Are Towel Scrunchies Worth The Hype?

Are you tired of sleeping on wet hair? Us too. Sometimes, it can be hard to wait for your hair to air dry after a late-night shower, but you just may not want the damage of the blow dryer. You're not alone in this problem, which is why the towel scrunchie was created. It is like sleeping with your hair in a towel — but without the hassle that would cause.

Towel scrunchies are used on wet hair to speed up the drying process. Made out of terry cloth or microfiber, towel scrunchies are ideal for absorbing or pulling water from the hair. Users will tie their hair up in a bun with the towel scrunchie until their hair is mostly dry (via YouTube). Some users finish the process with a blow dryer, while others opt to spend the night in their towel scrunchie for optimal dryness. If you are looking for a new way to dry your hair, towel scrunchies may be the product for you. We have dug deep into the world of towel scrunchies to weigh the pros and cons.

The pros of towel scrunchies

KITSCH towel scrunchies have over 4.9 stars and 4,456 reviews, so there is something to be said about the greatness of the invention. One common positive review revolves around the idea that towel scrunchies allow the user to have more freedom as their hair dries. Whether you have a late-night essay due and don't have the time to stand in one spot and use a blow dryer or are trying to cook dinner and don't want your hair towel getting all in your food, the towel scrunchie eliminates the hassle of traditionally drying your hair.

Not to mention, heat exposure is extremely limited with the use of towel scrunchies. The high heat from the blow dryer can literally change the shape of your hair's keratin strands, leaving your hair weak and brittle (via Dyson). Using a traditional towel may not be the solution either. The pulling caused by a twisted towel on the hair can save you from a major headache — literally. The heaviness of the towel can actually cause hair breakage directly at the roots, says KITSCH. Breakage also can happen as you take your hair down out of the towel, as it is common for hairs to get snagged in the towel. Towel scrunchies save your precious time and your hair from the damage of heat and traditional towels.

The cons of towel scrunchies

Every good thing can have its cons, including towel scrunchies. While towel scrunchies seem easy to use, it is actually super common that you can wind your hair up too tight in them. Some users complain that the towel scrunchie still gives them a headache. Oftentimes, this is because of user error as the user feels like their hair needs to be tight in the scrunchie for the product to work when that is not actually the case.

Another con some users, including YouTuber Christine's ChaoZ, experience is the scrunchies' inability to be machine-washed. This can be frustrating as the scrunchies are known for taking a while to dry on their own, leading to the possibility of mold and mildew. The most obvious con of the towel scrunchie is that it will never dry your hair as fast as a traditional blow dryer will. It takes two to four hours for most hair to air dry, whereas it can take just a few minutes with a blow dryer (via Makeup Muddle). It can take longer if you have thicker hair, meaning you most likely will have to sleep in the towel scrunchie.