Why Your Skincare Routine Should Be Flexible

We've all heard about the importance of staying consistent with your skincare routine. Naturally, many dermatologists agree that regular usage of your skincare is key to obtaining the glowing skin you want. In fact, dermatologist Dr. Adriana Lombardi tells Skincare.com, "Skincare products have the potential to work immediately, but to see the full potential results, I recommend giving the product at least four to six weeks."

However, just as it's important to keep consistency with your routine, it's also essential to acknowledge how your skin can change from moment to moment. Because your skin is always changing and evolving, there may be unexpected issues that may arise that causes you to change your skincare routine. Adapting your skincare routine to changing factors has some experts wondering if you should tend to your skin depending on present factors rather than a set routine. A flexible skincare routine might be just what you need to keep your skin on its toes.

What it means to have a flexible skincare routine

Having a flexible skincare routine means changing out your products depending on the needs of your skin at the moment. On this, dermatologist Michelle Henry tells Shape, "My routine changes almost daily. I decide which products to use depending on how my skin looks and feels. But I have a few non-negotiables, namely sunscreen and an antioxidant serum, that I consider part of my foundation." Henry adds that we should be taking care of our skin on a day-to-day basis rather than a set routine of products we use every day.

Neoderma reiterates this concept by stating that changing our skincare routine depending on the situation can help us navigate certain situations that may arise. For example, one might change their facial cleanser during their menstrual cycle when they might be prone to more acne breakouts. By swapping out your cleanser, you can opt for something with stronger ingredients that can help soothe the occasional acne breakout.

To have a flexible skincare routine, you should have reserved a few products that you know are optimal for your skin type. By having a few products on standby, you know that, should a skin issue arise, these products can come in and work well with your skin. Having a flexible skincare routine means that you have options in your skincare that you can use at any given moment.

Perks of having a flexible skincare routine

While finding additional skincare products sounds like extra work, there are various reasons you want to have a complete skincare arsenal. In fact, Glow Recipe founders Sarah Lee and Christine Chang tell Glamour, ​​"It's really about ensuring you have a personal dialogue with your skin, that you're listening to it and that you're not boxing yourself into a set routine or skin type that you were told you had many years back. Having that fluidity is incredibly important to a healthy skin routine, so we're educating around how to cocktail your serums according to your daily needs." Lee and Chang explain that having a flexible skincare routine in part teaches you more about your skin. It's more about listening to your skin and paying attention to your individual needs instead of checking off a typical list.

Besides having this knowledge about your skin, having a flexible skincare routine can help you navigate individual situations that can happen. Renée Rouleau explains that a flexible routine can help with issues such as your skin becoming sensitive, your current skincare routine not functioning, getting more bumps and acne on the skin, pregnancy skin, seasonal changes, and changes in environments. Having key products that can come to your aid help solve these issues quickly and without delay.