The Fashion Trends That You're Going To See Everywhere This Winter

The start of a new season always means the beginning of a new fashion season. For example, winter is usually marked by items and accessories that can keep you warm in cold conditions. Apart from keeping warm, you want to look as luxurious and elegant as you can. Because the winter season usually brings holiday parties and events, you will want to still be warm but chic. Stitch Fix adds that the holiday season can be complicated to dress for as you still have to remain nice and warm despite the colder temperatures. 


Thankfully, there are various ways you can bring style to your cold-weather outfits this season. With multiple trends to pick from, there's no doubt that your winter wardrobe will get a chic and elevated lift. Many of the winter fashion trends are reminiscent of the various trends of the whole year but are given extra glam to fit into all of the holiday events you may have. Like other fashion trends we've previously seen, practicality is the base of many of the trends so that you can look chic but are still able to go about your day.

Bold colors

There's no denying that more people are following the dopamine-dressing trend. More people are choosing to dress up in bright colors and hues to make their days happier, especially after living through a seemingly never-ending pandemic. According to Pantene, this trend influenced New York Fashion Week designers in their color palettes. In their trend report for the autumn/winter season, Pantene picked 10 colors that were most shown during Fashion Week that serve as inspiration for the season. These colors include bold yellows, greens, reds, blues, and bright Fuschia. The bold colors Pantene chose as the trending colors for the season will no doubt be picking up at retail stores as more people look to brighten up their gloomy days with vibrant hues. 


Whether or not you decide to dip your toe in bold colors this season with a full bright out or with vibrant accent pieces, the bold color trend is always a good idea. Blair Eadie, the founder of Atlantic-Pacific, knows exactly how to incorporate vibrant hues for the winter season, for instance (via Instagram). Whether you go for a vibrant blue ruffled dress or a metallic pink tailored suit, these hues will make a splash against dark skies. Another option that may serve best for an ordinary day outfit is by adding a vibrant purse or jacket to stand out against a neutral outfit. 


Although the idea of wearing corsets might be a bit too much for many, the corsets we are seeing this season are nothing like you have before. The corsets on display for winter are much more comfortable than the ones you've seen in period movies. For winter, corsets are coming in knits and shearling and are not restricting anyone in their movement. During the Dion Lee Fall/Winter 2022 show, the designer showcased knit corset dresses and shearling corset tops as statement pieces for the winter. These soft and cozy knit pieces will be perfect to keep you trendy and warm during the winter season.


Like any trend, you can take it as far as you would like. Just as you can go with a minimal corset-shaped knit, you can also opt for a full corset top for the winter. As we saw at the Balmain Fall Winter 2022 show, the designer showed metallic corsets and corsets with the shape of body armor. These types of corsets can be worn over your favorite long-sleeved top or sweater for a winter look that mimics high fashion. Because these pieces will be on trend for winter, many of the corsets nowadays have more flexibility and won't be as restricting as before.

Leather everywhere

While leather isn't a new winter trend, the volumes of leather during this season will be more than we have previously seen. Items like leather jackets and pants are must-have staples for winter and are now being embraced by getting styled together. For instance, ashion content creator Katherine Bond showed off her leather trousers and how she plans on wearing this trending piece on Instagram. With a cozy wrap knit top, this outfit is ideal for an errand day when you still want to look chic. 


Another way of sporting this trend is with the classic leather jacket. A winter staple, the leather jacket has maintained itself as a must-have in any closet. On Instagram, content creator Marj Suarez showed us how a classic leather jacket is still the best trend to sport year after year. By styling it with a simple black top and denim jeans, this look will not only keep you warm but will have you stylishly ready for the day. To make this piece more modern, you can also opt for an oversized leather jacket to add more of a '90s vibe to your look. If you want to sport this trend this season, try styling all your leather pieces in one look. 


Although cutouts seem counterproductive for a winter trend, they will be everywhere this upcoming season. Whether it's in your dresses, tops, or sweaters, cutouts will play a big part in your winter styling. On Instagram, fashion influencer Katerina shows us how the cutouts trend can be perfectly implemented when planning out your holiday outfits. While cutouts can be intimidating to wear during the colder months, using them to elevate your holiday looks is one way to ensure you stay warm. A cutout dress underneath a warm coat is the perfect way to sport the trend and still stay cozy all night.


Thankfully for this season, cutouts can come in any size or design. In fact, fashion influencer Emilia Danilevskaya showed off on Instagram how to sport the cutout trend on the sides instead of the traditional middle. With cutout sides, you can have an interesting holiday look. As well, cutouts can be seen in any fabric, such as knits, which will make the look a bit warmer. Whether you go for a simple small cutout or one that takes over, cutouts are not going anywhere this season.

Oversized outerwear

Like many of the '90s-inspired trends that have become popular recently, oversized outerwear will be a major trend to follow in the winter season. Despite how you may feel about wearing oversized clothing, this trend will be one of the most practical to follow during colder days. Items like oversized coats and jackets are set to be everywhere this season and not only to keep you warm. Fashion influencer Emma Hill shows how an oversized black coat is an essential item to have in your closet this winter (via Instagram). Besides going with almost any look, a neutral oversized coat is perfect for those who want to layer a chunkier sweater underneath. As well, neutral outerwear can be styled seamlessly with any look you have planned.


Chloe Robertson also shows on Instagram how even something as simple as oversized scarves can elevate your look. For anyone who might be overwhelmed by an oversized coat or jacket, an oversized scarf is an ideal alternative to still be part of this trend. Not only is this item on trend but it will also keep your neck warm during the cold months and add another layer to your outfit. To really pull off this look, you can pair an oversized coat and scarf of the same color for a chic monochrome look.

Maximalist dressing

As with bold colors, maximalist dressing is set to take over this winter season. No matter your definition of what it means to be a maximalist, there are plenty of ways to take part in this "go big or go home" trend. Instead of waiting for holiday parties to sparkle, many designers incorporated these fun accents into pieces you can wear daily. At the Jonathan Simkhai Fall/Winter 2022 collection, we saw how there are brilliant ways to subtly add maximalist dressing into clothes you can wear anywhere. Coats with metallic linings or skirts in sequins were shown on the runway during this collection as a fun way to add something extra to your day.


During the Carolina Herrera Fall/Winter 2022 collection, we also saw how ruffles and sequins can look sophisticated and elegant. While many equate sequins or feathers with costumes, they are subtle touches you can add to your wardrobe to make it more playful. A sequined sweater or ruffled coat is the perfect addition to your winter closet if you wish to add a bit of drama to your looks.