How To Incorporate A Lymphatic Facial Massage Into Your Daily Routine

After a late night of drinking and munching on salty snacks, waking up the next day with a puffy face is not uncommon. According to the medical researchers at Cleveland Clinic, the lymphatic system collects and disposes of wastes, toxins, and bacteria to protect the body from illness. When overloaded with salty foods, preservatives, or other unhealthy substances, the lymphatic system can become lazy and create a build-up of excess waste, creating fluid retention and puffiness, cellulite, and muscle swelling (via Hyper Vibe). 


Draining the lymphatic system can lead to a range of health benefits, including improved blood circulation and immunity, per WebMD. When done on the face, this type of lymphatic drainage can also help clear acne, eliminate dark circles, and increase the circulation of nutrients (via Perea Clinic). For those of us sitting at desks all day, enjoying an occasional glass of wine, or just wanting a natural boost to the immune system, the lymphatic massage is a must-try addition to your self-care routine. 

The best DIY facial massage for younger skin

If you suffer from dull or puffy skin, doing an at-home lymphatic massage could be an easy fix to your problems. According to the National Cancer Institute, the lymph nodes are small "bean-shaped structures" located under the neck and throughout the body. When properly massaged, these can deliver an increase of blood flow and oxygen to the face while reducing water retention, or bloating (via Women's Health). Incorporating these massages into your skincare routine is a great way to further enhance your beauty ritual. French-founded skincare brand Clarins has even developed its own instructional massage methods to optimize the use of its products, encouraging users to massage under jawlines, tap around the eye, and lift cheekbones.


To try an at-home facial lymphatic massage, warm your preferred face oil in your hands and gently apply to the skin, per Escentual. Palm each side of the face, allowing your fingers to extend above the ears, and lightly drag down to the jawline. Repeat three times in the same position, and then repeat the movement another three times starting in the center of the forehead to the temples. Repeat another three times in the eye area, moving from the inner corners of your eyes towards the ears. If you prefer to use a tool rather than your hands, any jade roller or gua sha with soft edges that can be brushed down the neck will suffice. 

Use a body brush for full body drainage

In order to work with the entire lymphatic system which, according to the medical experts at Health Direct, extends past the neck to the armpit, chest, gut, and groin, it's important to equally massage the rest of the body. Body brushes or dry brushes work directly to increase lymphatic drainage and increase blood flow by gently massaging the skin and body (via Cleveland Clinic). These stiff brushes are often also designed with soft massage nodes, and when gently used on the skin, increase detoxification, can stimulate the nervous system, and increase a natural glow in your skin. When done frequently, this process can also remove excess fluid, swelling, and salt retention that can be a byproduct of unhealthy eating.


To use your body brush, do so before hopping in the shower. Start from your ankles and work up, per Camille Styles. Experts recommend brushing in an upwards motion as a general rule for all limbs. Around the core and gut, though, you should brush downwards. Remember to take your brush gently back around the neck and shoulder area for deeper drainage. Incorporate this gentle massage into your shower routine, and you will undoubtedly feel and see a new glow.