Why You Should Add A Jade Comb To Your Hair Care Routine

If you've ever tried using a jade roller, you know what a soothing process it can be. The cool stone is said to reduce puffiness, improve blood flow, and brighten your complexion (via CNN). Plus, it feels relaxing! Thankfully, now this exact same process has arrived for your hair.

Oftentimes, we get so caught up in the finished look of our hair that we forget to care for its health. Extensive hair routines may consist of many steps, such as shampooing, conditioning, brushing, detangling, spraying, scrunching, heat styling, and more. But in the end, quality of care is more important than quantity of care. As such, the addition of a jade comb to your hair is one you may want to take a look at.

First of all, a jade comb can be beneficial for our hair aesthetically. But, more than that, it opens the door for a whole conversation about how we take care of our tresses. As Sandra Lanshin Chiu, a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, tells Refinery29, "What's important ... is not just the hair, but the root of the hair." Because using a jade comb is good for both hair and scalp, it helps us understand how we can not only help our hair look fantastic but nurture it in a holistic way. But what are the benefits of jade combs, and how can you put them to best use?

Benefits of using a jade hair comb

You may have heard of gua sha, which uses jaded massage tools to stimulate blood flow and lymphatic drainage (via Healthline). Similarly, jade combs are known for helping with circulation, and using one is supposed to help with invigorate the scalp. Self Ceremony reports that jade combs can support blood flow and activate your parasympathetic nervous system for better relaxation.

There is also a spiritual aspect tied to the use of jade combs. This has to do with the idea of meridians, which are like energy highways throughout your body (via Center Point Healing). Hairstylist Naté Bova tells Allure, "Combing massages all of the acupoints of the head, which regulates excitement and inhibition in the cerebral cortex. So regulating your body's meridians can be good for your overall health and can be achieved by this combing technique." Ginger Chi also touts that the jade comb can trigger meridians that help promote rejuvenation of the hair and reduce fatigue.

How to use a jade comb

Even though the benefits of a jade comb are straightforward, there are a few directions to keep in mind before using one for your hair and scalp. For instance, it can be a great practice to combine your comb with restorative oils. Medical esthetician Vivian Lau tells Better Health Magazine, "I usually brush with a hair oil like jojoba oil which is great for growth." To try her technique, first apply hair oil, then press the jade comb almost flat against your hair. With slight pressure, brush your hair from your hairline to your nape. Then go the other way, gently pressing the jade comb from the back of your neck towards the top of your head.

Mount Lai also recommends a few tips, suggesting circular motions with your comb to help massage the scalp. As well, targeting the areas above the neck and around your ears can help loosen tension and stress. But no matter your technique, the best part of a jade comb is that it is useful for all hair types, meaning anyone can get these benefits. So if you're looking for a hair tool that's beautiful, beneficial, and will last you a lifetime, a jade comb may be worth adding to your routine.