Halloween Costume Ideas Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Still stumped on what to be this Halloween? Why not take inspiration from the stars? After all, your astrological sign is said to be an extension of yourself. In Western astrology, people are assigned a sun sign based on their time of birth, and this sign is thought to rule everything from your personality to your love life decisions.


Traditionally, sun signs are represented as their corresponding constellations, ranging from creatures like centaurs to humble fish. These celestial figures are powerful symbols with mythological ties to ancient cultures. Still, some of us aren't keen on the idea of repetitive comparisons to, say, crabs, despite how cute Hello Kitty looks dressed up as a Cancerian crustacean.

However, for every zodiac sign, there's a corresponding tarot card in the major arcana, according to experts like Tarot.com. So, if you're tired of being likened to a bleating billy goat — hey, Capricorn! — take heart. These tarot-inspired zodiac ideas could be just the trick to help you choose a stellar Halloween costume.



Aries is connected to the Emperor card, and the Byzantine Empress Theodora is a fitting interpretation for this driven sign. Theodora was known as a fierce advocate for women's rights during her rule of the Eastern Roman Empire. Centuries later, she was played by the glamorous British actor Rita Jolivet in the 1921 silent film "Theodora." 


"Theodora is often depicted wearing a purple robe, the dye a Tyrian purple made painstakingly from the secretions of Murex snails," art historian Dr. Alexandra Loske tells Refinery29. To dress as her, you can try a ready-made outfit like Spirit Halloween's Roman Empress Costume for a quick Theodora look. To build your own costume, start with a regal gown, like the Zari Farasha Kaftan in purple. You'll want a purple cape to keep warm, and the Long Velvet Cape from Amazon is a great fit. Theodora was fond of pearls, so accessorize with these Ritach Long Pearl Earrings to pay homage to her tastes. Every ruler needs their crown, and you'll wow other partygoers in a Gold Queen Crown by Rehbort. Although little is said about Theodora's makeup, you can't go wrong with black eyeliner, like Maybelline's The Colossal Kajal in Super Black.


Purchase the Zari Farasha Kaftan from Amazon starting at $60.


The tarot card associated with Taurus is the Hierophant, a mystic interpreter. Joan of Arc is an influential figure who perfectly embodies this card's meaning and Taurus' tenacity. The French military heroine is still known today as a saint, clairaudient, and fashion icon. "She was captured wearing a cape of gold cloth, completely open, a cap, and her hair cut round like a man's," wrote Daniel Hobbins in the 2009 book "The Trial of Joan of Arc." Even Zendaya paid tribute to the patron saint of France at 2018's Met Gala, wearing a Versace-crafted garment inspired by Joan. "[I] called Versace and was like, 'What if we did something to reference Joan of Arc?' They came back with really, really great sketches," her stylist, Law Roach, tells the Los Angeles Times.


If you want to capture Joan's likeness this Halloween, save some time with Rubie's Medieval Warrior Costume. Try the Steel Gorget of Female Armor from Iron Woods Shop for a more authentic approach. Pair with California Costumes Metallic Knit Chainmail Tunic and Cowl, and go the extra mile with a Wavy Bob Wig like Joan's famous cut.

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Gemini's twinning tarot card is The Lovers, and what better character to portray this card than Elaine, the lead character in Anna Biller's 2016 film "The Love Witch"? Not only is love witch Elaine romance-obsessed, but her dynamic personality is fitting of Geminis' duality. Even better, some of Biller's inspiration for the film came directly from tarot. "I used other kinds of references [for 'The Love Witch'] — and the Thoth Tarot deck had a really interesting set of color schemes," Biller told Thrillist.


Although many of the film's costumes were hand-stitched designs created by Biller, you can find retro-inspired dresses in a pinch. The Puff Sleeve Embroidery Dress from Youmu is similar to Elaine's charming sense of style. Don't forget a vibrant cream eyeshadow, either. Makeup Revolution Shadow Bomb Cream in Obsessed Teal goes perfectly with a '60s cat eye look. Add some false eyelashes and highlight your waterline with an opaque white liner, like Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide On Waterproof Eyeliner in Yeyo. To get Elaine's tea hat, as seen in this Rotten Tomatoes YouTube clip, use a Floppy Sun Hat in pink and decorate it with real or silk roses.

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Although Cancer could take literal inspiration from the Chariot tarot card, Suki from 2003's "2 Fast 2 Furious" sports some killer Y2K fashions and a super cute "chariot" of her own. Actor Devon Aoki brought Suki to life while driving a Pink Honda S2000, one of the most memorable cars in the "Fast & Furious" franchise. Chariots aside, no one could forget Suki's amazing ensemble consisting of pink leather chaps and a double-layered cami crop top.


