The Fresh New Cocktail Made For The Pickle Girls

The pickle martini has landed, and it is expected to be one of the most popular drinks of the year. This fermented-style cocktail is beginning to soar in popularity as it arises from an era of fermented food trends. Kombucha, sourdough bread, and kimchi are just some of the few fermented foods that have become desirable by those seeking to benefit from these healthier options. As the demand for fermented consumable goods rises, so does the innovation around it, targeting just about every taste possible. This now includes pickle juice.


Like many other fermented foods, pickles are both fermented and pickled. This means the process of creating pickles requires a brine much like other fermented foods, but it can also be preserved, or pickled, in other products that enhance its acidic nature and taste (via Healthy Green Kitchen). Pickle brine is naturally full of flavor due to its sweetness, saltiness, and sourness, and people have now found ways to use it in a cocktail. This shouldn't be too surprising, after all, as savory drinks like blood marys have been around forever. Now, let's take a closer look at the pickle martini.

What is a pickle martini?

The term "pickle girls" has become known to represent pickle fans everywhere who love pickles and pickle juice straight from the jar. They love anything and everything pickle-related. Now, the pickle martini combines the best of both worlds for many looking to indulge in a drink with a punch. Unlike the dirty martini, which consists of olive juice brine, the pickle martini uses pickle brine for the drink. This brine is otherwise known as the pickle juice that pickle girls can't get enough of. Additionally, pickle juice is known to help tone down the taste of the alcohol and provide electrolytes to help avoid a possible hangover — of course, depending on how many pickle martinis you drink (via Bustle).


Naturally, too, TikTok is loving this drink. The hashtag #picklemartini has over 1.8 million, and #picklegirl has a whopping 200.8 million views, so it's safe to say that pickle girls everywhere are excited to try the drink. What's more, this twist on the drink offers a salty yet sour taste that will have you coming back for more. Now, let's get into how to make this drink.

How to make your own pickle martini

The great thing about the pickle martini is how easy it is to make. According to Tito's Vodka, you will need 3 ounces of vodka, ½ an ounce of vermouth, and 1 ounce of pickle juice. The brand instructs that you should mix all the ingredients together in a shaker and then shake with ice until the drink is nice and cold, as well as fully combined. Then, pour it into a chilled martini cup, and it's ready to drink. However, one recipe doesn't represent them all. Some users on TikTok have also taken to the platform to show their audience how to make the drink. After all, pickle martinis come down to preference of taste. For instance, food and travel influencer Elizabeth Minchilli shows her followers in a TikTok video how she makes her pickle cocktail using her preference of gin. 


While many follow a similar recipe to Tito's Vodka, they also like adding their own extras to make the drink pop, much like Minchilli. While a regular dirty martini contains a couple of olive garnishes, the pickle martini uses a pickle, usually small enough (known as a gherkin) or cut to size to fit into the martini cup. Some pickle fans also use an ounce or more to their liking of pickle juice. Whether you DIY the drink at home or try it at your local bar, this drink will certainly be enjoyable for anyone looking to try something new.