The Minimalist Guide To Styling Your Go-To Jeans

Maximalist fashion might be all the rage right now, but maybe keeping it simple is more your style. On the contrary, minimalist fashion doesn't actually require much to be stylish. Style Considered describes minimalist fashion as having only clothes that feel right for you and bring you joy. This ties into a minimalist lifestyle where you only live with a small number of items that are purposeful and fulfilling at the same time. It can be narrowed down to the things that you truly cherish the most.

Perhaps one of the biggest staples for a minimalist wardrobe is a good pair of jeans. Having minimal items to work with doesn't mean you sacrifice style, either. There are plenty of ways to style jeans in a minimalistic way that still makes you feel good and fashionable wearing them. The options may be minimal, but they will never go out of style.

Neutral tones

If you are into minimalist fashion, you probably already know it leans toward a neutral color palette in order to make sure all the pieces work together. Styling your jeans in a minimalist way may require choosing jeans that fit these tones. You can try a pair of black, white, or light-washed blue jeans. When you're pairing it with a brown sweater, for example, the tones will always work together. This isn't to say you can't add some color, though. 

Creative, yet simple tops

You can't go wrong with the classic pairing of a simple top and jeans. However, this doesn't mean you're stuck with a t-shirt and jeans as your only option. You can get creative and pair it with a soft, cashmere knit top or cardigan. Try another popular minimalist look by pairing your jeans with a button-up, particularly in white. It's a comfortable and fashionable way to elevate your jeans as well. In fact, any white top will achieve the look (via Style by Savina). If not white, keep it classy with other colors such as gray, black, or classic beige.

Coats and blazers

Minimalist fashion does not exclude layering, especially not with the versatility of jeans. In fact, it's a perfect way of adding more to the outfit without doing too much. Once you have found a top that works for you, consider adding an extra layer for style and warmth. A long coat works perfectly with your pair of jeans because it not only frames their silhouette, but it also acts as a statement piece layered over them. Another option to elevate the look would be an oversized blazer. Both the coat and the blazer offer opportunities in which you can try different designs and colors for color blocking with the color of jeans you may be wearing (via Who What Wear).

Simple shoes

The beautiful thing about jeans is that they pair well with just about anything. Because of this, you'll find that your choice of minimalist shoes will look absolutely killer with your jeans. Elevate your look with a black pair of strappy sandals or heels. This could also be the perfect opportunity to explore the use of a color pop. Jeans also pair perfectly with dad sneakers, ballet flats, loafers, or boots for something more casual and comfortable without sacrificing the minimalist look.


While jeans may be considered more of a casual garment, you can still pair them with a variety of fashionable, yet minimal accessories. Personal stylist and image consultant Cassandra Sethi notes that styling jewelry in minimalist fashion can still be fun by using a statement piece (via Next Level Wardrobe). To keep it simpler, opt for gold and silver jewelry that can work with anything. Sethi recommends letting one piece of jewelry shine at a time, writing, "If I wear a statement earring, I won't pair it with a statement necklace. I might wear bracelets instead to allow the earring to be the focal point." Other accessories may include handbags. Many fashionistas take this opportunity to add a pop of color through their bags, or they may stick to the neutrals of black, gray, and brown bags.