Your Guide To Looking Parisian Chic In A Beret

If there's something France is known for besides croissants and the Eiffel Tower, it's the country's impeccable taste in fashion. French fashion, like anywhere else, has different types of styles depending on where you visit. For example, Parisian fashion is chic and timeless and serves as an inspiration to many across the world. One part of the quintessential Parisian fashion is the beret. The beret has gone from being a simple accessory to an important part of political history and back to being an iconic representation of French fashion. Nevertheless, the beret is a statement piece. In fact, Rosabelle Forzy, CEO of artisan beret company Laulhère, tells The Zoe Report, "The beret is iconic of French fashion. It's unisex, can be worn on all occasions, and works with all shapes of faces and hairstyles. C'est le chic à la française."


Berets are a great accessory to have in your wardrobe, especially for fall and winter. While the beret is an easy statement piece you can add to your look, they are easy to style and wear daily. 

How to put on a beret

As simple as it is to throw on a beret and step outside, there are multiple ways you can sport your beret. Since it is so easy to put on, it can be equally as easy to assume you are wearing it incorrectly. According to MasterClass, one way you can wear your beret is on the back of your head. This way of wearing the beret is ideal if you're afraid of having too much on your face. When placing it on the back of your head, you want to ensure the bottom of the brim hits the base of your neck. You can start by placing the top of your beret onto your hairline and pulling the rest until it lands on the base of your neck. Help keep the beret in place by clipping it with hair pins.


Soxy explains that the most classic way to wear a beret is by placing it three-quarters above your forehead and an inch behind your ears. After it's positioned, tuck the brim of the beret to give it the proper shape. Another alternative is pulling the beret over your ears.

How to style your beret

Once you have positioned your beret just how you want it, you have to style the rest of your outfit. Even though berets can signify a classic and chic outfit, you can still alter it to match your style. On Instagram, @Margieeev shows us how even with your beret, you can pull off the ultimate street-style outfit. Pairing her black beret with a graphic sweater, button-down layered underneath, black mini skirt, and loafers, this outfit takes full advantage of the Parisian accessory. By using another French technique, layering, you can get a modern Parisian look.


The best way to pull off a beret is by embracing full Parisian fashion. For instance, influencer Taida Nazraic pulls off a classic French look on Instagram by pairing her beret with a checkered blazer, matching red ribbed turtleneck top, leather pants, and gloves. Wearing a blazer and beret together is the ultimate Parisian combination that will make you look like you are on your way to the nearest cafe for your morning coffee. By adding simple pieces together, your beret will give you a statement touch without making you look cliche or overly cheesy.

How to make a statement with your beret

Being as versatile as it is, the beret comes in various designs and colors to best suit your look. This variety makes it easy to find a statement beret that will elevate your style to the next level. On Instagram, @bridgetwestendorf shows off a chic and feminine beret complete with a big pink bow on the back that will make an elegant and unique statement. Styling the outfit with a trench coat and platform loafers, this look is ready for the day with little to no extra effort.


If you aren't too keen on wearing bows, you can opt for a beret with a little extra glam. Influencer Karoline Herr on Instagram showcased her pink beret filled with pearls. Instead of going with something neutral and monochrome, Herr went with a pastel outfit complete with a lavender sweater and pastel pink beret. A sweet and feminine way of pulling off the beret, this look is a fun way to bring your beret into the cold months.

Monochrome beret style inspiration

One of the easiest ways you can make any outfit look more expensive and luxurious is by going with a monochrome color palette. Regardless of what pieces you choose, going with one color throughout will help you look even chicer than you already are. Marie from Instagram's @heartfelthunt shows how you can use your colorful beret to accent your monochrome outfit to become a bright spot of color. While she broke up her monochrome look with denim jeans, this look is the perfect way to bring a monochrome beret outfit into your daily life.


While color is always fun to wear, sometimes you want to stick to the neutrals. On Instagram, influencer Dilek Pacacioglu shows off how pairing a brown beret along with a brown blazer and a brown shoulder bag is a great way to mix the '90s and Parisian styles. Again breaking up with a white top, you can copy this look to take it on your errands and give you a more sophisticated look. Adding the beret to your look can help add another point of interest to an already stunning outfit.

Printed beret style inspiration

With the comeback of nostalgic prints like plaids and houndstooth, it was only time before they were implemented in your berets. A printed beret is perfect for those who want to either go for a matching print look or go with a mixed print outfit. Regardless of how you wear your prints, a beret is a perfect accessory to add to your outfit. Content creator Mara Lafontan wore her matching printed blazer and beret for the ultimate preppy look (via Instagram). This simple matching moment is the perfect way to pull off a statement look without having to put too much work into it.


On the other hand, a printed beret is the perfect way of adding something unique to your look. Influencer Ana-Marie showed on Instagram how even just a cheetah-printed beret is the perfect touch of print against her neutral outfit. Pairing cheetah print against a neutral look, you can get just the right amount of fun without sacrificing a chic look.