10 Dating Apps For People Who Are Non-Monogamous

People seem to be more open-minded than ever about relationship styles that go against monogamy. Polyamory is a style of dating that involves people intentionally dating more than one partner at a time. What's more, WebMD notes that anyone who's polyamorous is open to being in non-monogamous relationships as long as there are certain rules and guidelines in place. While some people might consider polyamory to be blatant cheating, polyamorous people don't see it that way.

There are successful polyamorous relationships existing in the world right now filled with integrity, honesty, and great communication. Psych Central explains that polyamory is considered an ethical form of non-monogamous dating since everyone involved is aware of what's going on. Polyfidelity is the name for two people who are dating each other while dating additional individuals outside of the relationship as well. A triad (or throuple) is three people dating each other within a closed group. A quad is similar to a triad, except there are four people involved. 

A Vee is when one person is openly dating two separate people, but those two people aren't also dating each other. There aren't any structured rules across the board in place for all people in polyamorous relationships to follow, though. Anyone who chooses to have a relationship like this is free to create their own guidelines along the way. Even though people are becoming more progressive, polyamorous relationships have a bad rap for being unhealthy and toxic. Nevertheless, there are plenty of people out there who find their polyamorous connections to be fulfilling and satisfactory. These are some of the best dating apps to log into if you're interested in polyamorous dating.


Looking for polyamorous love doesn't have to feel like an impossible challenge. In fact, there's an app called PolyFinda that's dedicated to people who are interested in pursuing this lifestyle. The app's "about me" even specifically notes that the app isn't meant for cheaters. It hones in on the fact that PolyFinda users make up a respectful community of people who think consent is sexy and that love should be celebrated, no matter the form in which it comes.

PolyFinda argues that it's not the same as other polyamorous dating apps since it gives you the opportunity to select multiple options in regard to your preferences and orientation. You can specify exactly what you're looking for so that you'll only be matched with people who are interested in the same exact things as you. Since you can set your expectations early on, there is no room for confusion when you start meeting people in real life for dates. PolyFinda is free to join and gives you a chance to start chatting with potential matches right away. You can scroll through users who are located online and near you while waiting to receive messages from other people. Since PolyFinda makes the notion of polyamorous dating feel acceptable, normal, and ordinary, users on the app don't feel out of place or guilty for seeking out what they want. This helps create safe spaces for those who know they're polyamorous and those who are experimenting.

Fantasy Match

Fantasy Match is a dating app perfect for anyone who wants to be part of a relationship that follows ethical non-monogamy. If your relationship is open or polyamorous, you can meet other sincere connections on Fantasy Match. The site explains that it has reimagined what dating apps for non-monogamous people should look like by implementing better tools that help users meet each other in a simpler way. The app's values focus on health, safety, recipiency, sincerity, positivity, and intensity. 

In terms of health, Fantasy Match encourages users to ask as many questions as possible with people they might meet on the app regardless of how "awkward" their questions might be. When it comes to safety, the app believes that your relationships will last longer if you set boundaries early on. As far as positivity goes, Fantasy Match is dedicated to helping individuals feel accepted when it comes to their sexual expression and self-respect. Furthermore, Fantasy Match highlights the importance of reciprocity because, whether there are three people, four, or more people, every single individual in the mix needs to give their consent in physical and sexual scenarios. It's easy to fall into an emotional state of mind where you feel like your desires are wrong or immoral. Fantasy Match is all about ensuring a safe space for all users who sign up.


One of the best websites to check out for people interested in non-monogamous dating happens to be AdultFriendFinder. According to the bio at the top of its homepage, the company is considered one of the largest communities for swinger personals. Swingers are typically married individuals who are comfortable swapping spouses to explore and enjoy new sexual experiences. HuffPost adds that when swingers follow the right set of rules with each other, it can lead to healthy and happy scenarios.

