The Benefits Of Ampoule Packaged Skincare

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Having an effective skincare routine may be considered a complicated feat when you don't exactly know when or how much of something to use. In addition to that, different skincare products may target different needs, so the number of products you're using may add up. But it doesn't always have to feel so complicated. A skincare routine can be as simple as the following products in a set, routine order: cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, spot treatment, and moisturizer. During the daytime, sunscreen should be your last step (via Dermstore).


Despite how intimidating skincare may feel sometimes, many people still love trying new products to get the most benefits for their skin. In particular, Korean skincare and beauty have grown in popularity. With innovative Korean skincare products, there is something for everyone's skincare needs. Furthermore, some are often similar to what you may already be familiar with, making us feel more comfortable when buying them. In fact, ampoules have begun entering more people's skincare routines because of their similarities to serums. It differs in some ways, though, but still provides amazing skin benefits.

What are ampoules?

An ampoule is a skincare product that usually comes in the form of small glass tubes. Ampoules are often compared to serums, which apply active ingredients directly to the skin after cleansing but before moisturizing. However, ampoules have some slight differences. In fact, the word ampoule is derived from a term meaning "small package." This small, one-time-use glass tube contains active ingredients at a much higher concentration than a serum. It might even be considered a supercharged serum. Each tube is pre-measured with the right amount of product that you will need to get an exact dose every time. Additionally, the air-tight containment of the glass tube also helps reduce oxidation of the ingredients (via Real Simple).


Like many skincare products, there exist different ampoules for different needs. "Ampoules are great for targeting skin concerns that your current skincare lineup can't tackle on its own," esthetician Charlotte Cho tells Real Simple. "Due to their high concentration formulas of potent ingredients, they really hone in on what exactly it is you want them to do, whether it be blemish control, pigmentation fading, or hydration."

Benefits for every need

Because there are many different ampoules, there are also a variety of benefits as a result of using them. According to MZ Skin by Dr. Maryam Zamani, ampoules can boost collagen, calm the skin, and provide vitamins and nutrients directly to the skin to promote a healthy glow. "Each ampoule is packed with a fresh and stable boost of pure active ingredients, and we love the easy access to these actives in a travel-friendly pod in one single use," aesthetic doctor and oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Zamani tells MZ Skin. "Just snap them open and apply to the skin from your décolletage for a blast of anti-aging skin benefits." Ampoules can also help improve fine lines, acne, pores, dry skin, hyperpigmentation, dull complexion, and skin hydration.


What's more, Young Yuh, a skincare specialist and influencer with over 1.7 million followers, says in a TikTok video that ampoules are crucial for seeing results in the long run. "What salt is to food is what serums and ampoules are for our skin," Yuh explains. "They give our skin flavor." Yuh goes on to explain that the active ingredients can target whatever you may need for your skin, making ampoules targetable and therefore quite effective for trouble areas.