Here's How To Look And Feel Better In Your Social Media Pictures

Everyone wants to feel confident in themselves when they are being photographed for pictures. If you know the pictures you're taking will eventually land on social media, you often feel an added layer of pressure to look your best. The good news is that there are tons of tips and tricks everyone can follow in order to look better than ever before in pictures. In fact, Christine Buzan is a professional photographer who has revealed some of the best tips anyone can keep up with on TikTok and Instagram to look and feel better in social media pictures.

There are special poses, positions for your legs, facial angles, and more that you can try, for instance. Digital Photography School explains that even the slightest of changes can result in a more pleasing result. Shifting your weight, leaning forward from the waist, pushing your weight onto your back leg, and changing the way you cross your arms can all make a huge difference. 

Expert Photography adds that you shouldn't jump into any photoshoot scenarios without knowing what to expect in advance and making sure that you're as relaxed as possible. The more natural your poses are, the better chance you have of seeing your photos turn into unforgettable memories. Now, here are some tips from Buzan and beyond to help you up your photo game.

How to look good in pictures while sitting down

Sitting down in a photo can lead to some super awkward results if you don't know how to position your legs. According to Christine Buzan on TikTok, experimenting with different leg poses is the best thing you can do in order to make pictures work for you. Her first piece of advice is to avoid sitting back in your chair because it compresses and hides the length of your torso. Instead, you'll want to sit on the edge of your chair and turn to a 45-degree angle. After that, you'll want to extend your first leg and slightly bend your second leg. Point both feet, and make sure your legs connect at the knees.

Another option would be to extend your first leg at a diagonal position, bend your second leg to be tucked under your first leg, and connect at the ankles. A third possibility to try would be to sit on your hip, extend your bottom leg, and stack your top leg over it with a slightly bent knee. Although the third position might require a little extra balance, it still improves your overall appearance in seated photos.

Shotkit says that you might want to consider the pretzel pose for a seated picture since it doesn't require much effort. You might also try a sitting position where your back is straight and you're leaning forward.

How to pose and look better in family/group photos

There's a reason people commonly look awkward and uncomfortable in family photos or group images. Posing with other people can be a challenge! Why is it so difficult to figure out how to pose when you're surrounded by other individuals? One TikTok video from Christine Buzan explains that as an adult, you should never be standing perfectly side-by-side with other adults. When you do that, it instantly makes everyone look wider than they are. 

She encourages people to form points of interaction with those they're posing with by staggering bodies and connecting at the shoulders. Everyone should be happy to experiment with the way they tilt their heads toward one another in order to create a look of cohesiveness and comfort. Another suggestion from Buzan is to rest your hand on someone's arm or shoulder for a better result. If you leave your arms awkwardly dangling at your sides, it probably won't create the best-looking picture in the end.

The Southern Coterie says that there are several events you might attend that will lead to a group picture being taken. Those include birthday parties, charity events, and more. Their number one piece of advice is to avoid placing your hand on your hip. Instead, you should turn and angle your body to appear more flattering.

How to make your arms look slimmer in photos

One of the most common insecurities to have in photos is about the way your arms might look. A lot of people depend on jackets, coats, and cardigans to hide their arms and pictures, but what if you're stuck outside on a hot summer day? The weather doesn't always allow you to hide your arms with heavy fabric or thick material. If your arms are totally exposed, knowing how to pose in order to make them look slimmer is important.

A Christine Buzan TikTok explains that the best thing you can do is keep your arms away from your body. If you stand add a 45-degree angle and roll your shoulders back before bending your arms, your arms will appear slimmer. The truth of the matter is that whatever is closest to the camera will look the largest, so if you keep your arms pulled back from the camera, they will start to look smaller than they are. According to Kate L Photography, the best way to keep your arms looking as slim as possible is to turn your body slightly sideways. You don't have to worry about the most perfect posture if keeping your arms slim is your top priority.

How to pose in photos to slim down your waist

There's no denying the fact that plenty of people are hoping to achieve the appearance of a smaller waist in the pictures they post on social media. Having a snatched waist has become a huge goal for people ever since celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez have been in the limelight. Christine Buzan's TikTok is filled with some key advice about how to slim down the appearance of your stomach when posing for photos. 

She says each individual person should find out if they look better with their hips pushed backward or forward. It's different for everyone, so each person should test the waters in front of their mirror depending on the shape of their lower belly. Buzan explains that since she has a lower stomach shelf, her waist looks more snatched when she pushes hers backward. In the video, she purposely doesn't wear any shapewear in order to drive her point home. She proves that pushing her hips backward creates a huge difference in the way her pictures turn out.

Luxx Curves takes this advice a step further for people who want to slim down their waist in pictures by suggesting finding the perfect waist trimmer. This is something you would wear underneath your clothing. Waist trainers are made with flexible and soft fabric that can minimize the width of your midsection.