The information section on the site explains that a lot of the users on AdultFriendFinder share explicit videos and pictures of themselves in order to attract attention from other users. Since the site is filled with edgier content, you have to be 18 years or older to register. The good news is that anyone who's interested can register for free. AdultFriendFinder appeals to individuals who might be interested in crossing paths with people they know in the real world. For example, you might run into a teacher, classmate, or neighbor on the site, according to the website's homepage. Coming across familiar faces might not be something that interests you, but there are also thousands of other users to sift through who you've probably never interacted with before.


There's another great site to use if you're a swinger looking to swap partners for the night. SwapFinder is designed for men, women, non-binary individuals, couples, polyamorous groups, and anyone who is part of the LGBTQ+ community. The site's "about me" section explains that it's the ideal site for adventurous and sexy couples who want to meet other like-minded people looking for good times, friendship, and sexual encounters. 

The site serves as a place where swingers and singles can chat with each other, exchange pictures, talk via two-way webcam calls, and make plans to meet up in person. The reason SwapFinder stands out compared to competitor websites is that it allows members to sign up worldwide and provides tons of easy-to-use features for people who might still be on the fence about meeting up with other non-monogamous people in person. Instead of having to pay to converse with other people on the site, you'll be able to chat with people you're interested in for free. The fact that SwapFinder offers a free chat option is a huge win since there are so many dating sites out there that force users to pay into programs in order to move forward and meet people they are attracted to.


Creating an account on HeatedAffairs doesn't necessarily mean you're having a secret affair behind the back of your partner. When signing up for membership, you can join as a single individual or with your partner. You can also specify if you're looking for a man, a woman, a non-binary individual, a couple consisting of a man and woman, a couple consisting of two women, a couple consisting of two men, a group of people, or something else entirely. 

The site's homepage boasts that it has over 48 million members looking for exciting encounters and that it's totally free to join. Along with finding other people who are on the same page with you sexually, you can also seek out flirty conversations and platonic friendships. The site also offers dating advice for married people who are interested in a non-monogamous route. A lot of people who are interested in non-monogamous dating don't exactly know the ropes. It can be just as scary and daunting as it is fun and exciting. For people who are new to the world of non-monogamous dating, it's great to have a helpful place to go to find insightful advice and information. Since HeatedAaffairs doesn't conduct criminal background screenings of any of its members, it's still important to take safety measures and precautions when using its site to meet new people. 


If you're looking for the best threesome dating app on the web, 3Somer is a great option for you. The site's homepage compares itself to Tinder, except that it's designed for couples, singles, and swingers who are interested in finding threesomes. Using this site will give you a chance to arrange frisky threesomes with locals who live near you. You'll easily be able to meet open-minded individuals who are interested in exploring the same desires as you. 

3Somer's "about me" ssection explains that it's possible to turn your threesome fantasy into a reality while seeking out other folks from all walks of life. The company's current members have different sexual preferences, religions, and ethnicities. Since 3Somer is an app exclusively dedicated to helping swingers and singles meet others looking for threesomes, there's no real chance of confusing miscommunication taking place since everyone is already on the same page. After all, Psychology Today explains that threesomes are one of the most popular sexual fantasies in the world. 

How many people have actually had a threesome, though? 3Somer reports that at least 30% of individuals have admitted to being part of a threesome in the past. It's also interesting to note that those who've been involved in the most threesomes are usually on the older side. While it might be widely believed that college students are the most common participants in threesomes, that's actually not true. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what your age is if having a threesome or engaging in a non-monogamous relationship is your ultimate goal.


DownDating is an app to consider using if you prefer the style of non-monogamous dating. The site explains that it encourages all users to be as honest as possible by revealing exactly what they're looking for upon signing up. Since the app offers privacy, authenticity, transparency, and global membership, you have the chance to meet an endless number of people who are looking for the same thing as you. 

The creators of DownDating are really heavy on the notion of their users being honest and direct within the app. If you can pointedly explain that you're looking for non-monogamous dating, swinging matches, or threesomes from the very beginning, you'll have more success in finding exactly what you're looking for. The app is currently available in 136 cities with over 10 million worldwide users. One of the best things that DownDating offers is a set of fun "would you rather" questions that act as icebreakers when getting to know someone.

