How Does A Sagittarius Show Love In Relationships?

Love languages are one of the defining expressions of intimacy, and they can vary from person to person. When it comes to astrology, there are some signs that have an easier time expressing their emotions and some that come off as a lot more detached or aloof. Those born under the sun sign Sagittarius have ample gifts when it comes to being adventurous, exploring ideas of freedom, and having an innate knowing and confidence in their truest selves. Being a fire sign, they have an undeniable excitability, vitality, and sassiness that can be felt by everyone in a room (via Tarot). However, when out of balance, their thirst for independence, truth, and knowledge, can sometimes come off as brutal honesty or as emotional unavailability.

According to experts at Café Astrology, Sagittarians are ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansiveness, luck, abundance, and positivity. Their sometimes blunt tongue lands them the stereotype of being heartless, but these fire signs love hard and add a unique spiciness to their relationships. They may not show their love like others, but if you have their heart, they will be sure to make it known.

They'll tell you they're proud of you

Given their fire elemental energy, Sagittarians tend to move at a quick pace and don't like wasting time. They're also a mutable sign meaning they have an eccentric adaptability that makes them social and inquisitive, per Café Astrology. This only goes for what peaks their interest, however, so if you find a Sagittarius is probing you with lots of questions, know that their interest is sincere. They won't waste their time on anything unfulfilling. They also appreciate a challenge and respect others who are upfront and speak their mind, so don't hold back in voicing how you feel toward them. 

According to AstroTwins, those born under the Centaur are also big dreamers. As the optimists of the zodiac, they like to surround themselves with positive energy and others who can match them in deep philosophical debates. If you find a Sagittarius is being vulnerable and sharing their dreams of the future, know that they respect you and value your opinion. Hyping up their loved ones is also a defining factor of their love language. Sags only tell the truth, but when they do it's with an explosive optimism and deep-rooted belief that they desperately want you to know. Don't miss out on these big displays of love. 

They'll invite you to their adventure

Sagittarians are the world explorers of the zodiac. Their thirst for knowledge, paired with a need for constant adventure, leads them to faraway getaways and exotic wonderlands. They will be the first to book a trip to the edge of the world and are in search of a partner who can keep up. According to expert astrologer Anastasia Kirilchik, Sagittarius men, in particular, tend to be very flirty because of their free-spirited and happy-go-lucky energy. It can sometimes be hard to differentiate when they're just flirting and when they're expressing romantic love. A tall tell sign is when a Sagittarius invites you to travel with them or go on a wild adventure. Sagittarians love to travel, but they also value their independence. So if they extend an invitation to a private getaway, know that they're communicating a deep affinity for you. 

According to Compatible Astrology, these fire signs can be unsure of commitment, in fear of losing their sovereignty, but if they frequently invite you to be part of their escapades, know this is a huge display of their love, and they are envisioning a future together. Though they are tough to pin down, once in love, they are constantly envisioning a life of growth and expansion together.