color-tinted shades also comes memories of the late 70s with orange-colored perspectives and aviator frames. Paired with a trucker hat and motorcycle jacket, these frames look great on the shaggy-haired free spirits who are a little less glam and a lot more au naturel. Pictured are Lexxola's Jordy frames in tortoise.