"Would you rather" questions are a lot of fun because they give you a good idea about the sense of humor someone else might have. What's more, according to Parade, one of the best questions you can ask someone in this scenario is if they'd rather find true love today or win the lottery next year. Another great question to ask is if they'd rather team up with a superheroine like Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel. These are the type of questions that help open up enjoyable dialogue and engaging conversations.


You should consider downloading an app like MoreThanOne if you are a non-monogamist dater looking to spice things up. The catchphrase for the app is that dating should be for everyone. Moreover, the site's bio explains that MoreThanOne was designed for ethical non-monogamous daters who don't care to be perfectly single or stuck in a relationship with one person. It further explains that the app isn't intended for swiping, the way Tinder or Bumble both are. 

Instead, MoreThanOne is made up of detailed profiles of all the featured users who've signed up. Private profile options are also available for anyone who requires a bit more discretion. It's free to sign up, but it costs money to start an actual subscription. The app won't bombard you with advertisements or gimmicks along the way, leaving it easy for your experience to be totally focused on meeting like-minded people. Finally, the app also notes that all sexual orientations are fully welcome, meaning that it's perfect for everyone.


The homepage of BiCupid's website says that it is "the world's largest and most effective dating site for bisexual, hookups, threesomes, and swingers." The site has been around since 2003, helping people meet attractive singles and open-minded couples. At the time of writing, BiCupid has over two million members in the midst of seeking exciting experiences. The website is perfect for people who are in the LGBTQ+ community and others who are simply looking to explore their sexuality. 

Since BiCupid's members are so diverse and have varied interests, it's not difficult to meet people with whom you'll easily get along. BiCupid offers a long list of helpful features that help facilitate the creation of deeper connections between people. Whether you're looking for a serious, intimate relationship or a one-night stand, you'll probably find exactly what you're looking for on BiCupid. This site strives to make people who are interested in non-monogamous dating and bisexual romance feel as comfortable as possible. Although the site's name is directed toward bisexual people, everyone is welcome, so why not give it a shot?


Trying out a dating app like Feeld means you're interested in pleasure, exploration, and appeasing your floating curiosities. It's possible to join the app completely solo or with your current partner. You can also use the app to find additional lovers to add to the mix and even platonic friends. According to its website, Feeld believes that human relationships and desires are completely fluid. There is nothing wrong with being honest with yourself about what you're looking for in your romantic and sexual relationships. 

There's also nothing wrong with seeking love dynamics beyond what's considered normal in society. Naturally, if you hadn't caught it, Feeld's name is a play on the saying "play the field." Being curious about non-monogamous dating is one thing, but you can actually pursue open relationships with other people who want the same things when you use an app like Feeld to meet the right people. Since the app allows you to hide your profile from others until you find interest in them first, you can maintain a sense of power and privacy while searching for your ideal situation. This, in turn, allows you to be more comfortable and confident in your exploration.

Ashley Madison

There's no denying the fact that Ashley Madison once had a terrible reputation. The dating website was designed to help married people have secret affairs. These days, the site can be used in a more ethical way for non-monogamous people and open couples to meet others. Ashley Madison's site compares monogamy to monotony, which means non-monogamous relationships are ideal for people who don't want to be stuck in the mundane or boring routine of dating one individual person. The site's users are made up of housewives, office workers, retirees, entrepreneurs, married people, and more. Regardless of what you might be looking for, you'll likely be able to find it on Ashley Madison. 

However, the site has experienced scandals in the past. According to Forbes, the Ashley Madison hacking scandal of 2015 affected a whopping 32 million users. Tons of people who were secretly using the website were exposed in one of the biggest data leaks in history. Now, Ashley Madison has gone out of its way to protect its users to maintain a sense of privacy. There's no reason to keep secrets on Ashley Madison or any other dating site, though. Being a non-monogamous dater isn't a problem if you're being honest with everyone with whom you're involved.