What Does Your Saturn Sign Mean In Astrology?

Easily one of the most talked about and feared planets in astrology, Saturn has a bit of a reputation for being a harbinger of disaster. And while it's true that there's little sunshine and roses when it comes to the influence of Saturn –– there's a lot this seemingly harsh planet can teach you about accountability and maturity. "Saturn represents responsibility, boundaries and structure; structure that provides a positive framework within which we can build, or structure that limits our development and forces us to reassess our liabilities and assets," astrologer Stephanie Johnson tells Harper's Bazaar. As the planetary ruler of wisdom, discipline, structure, and karma –– Saturn offers a look into the side of ourselves that we might need a bit of help, mentorship, and guidance to fully grow into.

In astrology, Saturn represents an interesting balance of energy. It can show you how your worldview manifests, where you tend to limit yourself out of fear, and where you have the potential to set yourself free from the expectations of others. "Sometimes Saturn is a protector, other times Saturn is a cage. It represents the keys you didn't know you held yourself," writes June, the astrologer behind Saturn and Honey. And while the energy of Saturn isn't felt as frequently or directly as other placements in astrology –– it packs a punch when it rears its head.

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What does Saturn symbolize in astrology?

Saturn isn't a sign known for making things easy. In modern astrology, Saturn is known as a malefic planet, which means it brings a tense, inharmonious influence to the mix. Many refer to the planet of Saturn as the 'Lord of Karma' due to the seemingly random and chaotic energy this placement may cause in a person's life. As Robert Hand explains it in his book "Horoscope Symbols," Saturn energy is difficult as a result of the individual not understanding their own limitations and/or the rules of the game at play. "While Saturn permits and even strengthens certain aspects of personal reality, such reality cannot come into conflict with social, collective, or consensus reality," writes Hand.

However, the harsh lessons that Saturn is known for bring more than just destruction and ruin. It can also be just what you need to bring a bit of structure and focus to your life as well. Rough seas make stronger sailors, and Saturn is the greatest taskmaster of them all. "Although few astrologers would consider Saturn a very cheerful bedfellow, the necessity of Saturnian experience is grudgingly recognized," astrologer Liz Greene writes in her book "Saturn: A New Look At An Old Devil." Saturn represents your boundaries and obligations, as well as being a symbol of where you're willing to work hard to beat the odds.

What does Saturn mean in your birth chart?

Saturn is a karmic planet that has a tendency to push your limits and test your boundaries. Saturn is often referred to as one of the social planets, meaning it's not quite as influential in your daily life as the personal planets in your chart like Mercury, Venus, and Mars; however, it still holds the key to crossing the threshold into adulthood. "Saturn represents concentrated experience and learning, it shows us what we lack and need to develop by the lessons he teaches us through daily experience," writes astrologer Jane Evans in her book "Twelve Doors To The Soul."

One way to get a better understanding of how Saturn manifests in your own chart is to look at the aspects it forms with other placements in your chart. Any placement that forms an aspect to Saturn will feel the tension and challenges associated with Saturnian energy. In his book "The Chart Interpretation Handbook," astrologer and author Stephen Arroyo explains that the zodiac sign and house that Saturn occupies will highlight the areas of life where an individual will feel more challenged, blocked off, or inhibited than their peers. Those born with their Saturn in fire and air signs will feel as though they struggle to express their creativity and individual expression, while people born with their Saturn in earth and water signs feel a strain on their emotions and responsibility.

How to find your Saturn sign

Saturn moves through the zodiac at a slower pace than most planets, taking a leisurely two to three years to fully transition from one sign to another. The effects of Saturn in your life will be felt the most strongly anytime Saturn aspects major placements in your birth chart, and of course, when Saturn finds its way back to the same sign it was when you were born, aka during the dreaded –– but totally manageable –– Saturn Return (via Oprah Daily). By digging deeper into your personal astrology, you can begin the journey of demystifying Saturn and its influence on your life.

If you're curious to find your own Saturn sign, it's as easy as grabbing a copy of your birth chart from your favorite online calculator or astrology app. You'll need to have your birthday, birth time, and the city you were born in to run a birth chart report and start your dive deep into what Saturn means in your birth chart. "We learn to work with the energy [of our chart] and work through these tense aspects in life, which can make them not bad at all," astrologer and author Lisa Stardust tells Bustle. "It helps you navigate your purpose and direction in life." No two astrological charts are alike, which means that while you may have your Saturn in the same zodiac sign as many other people, your birth chart will show you how your Saturn journey is unique.