Cocktail Recipes That Will Bring All Of The Fall Vibes

After a long, hot, and sticky summer, it's time to trade Aperol Spritzes and Rosés for copper mugs and warmer, spicier libations. This summer, we saw the resurgence of old classics like spiked Shirley Temples and exciting new developments like Peanut Butter Whiskeys. Now, with fall leaves changing colors and autumn breezes passing, it's time to fill the bar cart with drinks to prep us for the holidays.

There are some flavors that are just synonymous with fall: pumpkin spice, cinnamon, crisp apple; the list goes on. Fall means comfort, and there's nothing better than mixing up a cup of spices, fresh juices, and liquor and shaking up the perfect fall elixir. Whether they are twists on summer cocktails or tried-and-true seasonal favorites turned up a few notches, good autumn drinks feel warm, cozy, and comforting. Our favorite cocktail recipes this season are sure to bring all the fall vibes.

Apple Cider Sidecar

Created in Europe during WWI and inspired by a captain who frequently rode the side motorcycle to and from the bar, the Sidecar is a classic cocktail that proves you don't need a lot of ingredients for a big flavor payoff (via Difford's Guide). To make this classic, grab your shaker, cognac, Cointreau, lemon juice, and simple sugar or sweetener. Pour one ounce of cognac, half an ounce of Cointreau, a good squeeze of lemon juice to taste, and your preferred amount of sweetener into a shaker. Now, for a fall twist: add a generous two ounces of apple cider before giving it a good shake. Pour into a glass, garnish with apple slices, and voilà.

Pumpkin Whiskey Smash

If the name hasn't already seduced and enthralled you, wait until you learn about the perfect simplicity of this dish. Made with pumpkin-flavored syrup and quality whiskey, this recipe is straightforward, tasty, and exemplifies fall energy in a cocktail. If you can't find pumpkin-flavored syrup, mixologists at The Cookie Rookie detail how to make your own with pumpkin purée, sugar, water, and pumpkin spice. Once you have your syrup, mix equal parts whiskey and syrup into a pitcher, then combine with lemon juice and ice. You can garnish with cinnamon sticks, star anise, or a sugared rim for a more festive appearance.

Apple Buttered Old Fashioned

Whereas the summer was all about skinny spritzers, the fall is made for spices and butter. Mixologists at Simply Happy Foodie knew exactly what they were doing when they paired together juicy apple butter with the classic Old Fashioned for this recipe. This drink calls for two whole ounces of bourbon to be shaken with apple butter, bitters, apple cider, and ice. With that, what used to be a warm orange cocktail becomes a clouded creamy sweetened mix that tastes buttery, spicy, and punchy. Coat your glass with cinnamon or a sugared rim to add even more fall flair.

Fig Dark and Stormy

Like its sister the Moscow Mule, a Dark and Stormy also calls for a sharp ginger beer. But instead of pairing the spiced soda with vodka, it pairs it with a dark rum. Figs provide the perfect mild sweetness to enhance the bubbly drink as it warms your throat. To make it, you'll first need fig preserves that will go into your shaker. If you really want to experiment with flavors, try a chili fig preserve that'll add some daring heat to the cocktail. Next, take your shaker and add one tablespoon of the preserve, two ounces of dark rum, three ounces of ginger beer, and a squeeze of half a lemon. Mixers at Half-Baked Harvest suggest adding a sprig of thyme or fresh figs into your glass once you've strained all the juicy goodies out.

Cinnamon Tequila Sour

You've heard of a whiskey sour, but when was the last time you tried it with tequila? A self-taught chef and mixologist, Erin of The Almond Eater has won over hearts with her spin on the cult classic that somehow garners a warm fall taste without using brown liquor. This recipe calls for the use of an egg, which expert bartenders know will produce a rich foamy texture that tastes like silk without tainting the flavor. Toss the egg in a shaker with two ounces of tequila, simple syrup, lemon juice, a pinch of cinnamon, and ice. Reviewers rave that it's their favorite fall and holiday drink, hands down.