How to pose for photos while holding a drink

If you're holding a drink in your hand, then you should feel comfortable posing for the perfect pictures to add to your social media accounts. The trick is to remain as comfortable as possible while holding your cup. Are you holding onto a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, a bottle of water, or something else? It doesn't really matter which drink is in your hand. All that matters is that you know how to pose your body. 

In a Christine Buzan TikTok video, her first pose suggestion is to face the camera with one leg crossed over the other with one hand in your pocket while holding your drink. Her second pose starts by turning to a 90-degree angle, holding the drink with both hands, and looking over your shoulder. Her third pose requires you to turn to a 45-degree angle, slightly bend one knee, and raise your drink with one hand. Her fourth and final pose is all about facing the camera head-on, pointing one leg forward on a diagonal angle, and holding your drink with both hands in front of you.

As noted by Holly Holden, times used to be a lot different when it comes to appearing as respectable as possible in photographs. Back in the day, it was recommended that you shouldn't be photographed with a drink in your hand. Now, times have changed, and striking the perfect pose with your drink in your hand isn't a problem at all.

How to pose for photos to hide a double chin

If you have a double chin, you might be interested in learning how to pose for photos to hide it from sight. When it comes to snapping pictures for social media, hiding your double chin is a great idea if you want to give off the best possible first impression. Christine Buzan's TikTok video explains that the worst thing you can do is simply stand there in front of the camera. 

When you do that, it makes any double chin look more visible while your head looks smaller than it is. Instead, Christine suggests starting by placing your weight on your back leg. After that, you can cross your second leg over in front of the first. Push your hips back slightly, and then push your forehead toward the camera. You can finish out the pose by putting your arms in whatever position suits you best. In the video, Buzan plays with her hair with a big smile on her face, confident in herself.

According to Atlanta Face & Body, insecurities about double chins and thick necklines are incredibly common. In fact, opting for procedures to have the double chins removed is something people pay into consistently every year. This isn't something to spend money on if you know how to pose well, though, and ultimately we all should lean into our bodies rather than shying away from them.

How to pose for photos with your pet

Owning pets is one of the most exciting and fulfilling experiences people can have in life. Whether you choose to raise a cat, dog, or something else, you know you're in for a good time. Christine Buzan sheds light on how pet owners can pose with their animals in ways that are still totally flattering (via TikTok). Her advice is to avoid obstructing your pet with your arms and to stop squishing your arms around them in front of the camera. She says setting your phone up on a tripod and having someone else help with toys and treats can come in handy. 

Using a Bluetooth remote to snap pictures is another great suggestion to capture the most memorable moments. Buzan advises everyone to bend their arms and hold their pets from underneath. Using your free hand, you can stabilize your pet and make sure its head is level with your head. Last but not least, whoever is helping you capture the perfect picture can call your pet's name in order to get their attention and make them look toward the camera.

There are several different poses to take into account when you have your pet in tow, according to Printique. You can keep it casual by sharing a kiss or hug with them at home, posing with them in your car, holding them over your shoulder, or even lying down in the grass with them.

How to pose for photos while wearing a maxi dress

Maxi dresses are the perfect thing to wear in warm summer weather. There's something very trendy and fashionable about a maxi dress in comparison to other clothing options such as rompers, jeans, shorts, and T-shirts. Maxi dresses can instantly amplify any look by making you look more put together. Christine Buzan explains that when posing in a maxi dress, you should grab the base of your dress to reveal a little extra skin on your legs (via TikTok). 

You should bend one knee and strike a pose with your free arm. In her video, she smiles off into the distance with her hair framing her face in a pair of chic sunglasses. Her pose of choice helps show off her shape in a way that makes her avoid looking frumpy. This maxi dress photo tip is ideal for anyone wearing a dress that's on the looser side. Wearing a baggy dress doesn't mean you have to miss out on an opportunity to show off your curves.

Maxi dresses are as popular as ever, according to Your Summer Skin. Not only are they flattering and comfortable, but they also protect you from the sun, give you an added sense of feminine flair, and help you avoid typical wardrobe malfunctions. On top of that, they are incredibly classy. Ultimately, knowing how to pose in a maxi dress is a must.

How to pose for photos with a sultry face

If your goal is to look as sultry as Kylie Jenner or Bella Hadid in your selfies, you'll probably want to avoid posing with duck lips in any of your future pictures. Duck lips are a thing of the past. In fact, that early 2000s facial pose is seen as completely outdated. Nevertheless, Christine Buzan provides on TikTok the perfect alternative to duck lips that gives off a very seductive expression. The first step is to completely relax your face. If you're carrying tension in your jawline or eye muscles, you have to release it and let go. 

