The Zodiac Sign That Has The Easiest Time Communicating

We all have that one friend we can rely on to break the ice at a party or talk to on the phone for hours. Friends that are good conversationalists are like good wingmen. Their ability to strike up a conversation with anyone is a special skill and always provides relief from awkwardness and social anxiety. It's a gift not everyone is born with, but good banter is easily recognizable and can quickly make someone your favorite person. Not everyone is gifted with the gift of discourse, public speaking, or the art of communicating, but it's likely that those blessed with it all have something in common.

When the cosmos bestow certain talents, gifts, or personality traits, there are a few places you can find them in a birth chart. According to astrologers at AstroYogi, your Sun sign is who you are at the core and how you express yourself. This is your main zodiac energy you already know yourself as and the flag you wave proudly. However, there are other placements that point to different personality traits and forms of expression. Your Mercury sign is your style of communication, how you give and receive information, and even how you make decisions (via Café Astrology). To find your communication style, use Café Astrology's mercury sign calculator. Whether it's your Sun or Mercury, there is one sign that is the master of communication.

Gemini is ruled by the planet of communication

Depicted as the winged Greek god delivering messages, Mercury is the planet of communication, intellect, information, and logical awareness (via Astrology). It is the king of listening, probing, quick wit, and rules over the creative mastermind — Gemini. Known as the twins, Gemini's duality portrays the basics of communication — sender and receiver or the exchange of information (via Café Astrology). Those born under this sign have an innate ability to think on their feet, become a chameleon of the arts, and have an interest in any form of writing, speaking, or expressing of self. 

As an air sign, they are clever communicators and naturally spread the word, usually in a very innovative and imaginative way (via Astrology). If you've spoken with a Gemini, you'll notice how engaged they are and how they don't necessarily lead a conversation but always manage to pace a discussion with their thoughtfulness, humor, and compelling responses. Hand them a microphone, and they are completely in their element.

They want to hear what you have to say

Because Geminis' airy nature creates an innate desire for them to experience everything, they have an incredible ability to empathize with everyone. They operate intellectually and feel charged when they can interact with different perspectives, energies, and art forms. This makes them great listeners, and they are amazingly balanced when it comes to both giving and receiving information. According to expert astrologers, Geminis have an intuitive need to constantly communicate and are the first to write back, shoot a DM, and pick up a telephone call. In addition, they are the social butterflies of a party and will make sure to introduce themselves to the entire room by the end of the night. 

Their lighthearted energy, in conjunction with intellectualism, also gives them a unique sense of humor with quick-fire responses and witty jokes. If they have any shortcomings, it's that their desire to infinitely exchange information can ironically lead to breaks in communication because they're spinning too many plates at once. But if they can reign in drifting thoughts, they are the virtuosos of speech.