How To Recreate The TikTok 'Gym Lips' Trend

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There's a new beauty trend taking over both TikTok and the internet. And no, it's not the "off-duty model" aesthetic, the '60s mod makeup revival, or even the new "marinated makeup" look that encourages you to embrace your inner teenage dirtbag (via Nylon). No, this trend has taken beauty TikTok by storm with little more than a video from a New York City-based makeup artist sharing her favorite hack for natural-looking lips. Coined "gym lips" because they're so natural looking and comfortable to wear, you can wear them during a workout, this trend is growing ever popular, and the video that originated it quickly went viral and has spawned a TikTok hashtag with over one million views to date.


As makeup artist and beauty trend forecaster Giselle at The Beaute Post on TikTok predicted back in June, the "new natural" trend is set to be the new standard by next year. This look steers away from the more augmented and surgical looks in favor of enhancing your natural beauty. Giselle adds that the focus on hydration and skincare will win out over aesthetics for aesthetics' sake. So, what are gym lips exactly, and why do they have the internet going crazy? Here's a look at "gym lips" and tips on how to try this trend at home.

What are gym lips?

With a name like gym lips, you might be worried that this latest beauty trend involves injectables or a trip to the MedSpa. But in fact, the appeal of this luscious look lies in how easy it is to achieve a naturally enhanced look with no fuss. So, what exactly are gym lips? "It's basically an overlined lip that I wear to the gym that's really natural. And the key to a perfect gym lip is to have a lip liner that's your exact lip color," explains New York City-based makeup artist Kelli Anne Sewell, the beauty expert and content creator who first coined the term on TikTok.


This trend has exploded in popularity thanks to its natural looks and quick application process that anyone can replicate. As Sewell went on to explain in an interview with Allure, this trend is successful because you don't have to go out and buy a million products or break the bank on a sold-out item. "It's all about finding the lip color that's right for you. I think it's a fun little challenge to find your perfect gym-lip combo," Sewell explained. "Your perfect gym lip liner will disappear into your lips and that's the goal to make it look the most natural. It makes you feel elevated, fancy and it's fun."

What makes gym lips so popular?

It's no secret that the current beauty trend cycle is headed toward a more unified and clean aesthetic. As celebrity makeup artist Erin Ayanian Monroe pointed out to Byrdie, celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Keke Palmer, and even your favorite beauty influencers themselves are embracing the "no make-up" make-up look these days. "The minimalistic look will definitely be here to stay," makeup artist Alexx Mayo tells Vogue. "It's quick, easy, and great when you just want to look like you and get a boost of confidence."


And as the creator of the gym lips trend herself has explained, the ease with which others can replicate her trend on their own part of what helped it gain massive exposure. "Everyone has these products at home, and it's just about picking a lip liner that is actually similar to your lip color — not something darker, not something lighter — just similar to your lip color, and then a lip mask," Kelli Anne Sewell explained on TikTok. Indeed, from the rise of Jones Road's What the Foundation earlier this year to skin scents taking over the perfume world, it looks like natural aesthetics are the future of beauty (via HypeBae).

Easy gym lips makeup tutorial

You only need two products to create your own at–home gym lips make-up look. First, you'll want to find a long-wear lip liner that matches your own lip color. You'll also need a nourishing lip balm or gloss to finish the look. For example, Smith's Rosebud Salve gives a glossy sheen that lasts throughout the day, while Kelli Anne Sewell recently told StyleCaster that she uses Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm to achieve her own perfect gym lip look. Before you begin, you'll want to prep with a lip scrub to prep your lips for this look, as well as enhance their natural rosy and plump look.


Once you have your products, you'll start by slightly overlining your lips with your chosen lip liner and then fill them in with that same color. Remember, you're going for a slightly enhanced look, so focus on the little details. What's more, makeup artist Ash Holm tells Cosmopolitan that it's best to stick to a matte neutral shade when overlining your lips to help keep the lines looking smooth and natural. Of course, you'll want to seal in the color with a hydrating lip balm or tinted gloss. This top coat and additional sheen are what create the plump and enhanced look that gym lips are known for. And voila! You have an effortless and ethereal makeup look that you can use to emphasize your pout and wear for any occasion.