Christine's second tip is to say the word "apple." When you do this, it gives your mouth the chance to create the perfect pouting shape. Her third tip is to figure out if you look better while inhaling or exhaling before you take your picture. It's different for everyone, so you have to look in the mirror and figure out what suits you best before moving forward. The final step is to pretend like you're looking for something behind the camera. While pretending to look for something, you'll slightly squint in a way that's both sexy and seductive.

The art of sultry posing shouldn't be stowed away for the most beautiful models, actresses, and social media influencers. Just about anyone can join in when it comes to something like this. Facetune explains that even though taking sexy selfies might feel uncomfortable and unnatural, there are a few different positions you can get into to make yourself feel better about things. Taking a sultry selfie on your stomach, looking over your shoulder, or sitting up on your knees might help.

How to pose for photos to lengthen the appearance of your legs

There are plenty of models to think about when trying to snag some inspiration for your social media selfies. Kendall Jenner, for example, is known for her incredibly long and sleek legs. Because of her legs, she looks fabulous in pretty much any outfit. If you want to feel like your legs are just as long and sleek as Kendall's are, there are a few easy tips to follow. 

On TikTok, Christine Buzan says you'll want to start by lowering your camera and tilting the lens away. You'll cross one leg in front of the other with pointed feet. Next, you'll move one arm to the side while playing with your hair with your other hand. In the video, Buzan shows off just how different she looks before striking the perfect leg-lengthening pose. In the first picture, her legs don't look quite elegant or long. In the second picture, her pose helps her create the illusion of long legs that belong on a runway.

Leaf TV reveals that nailing the perfect pose to lengthen your legs in photos is a lot easier than you might think. You'll want to wear the right outfit to start, which should consist of shorts or skirts with vertical details. Wearing heels will add some inches to your height, and requesting that the photographer use a wide-angle lens will also benefit you.

How to pose for top-notch mirror selfies

Mirror selfies are incredibly common on social media. Knowing how to strike your best pose in front of the mirror isn't always a piece of cake, though. There are too many ways that a mirror selfie can end up being a total failure if you don't know where to start. Christine Buzan's TikTok video says you should start by making sure your mirror is positioned by a light source. If your mirror is set up somewhere in the dark, you're setting yourself to end up with pictures that you probably won't like. If you set up your mirror in front of a window or a lamp, you'll be in a better situation. Utilizing a ring light is even better.

Her next step is to choose where are you want your phone camera to be placed in order to create the most flattering result. Do you want to hold your phone up by your face, or down by your waist? Depending on your body type and outfit, you'll be able to make that decision. Buzan says that step three is turning your body 45 degrees away from the mirror. Instead of facing the mirror head-on, you can turn a little bit to give yourself a more visually pleasing reflection. Step four is to put your weight on your back leg and pose with your front leg. Next, you'll want to push your hips back before creating space by making angles with your arms. After that, you'll want to look at yourself directly toward the camera's screen, rather than looking at yourself in the mirror.

How to pose like celebs on the red carpet

If you feel inspired to pose like celebrities on the red carpet, there are several poses to keep up with in order to achieve that. Christine Buzan reveals that the teapot pose is totally going out of style (via TikTok). In the clip, she shows an example of Reese Witherspoon doing the teapot pose on the red carpet, as an example of what not to do now that the times are changing. Even though the teapot pose is arguably the most popular pose out there for women, it's time to start considering new and better alternatives. 

The teapot pose is simple enough as it consists of one bent arm on your hip while the other arm dangles by your side. Buzan suggests taking note of the way celebrities are posing these days for better inspiration. Some of the other pose ideas she showcases include both hands dangling on both sides, both hands gripping the waist, and both hands clasped together in front of you. According to Yahoo! Life, some of the other poses celebrities depend on when they hit the red carpet include the "toothache pose," which comes into play when one hand gently touches the jawline. Another common pose is the air kiss.

These are the millennial posing mistakes to avoid

Christine is well aware that Millennials have been making big mistakes when it comes to the poses they're choosing in their pictures. On TikTok, she explains ditching duck lips altogether is the most important piece of advice to follow. There are a few easy steps to follow if you want to look your absolute best in a social media selfie.

Buzan explains that a shocking amount of people are still relying on the duck clip pose for pictures. She advises figuring out the right amount of space between your teeth and your lips while keeping your facial muscles as relaxed as possible. As she previously mentioned in another video, saying the word "apple" will help you show off a perfect pout that looks great in pictures. The second word she mentions using is "prune." Saying these words helps relax your face while allowing your lips to form an attractive shape. Christine revealed that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen use the word "prune" when getting ready for photo shoots.

Picture Correct reveals that some of the worst mistakes you can make while taking a selfie are using weird angles, snapping the picture in the wrong place at the wrong time, or filling up too much compositional space with your face. Your phone should be a decent distance away from your face before you start taking any winning pictures. 

With these tips, you can go forth and take the best selfies ever. However, never forget how good you look and how special you are. You don't need to change yourself for a photo, but if you want a little adjustment, there are ways to achieve that.