The Zodiac Signs That May Have The Hardest Time Moving On From An Ex

Astrology is all about knowing yourself and the people around you. From your desires, your passions, and how you express yourself -– there's something unique about how your sign moves through the world of dating. And just like you might have a preference for folks who are more outgoing or have a more subdued flirting style -– you may find through using astrology that there are certain zodiac signs you connect with more as well. Of course, not all relationships end happily ever after. Sometimes the way two people communicate or what they want out of life just don't align for the long–term. And though there is no clear-cut way of determining which couples will make it and which ones won't, astrology can be used to see what kind of partner you'll be, and it can also shine a light on how you behave as an ex.

Breakups suck. Whether you're the one who did the heartbreaking, you were the one broken up with, or it was mutual, ending things with your special someone can bring on a rush of feelings. "I recommend people remember that a breakup is, first of all, worthy of their self-care, of paying attention to their feelings and not expecting themselves to get over a breakup as if it's nothing," clinical psychologist Orna Guralnik tells NPR. It's normal to need time to get over the loss of a relationship. Still, it seems like it's easier for some people (and zodiac signs) to get over their ex more quickly than others.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Aries fall in love quickly, and the passion and intensity this fire sign showers on their loved ones only gets more intense with time. Aries' ruling planet Mars is about passion, expression, and intensity, which means Aries seek out excitement and passion over predictability. As Lisa Stardust, the resident astrologer for The Today Show explains -– Aries likes to take a more assertive and dominant approach to dating. Rather than wait around for the other person to make a move, Aries finds the pursuit of a new relationship thrilling and isn't afraid to be bold with their affection. And though they might find themselves a little bored when things cool off after the honeymoon phase — never doubt the dedication and loyalty that Aries brings to their relationships.

These smooth operators have a reputation for striving to be exceptional at everything they do -– including being the best romantic partner they can be. "Despite Aries' independent nature, they're also very loving romantic creatures and tend to be extremely loyal in relationships," astrologer Clarisse Monahan tells Bustle. So, when a partner expresses disappointment in them, or they feel they've failed a relationship -– it can take them a long time to separate their feelings from the other person. Not to mention their desire to protect their ego and prove they were the right choice can cause them to revisit relationships and rekindle old connections they probably shouldn't.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Despite having a reputation for being moody and emotional, Cancers have a difficult time trusting other people enough to let down their barriers, per Horoscope. Cancers tend to be shy at first, and it may be hard to tell how they feel about you. This water sign is highly intuitive and as a result, prefers to follow their intuition when it comes to matters of the heart, which means it might take some time before you see their true colors. However, when a Cancer does fall in love, there's little anyone can do to change their mind. "Cancers make great long-term, lifelong, full-on partners," tarot columnist Kerry Ward tells Women's Health. "They want to be immersed in your life fully, and feel like it's you two against the rest of the world." There's a reason this sign is known for their commitment and passion toward their romantic partners.

It can be important for Cancers to watch out when they first start falling in love, however. They have a reputation for going all in when things get serious and can lose themselves in the ocean of feelings if they're not careful. In fact, this sign can overextend themselves with partners that wouldn't do the same for them, which can lead to some serious disappointment when things don't work out (via HypeBae). Because they pour a lot of their energy into building these rock-solid relationships and emotionally safe spaces for other people, it can be difficult for Cancer to move on when a relationship goes sour.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Capricorns are the type of exes who want to come out looking like they're on top — even if they are going through it emotionally. In any relationship, they are usually the ones who lead things and call the shots. As astrologer Kyle Thomas writes, they're explorative, though they want a partner who is dedicated to only them. Capricorn can struggle with self-love and self-acceptance, often feeling like they need to be too many things at once. This can complicate how they show their affection to other people, even if they feel it deeply. When a Capricorn does decide to take a relationship seriously, however, you can guarantee they're in it for the long–haul.

Capricorns love the feeling of standing next to someone or dating their equal. As the experts at Bumble explain, making things official with a Capricorn is a compliment in itself. These discerning earth signs have incredibly high standards for every aspect of life–including who they date. They know what it takes to build a relationship that can weather the storms of life, so once they've become invested, it's hard to get them to shift focus, even when things come to an end. And though they'll never show it on the surface, Capricorns have the hardest time moving on from relationships. Capricorns are not usually jealous people, but sometimes even they can't help letting their emotions get the best of them, so don't be surprised if (and when) they try to win you back.