Ready to nail Suki's aesthetic this Halloween? Start by procuring her iconic flares. The Lace Up Leather Pants from Amazon in pink are a fantastic match. Layer this Sleeveless Crop Tank Top in purple over the same style in hot pink. To stay true to the original costume, trim the purple tank by an inch or two so it sits slightly higher than the hot pink base layer. Suki's shoes aren't highlighted in the film but appear to be a platform style similar to these White Mountain Cherub Clogs in black.

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Leo's tarot card is Strength, and the purrfect costume for this feline-minded sign is none other than Catwoman. Perhaps the finest example of Catwoman was played by Eartha Kitt in the 1960s "Batman" television series. Kitt's portrayal of Catwoman was captivating, strong, and, of course, cat-like. "Eartha Kitt did [Catwoman] better. My God, no one could top that," said TV's first Catwoman actor, Julie Newmar, according to the 2003 book "Catwoman: The Life and Times of a Feline Fatale." 


To emulate Kitt's Catwoman fully, you can purchase Rubie's Grand Heritage Catwoman Costume, which closely approximates the original outfit. Alternatively, you can piece together your own look, starting with Leg Avenue's Frisky Feline Catsuit Costume. The Vitogiftria Stretch Belt is similar to the gold chainlink belt worn by Catwoman. For jewelry, a pendant necklace like Gwood's Cuban Link Necklace will pop against your catsuit. Don't forget your paws: these Cat Claw Gloves are just like Catwoman's. If you're not a fan of wearing gloves, try Bestga's Fingertip Claw Nails instead.

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The Hermit is the tarot card that corresponds with Virgo, and Wendy Torrance from "The Shining" is an instantly recognizable horror heroine who's no stranger to isolation. Shelley Duvall, who played Wendy in the film, famously acted the movie's staircase scene over one hundred times at the urging of director Stanley Kubrick. "It was a difficult scene, but it turned out to be one of the best scenes in the film," Duvall told The Hollywood Reporter.


One of the most distinctive outfits Wendy wore in the 1980 horror flick was her brown overall dress (via YouTube). While there isn't a prepackaged option for this costume, the look is easy to pull together on your own. Begin by grabbing a beige turtleneck thin enough for layering, such as the v28 Mock Neck Ribbed Sweater in ivory. Pair that with a gingham button-up shirt, like Allegra K's Button Down Vintage Plaid Shirt. Next, layer a brown corduroy midi dress over it. The Omoone Denim Pinafore is a decent dupe for the one worn by Wendy. Add a pair of cream-colored leg warmers, like Floral Find's Cable Knit Knee-Highs in white, and some fur-lined boots, such as Zgr's Fur Lined Boots. You probably won't want to carry a real baseball bat around all night, so look for a lightweight prop like the 32" Foam Baseball Bat from Amazon.


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Libra is connected to the Justice card, and no one knows how to enact justice like the titular character in Stephen King's "Carrie." The success of King's first novel about a telekinetic teen led to the 1976 cult horror film of the same name starring Sissy Spacek. "In many ways, the film is far more stylish than my book, which I still think is a gripping read but is impeded by a certain heaviness," King said in a 1983 interview with Playboy.


Lucky for Libras, Carrie is one of the most straightforward costumes to assemble. The best ready-to-wear option is the Carrie 1976 Costume, which includes her bloodstained sash and dress (via YouTube). If you'd prefer the catharsis of spilling blood on your own dress or just want to re-enact the film's most memorable scene, try Eplaza's Plain Satin Chemise in pink. You can drape Olyrjie's Soft Chiffon Shawl in blush around it for added authenticity. Although "Carrie" uses pig's blood for her signature look, we can't imagine that pairing well with your Halloween night perfume. For that reason, substitute Rubie's Fake Blood for all your dress-dyeing needs.

Purchase the Carrie 1976 Costume from Costumes.com for $48.



Scorpio's tarot card is Death, and Misa Amane from the "Death Note" anime franchise is about as cute as Grim Reapers come. In the "Death Note" series, blonde model Misa teams up with love interest Light Yagami to, well, kill people. Outside of her macabre pastime, Misa's a rather lovable character. "Misa has her strengths; she's extremely loyal and dedicated," Misa's voice actor, Shannon Chan-Kent, told The Natural Aristocrat.


To slay Misa's gothic lolita style, look no further than the Misa Amane Cosplay Outfit from Eternalmark (and be sure to size up to ensure your costume fits comfortably). But if you'd rather put together your Misa costume, the Midnight They'll Eat Cake Costume Set from Dolls Kill is another cute choice. These Knee High Boots by Dream Pairs are the perfect accompaniment for either fit. If you want to copy Misa's half-pigtail hairstyle, visible in a YouTube clip from The Amagi, try Uniquebe's blonde Misa Amane Wig. Don't forget a black notebook so you can scrawl down the names of your enemies throughout the evening.

