How To Channel 'Emilycore' Ahead Of The New Season Of Emily In Paris

If you've watched Seasons 1 and 2 of "Emily in Paris," you've probably noticed all of the main character Emily's spectacular outfits. In the show, Emily is an American who finds herself with the opportunity to work in Paris with her marketing firm. The show is all sorts of spunky as Emily brings her American traits into Parisian life and culture, something that's vividly apparent in her outfits, too. These outfits have been both criticized for a sense of ridiculousness but praised for the same reason as they portray unique Parisian, and sometimes foreign, fashion that is unique to the character (via The Mom Edit).


Emily's outfits are nothing short of eye-catching and are put together by the show's costume designers, Patricia Field and Marylin Fitoussi. They often feature bright colors, bold patterns, and a plethora of accessories, making a statement with each new piece. Now, you, too, can embrace your inner "Emily in Paris" by implementing several pieces and style elements into your wardrobe for the ultimate "Emilycore" looks.

Bright colors

First and foremost, you may have noticed that Emily has worn just about every color of the rainbow, particularly bright ones. This is perhaps one of the simplest ways to start embracing "Emilycore" in your outfits. Take it up a notch for even more "Emily in Paris" vibes by color-blocking and mixing up the colors in some absurd ways. In a sense, turn "tacky" into chic. The more they mismatch, the better, according to Fashion Magazine. For example, take a look at one of Emily's outfits in a Season 3 preview photo where she is spotted wearing a rainbow sweater and a green miniskirt paired with thigh-high neon green boots (via Instagram).


Pattern and print galore

Following a similar category as color, embracing "Emilycore" consists of mixing and matching a variety of patterns, prints, and fabric designs. Think green plaid, rainbow florals, stripes, hearts, polka dots, and more. Just about any pattern will help you get a step closer to the kind of outfits


Emily rocks in the show. Just like color, if you mismatch and clash the patterns, you'll get one step closer to an "Emily in Paris" wardrobe. In a TikTok video, fashion influencer Caroline Vazzana writes, "Don't be afraid to mix prints," as text over the video, which shows ways to dress like Emily. She then advises wearing statement coats as well as monochrome colors and prints to achieve the look.

Endless accessories

One of the standout elements of Emily's outfits is her accessories. The key here is to add as many of them as you can. This is where you can embrace a sense of maximalism in your looks. Think of handbags, gloves, headscarves, eyewear, socks, and hats. In the show, Emily can be seen wearing a variety of bucket hats and berets in classic French fashion. 


Just like an Emily look consists of many colors and prints, don't be afraid to implement that into the accessories you choose. The more, the merrier. Fashion and beauty influencer Ziba Lennox also shows ways to dress like Emily on TikTok. In her video, she also adds that you should implement sequins and embellishments to further accessorize the looks.

Different textures

Textures are another important key element to achieving an "Emily in Paris" look. Take, for example, Emily in season one where she was sporting a see-through trench coat with colored trim accents (via Instagram). Another common texture for Emily's outfits is a classic Parisian twill, often seen through her coats or matching suit sets. In another outfit, Emily is seen wearing a sequin-embellished V-neck cardigan with a pink fur trim around the neckline. It's clear that Emily uses a variety of textures that help create her unique looks.


Bold shoes

Additionally, Emily doesn't shy away from wearing a bold pair of shoes. In the show, you can see Emily sporting a wide variety of shoes, though they're usually bold and bright. From neutral pumps with bright socks to bright yellow rain boots and platforms, Emily has worn it all. Embrace this look yourself by finding a unique pair of shoes, or several pairs of shoes. 


According to Fashion Magazine, you should make the shoes work with your outfits, not your environment, as Emily has shown on the cobbled streets of Paris. In fact, because of the wide variety of styles and colors she has worn, don't be afraid to try anything to make it work with your style. Have more fun with it by pairing shoes with colorful or print socks just like Emily.