What Can A Clay Mask Really Do For Your Skin?

There's nothing quite like a good self-care moment involving a clay mask. For a long time, applying clay masks has been the go-to skincare routine for those looking to spend some time relaxing. Besides being a great way to spend some time with yourself, clay masks are an essential part of your skincare routine. With the many benefits that clay masks provide for your skin, it's no wonder that clay masks have been around since almost the beginning of time. According to Alitura, clay masks can be traced back to Rome in 60 B.C. The use of clay was primarily used as a medicinal treatment due to its connection to the earth. While its usage has changed since then, it has been proven that clay does carry many benefits.


Depending on the type of clay mask you choose, this skincare product can be an easy way to get the skin you've always wanted. Clay masks also come in various types with different key ingredients that focus on various aspects of the skin. Regardless of which clay mask you choose, rest assured that you will receive a multitude of benefits.

Benefits of clay masks

The benefits of your clay mask will depend on which type you choose. However, all clay masks will help detoxify your skin before the rest of your skincare routine. Root Science explains that clay masks can help unclog your pores by immediately removing dirt and dead skin cells from your pores, minimizing their appearance. As well, clay masks can help improve your skin texture and with any acne breakouts. By slightly exfoliating and purifying, clay masks can even out your skin's texture, giving you an even base. Ridding your skin of impurities and excess oils, clay masks take away many of the usual acne triggers. 


Besides helping to detoxify your skin from dirt, dead skin cells, and oil, clay masks can brighten your skin while improving its circulation. Ipsy states that by removing dead skin cells, your skin can get a better glow. An accumulation of dead skin cells can cause a dull skin appearance, removing some of that natural glow you have. Depending on your clay mask, these products can also help your blood circulation and improve collagen production. Clay masks also improve oxygen production in your skin, giving you a fresher look.

How to choose the best clay masks for you

Each type of clay mask comes with a different focus that can help with a target skin issue. Sand & Sky explains that some of the different types of clay masks include kaolin, Australian pink, French green, bentonite, and rhassoul clay. Kaolin and Australian pink are ideal clay masks to use if you have sensitive skin and are looking for something to detoxify your skin without triggering skin irritation. Bentonite and French green clays are ideal for those who need an extra cleanse on their skin. These clay masks act like sponges and can absorb high amounts of dirt and oils. Rhassoul clay is ideal for those looking for something that can balance sebum production and provide inflammation and redness relief.


In addition to these common clay masks, some are unique in their formulations. According to Buro 247, there are also purple, red, blue, and yellow clays. Purple clay masks are ideal for those with dry skin who need less oil absorption. Red clay is a great clay to have in your skincare routine if you are looking for a simple clay mask with general benefits. Blue clay masks are great to protect against pollution and external stressors that can cause havoc on your skin. Yellow clay masks deliver the basic benefits for those with mature skin that still want something gentle but purifying. Regardless of which clay masks you choose, they all deliver excellent benefits to your skin.