5 Ways To Easily Elevate Your Sweatsuit Style To Comfy Chic

If you're not yet ready to give up your comfortable sweats, you're not alone. Perhaps being in lockdown or working from home got you accustomed to that comfort. In fact, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people realized just how much they want to prioritize comfort in fashion. In fact, according to The New York Times, the pandemic has created an era in which formerly casual clothes were now dressed-up outfits to be worn on a special day. Jeans? Forget about it! That is, unless it was time for your weekly grocery tip. Because of this, the fashion industry itself has produced many wearable options inspired by loungewear.

As you get ready to step back into the world, be it for school or work, you don't have to sacrifice comfort or style. There are many ways to dress your sweat suits or pieces up. Here, we help you elevate your most comfortable looks so that you're able to be comfy chic when you want to. (Perhaps it's even your new norm.)

Opt for the skirts

One of the most popular ways to keep comfort and style in one is the skirt and sweater combination. As influencer Jennifer Bilicek shows her followers on TikTok different ways to style this outfit, you can see the way she wears a variety of sweaters paired with a miniskirt. She wears form-fitting sweaters, a sweater vest, a sweater with a loose fit, and a combination of them with a short coat. She pairs it with a pair of knee-high boots. Another popular combination is that of a maxi skirt with a fleece sweater and sneakers (via Instagram).

Matching knit sets

Knit sets are the perfect way to go beyond the fleece material into a fabric that feels and looks more luxurious. They are fashionable and comfortable, often in a form-hugging fit. Sometimes it will be a matching top and bottom, or it can be a three-piece set with a top, bottom, and a thin cardigan. You'll find it in the form of sweaters, crop tops, wide-leg pants, shorts, and even skirts. Dress the set with a pair of heels and a waist-cinching belt, or keep it casual with a pair of sneakers, boots, or flats (via Fustany).

Coats and blazers

Keep the warmth and comfort going by adding a coat. A long coat can be a way to add a contrasting color for a more creative look. Choosing materials like wool, cashmere, or even faux fur will add that perfect touch of a luxury feel. You can also pair your sweatsuit with a blazer layered on top to give it that formal look. You will be able to enjoy the comfort of the sweats, but you'll barely be able to tell what's under the blazer. You can rock this with a monotone look where the blazer matches the sweatsuit, or you can play with contrasting colors.


Throwing on even just a pair of earrings or a necklace can take your sweat suit to the next level. Jewelry gives it that extra glitz and glam to really elevate the look. Gold tones and pearls in particular are a popular choice for pairing with sweatsuits. These two types of jewels can be added through not only earrings and necklaces but also rings and bracelets, as they compliment and frame the outfit you're wearing. Whether dainty or chunky, jewelry will surely stand out with this kind of look without interrupting your comfort.


It's common to wear this style of outfit with something comfortable like slippers or sneakers. However, you can take it up a notch and wear a pair of heels, instantly elevating any sweatsuit or sweats you wear. Opt for a block heel, or do as many celebrities have and take the plunge for a thin heel (via Hollywood Life). If heels take too much comfort away, consider wearing a pair of boots instead. There are many varieties of styles that remain enjoyable to walk in all day.