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The card tied to Sagitarrius is Temperance, representing an even-keeled and strong individual. Kira, one of the puppet leads from "The Dark Crystal," is a fine example of Temperance in addition to being a stunning costume choice. The 1982 film, directed by puppeteers Jim Henson and Frank Oz, focuses on Gelflings (elven creatures) Jen and Kira as they work carefully to rid their world of evil. "What Jim wanted to do, and it was totally his vision, was to get back to the darkness of the original Grimm fairy tales," Oz told SFGate.


Kira's fairytale garb is available as a ready-to-wear Kira Costume by Fun Costumes, but there are ways to compose her outfit from scratch. In either case, you'll definitely want to grab this Fizzgig Purse, which is an adorably fuzzy nod to Kira's companion critter (via YouTube. The green Vintage Velvet Dress by Sinastar isn't far off from the mossy threads Kira wears in the film. To get Kira's pale tresses, try the Rosa Star Long Wig in blonde, and be sure to braid two small sections on each side. For elf ears, try Charniol's Fairy Ears, which come in a variety of shapes to experiment with for your desired fit.

Purchase the Fizzgig Purse from Amazon for $29.


Capricorns are suited to the Devil card, and we have the perfect succubus costume for this Earth sign: aughts fashion icon Jennifer Check, played by Megan Fox, from "Jennifer's Body." "The more bubbly and poppy we made [Jennifer], the creepier she started becoming — like a gargoyle," the film's costume designer, Katia Stano, told Nylon.


You could go with Jennifer's Cheerleader Dress to keep things simple. But if you're feeling extra, you can mimic one of her most striking looks, starting with the Maneater Velour Track Jacket from Dolls Kill. Make sure to wear a red tank underneath, like the Emmalise Short Cami in red. If you don't have indigo skinny jeans, grab the Flex Game Strong Low Rise Jeans from Fashion Nova in dark blue wash. The Big Heart Earrings by Love and Luna are as close as you can get to the ones worn by Jennifer, seen in a YouTube clip. Her chrome teddy keychain is hard to find, but the Silver Tiger Keychain is a good copy. For shoes, the Allegra K Lace Up Wedges in pink should be tied over your jeans. Wear a replica of Jennifer's BFF Necklace from Rosemilkbunny, and carry a Blood FX Packet from Party City to chomp on -– if you dare.


Purchase the Maneater Velour Track Jacket from Dolls Kill for $48.


Aquarius is represented by the Star card, so the stellar Lieutenant Nyota Uhura from "Star Trek" is an obvious choice. Nichelle Nichols, who played Lieutenant Uhura, discovered that Martin Luther King Jr. was a huge fan of her groundbreaking character during a 1967 meeting. "'Star Trek' was the only series that he and his wife, Coretta, would allow the children to stay up to see. And I was their hero," the late actor told The Tulsa World.


A fantastic reproduction of Commander Uhura's dress is the Captain Officer Costume by Valorsoul. Pair it with tights, like Hanes Ultra Sheer Pantyhose in black, and a pair of black boots, such as the Kelimae Riding Boots by Style & Co. For Starfleet-worthy earrings like the ones seen in YouTube clips of the captain, try Machete's Midi Hoops in neon green. When it comes to makeup, look for a peachy nude lip shade like NYX Professional Makeup's Matte Lipstick in Sable. For added shine, top your lips with a clear gloss, such as MAC's Lipglass. The Rebel Mint Eyeshadow Palette by Juvia's Place contains a pale teal hue that perfectly matches the Commander's –- just don't forget the brand's black Liquid Eyeliner to complete her cat-eye look. As a finishing touch, the Tricorder Messenger Bag is a useful prop for any serious cosplayer or Trekkie.


Purchase the Captain Officer Costume from Amazon for $45.


The Moon is the tarot card chosen for Pisces, and this water sign will be ahead of the game if they choose "Barbarella" for their costume. The 1968 sci-fi siren originally played by Jane Fonda is being re-imagined next year with Sydney Sweeney in the title role, and that means you can say you dressed as her first. The actor acknowledged the budding project in a recent Instagram post, simply stating, "Time to save the universe."


While it's too early to say what Sweeney's Barbarella costume will look like, you can't go wrong with the original '60s version that Fonda wore. To start, find a silver jumpsuit, like the Metallic Catsuit. You can stick with its original length or alter it to look like Barbarella's. For footwear, the over-the-knee Shiny Thigh High Boots in silver are incredibly similar to those worn by Fonda. To quickly replicate the striped details of the spacesuit, use some black tape, like Scotch Electrical Tape; otherwise, head to a craft store for black leather trim. Creating an exact copy of Barbarella's space ray would be tedious. However, you could spray paint Astroshot Foam Blaster Toys silver and even use them with friends for a fun Halloween game.


Purchase the Metallic Catsuit from Amazon starting at $55.