How Does A Gemini Show Love In Relationships?

Expressive, bubbly, and always the life of the party, it's easy to see why so many people become romantically interested in Geminis. In a world full of people playing their emotions close to the chest and dating becoming more difficult than ever, there's something refreshing about the carefree and relaxed way Geminis approach dating. Unlike some people who are dazzled by fame, money, and status -– Gemini needs to constantly explore the deeper parts of life, especially in their romantic relationships. They can see through a fake faster than anyone. "[Gemini] doesn't need someone on the exact same wavelength, but they do need someone who can spark their interest and understand them," astrologer Andrea Lawerence writes for Paired Life.

Of course, it's not all fun, games, and flirtation. Aside from actually getting their attention, the hardest part about dating a Gemini early on is that they can seem to send conflicting signals about how they feel about you. One minute they seem to be all about you, while the next, they're taking hours to respond. It's understandable why you might think this makes them flighty, flaky, and unreliable — but they only tend to be that way with people they don't feel loyal to yet. However, if you can learn to pay attention to the hints they're dropping and not to rush past the getting to know you stage, you might find their "mixed messages" become much easier to understand.

Geminis are very forward in their flirting style

Gemini is one of the flirtiest signs of the zodiac — and are very confident with expressing themselves and their ideas. "I like to think that Geminis are just insatiably curious and have a variety of interests. [They] are a constant teacher and student at the same time," astrologer Rachel Lang tells Women's Health. As such, you can find them in the center of any social setting, chatting up friends and strangers alike, which is what makes them such exceptional flirts. According to Bumble's resident astrologer Aliza Kelly, you'll know a Gemini is interested in you when they engage you in playful conversation, witty banter, and yeah -– even a bit of light teasing.

Dating a Gemini is a truly unique experience. It doesn't matter how or where you meet them; dating a Gemini makes you feel alive. And when it comes to who they're attracted to, the truth is Geminis don't really have a singular type. Because they themselves are known for their multifaceted personalities, it's easy for them to get along with a variety of people. "They tend to absorb the traits of the individuals with whom they spend the most of their time and are not judgmental," astrologer Emily Newman tells Well+Good. Not to mention, their ability to adapt their flirting style to suit the object of their affection helps a Gemini win over anyone they set their sights on. One thing's for certain; you'll never be bored if you're dating a Gemini.

Geminis prefer intellectual connections over looks

Geminis love the feeling of being swept up in the rush and excitement of falling in love. And while initial attraction is what catches their eye -– it's the emotional and intellectual bond that will keep them around. "Geminis are always looking for their intellectual match, who can keep the conversation volleying back and forth at a stimulating pace," writes Lisa Stardust, resident astrologer for TODAY. She goes on to explain that for some more grounded and practical signs, this need for variety can feel like instability. However, for fellow air signs Libra and Aquarius or equally compatible fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius–it's a refreshing way to view relationships and love.

One of the biggest criticisms that Geminis get in the dating scene is that they are fickle when it comes to what they want. And while it's true that Geminis can get bored in relationships more quickly than others, it doesn't mean they're incapable of long-term commitment. "A mature Gemini knows they're in love when they realize after months of dating that they still aren't bored," astrologer Brad Williams tells Bustle. In fact, once Gemini forges a bond -– it's usually for life, no matter how much each person changes with time. The ideal relationship for Gemini is one that constantly challenges them to think about the world around them and pushes them to grow as a person.

Geminis love to show their partner off to the world

Geminis are very outgoing and often find themselves in large social circles (via PrepScholar). So, when you first start dating a Gemini, you should be prepared to spend a lot of time hanging out with their friends. Geminis maintain a very active social life, so their friends' opinion of you and how you fit into their group is important to them. Likewise, your Gemini partner is just as keen to hear your opinion of their friends. Because this sign is known for mixing business and pleasure, it's important to them that all aspects of their life can flow smoothly and interchangeably with one another. And more than anything, Geminis want to feel like they're dating their best friend and confidant, per Horoscope.

Of course, don't expect the spotlight to stop shining on you once you've cracked their inner–circle. In fact, that's when the fun begins. For all the flack they get on social media for being wishy-washy, Geminis are very gracious and inspiring lovers who insist on showing their partner off to the world. For every accomplishment and success in your life, you can count on the Gemini in your life to be there cheering you on every step of the way. "[Gemini] craves that 'twin flame' and kindred spirit energy, and is always up for an intellectual meeting of the minds," explains astrology duo the AstroTwins. Not only does this create a great environment for personal growth, but it also allows the pair of you to grow together as a couple.