Ways To Show Someone You Love Them Without Voicing It

There are many ways to tell your partner that you love them without actually saying those magical three little words. While voicing your affection can certainly have a huge impact on romantic relationships, actions do truly speak louder than words. If you have already established that you love each other, but you still want to show how you feel in a way that goes beyond simply telling them, there are several options to consider. According to Wall Flower Journal, following up saying the words "I love you" with equally meaningful and real actions is just as important as voicing it.

Showing your partner how much you love them beyond saying it can be done in many unique ways (via ProFlowers). There's no reason to wait for your partner's birthday to roll around to demonstrate your feelings. And you don't need to hold your breath for holidays such as Christmas and Valentine's Day to go above and beyond with thoughtful gestures. There are a lot of genuine ways that you can make your partner feel wholeheartedly loved, cherished, supported, and adored any day of the year. If you're looking for ideas to get creative with compliments or pleasant surprises, these actions will remind your partner just how much you love them without you having to say a thing.

Supporting your partner's dreams, even if they seem unrealistic

One of the simplest ways to show your partner that you love them is by supporting their dreams, goals, and aspirations. Sometimes you might even think that their ambitions are totally unrealistic and unachievable. Regardless, you should still support them on their path anyway. By making your love feel that you believe in them, it becomes easier for them to believe in themselves.

According to Love Fruitful, encouraging your partner to pursue their dreams and passions will keep harmony in your relationship. Whether your love is interested in starting a business, writing a novel, embarking on a fitness journey, or something else, it's likely that they'll appreciate your support. Instead of questioning your partner about how or why they want to pursue a particular dream, engaging in conversations with them that help them feel excited about their plans is a better route to take. It's always good to share your own goals in life as well so the support is reciprocated.

Some of the ways you can be part of your partner's dreams include praying for them if you're religious (via Symbis Assessment). Speaking encouraging statements out loud while talking with them can also make a huge difference. Asking how you can help throughout the process shows that you're there for them. If you and your partner are on equal journeys toward self-improvement, development, and growth, you can help build each other up along the way.

Offering to pay for a date if you usually don't do that

Offering to pay for a date is an incredibly thoughtful thing to do, especially if it's something you don't normally do. According to The Washington Post, most people can agree that whoever plans the date should take care of the restaurant bill. That being said, if you decide to set up a romantic evening out for your partner, your willingness to pay might make them feel appreciated. You can brainstorm fun and romantic ideas like taking a ride in a hot air balloon, having a picnic on the beach, or attending a paint and wine sipping event. 

According to Elite Singles, one of the most common responses from men in general is that they believe other men are the ones who are supposed to handle the bill on first dates in heterosexual scenarios. The data they collected doesn't account for couples in the LGBTQ community, though. If your partner is constantly planning your dates and paying for everything, it will be a pleasant surprise for them if you handle the bill every once in a while.

If the idea of paying for an entire date night makes you too uncomfortable, you can offer to contribute to a portion of the activities instead. For example, if they bought movie tickets, you can offer to pay for the snacks. If they got your entries into a nightclub, you can absorb the cost of the Uber ride to get there. If they bought both of your tickets for an amusement park, you can offer to pay for the photo package.

Giving random and unexpected gifts

Gift giving is one of the five languages of love, according to Truity. Unfortunately, the act of gift giving is not always highly thought of in comparison to other love languages on the chart. People often consider folks who appreciate receiving gifts to be superficial. In reality though, there's no reason to worry about feeling loved when you receive gifts. If getting presents is the love language of your partner, it would be in your best interest to surprise them with random and unexpected gifts every once in a while.

While giving presents as a love language is not always understood, it should still be taken just as seriously as the others on the list (via HuffPost). Gifts can be as simple as handwritten notes or trinkets you pick up from the checkout section of your local grocery store. They can also be as elaborate as tickets to a concert or flights to a romantic vacation. You'll know that your partner's love language is receiving gifts if you've noticed them randomly gifting you with special items on days when there aren't any holidays to celebrate. People naturally show love to others in the way they want to receive it back.

Carving out time for quality memories

Just like receiving gifts, quality time is another love language on the chart to consider. According to Marriage, time is one of the most priceless things you can give to someone you care about. Time is fleeting, and once it's gone, it's gone forever. Showering your partner with quality moments entails being engaged and making plans that show you are focused only on them, per MasterClass. It will be easy for you to figure out that your partner appreciates quality time as a love language if you can enjoy sitting together for hours without worrying about awkward silence or discomfort.

When you're truly comfortable in someone else's presence, there doesn't need to be a constant flow of dialogue between the two of you. Quality time can be given to your partner in a multitude of ways. Simply sitting together to debrief about what happened during your day might be enough. Spending time organizing one of the rooms in your home together might help fill that desire for your partner as well. Simply sitting next to them while they play a video game or watch a show they care about can mean a lot.

Back rubs, hand holds, and other non-sexual touches

Physical touch is another way to show your partner that you are head over heels in love with them. Rubbing their back, holding their hand, and touching them in other non-sexual ways can remind them that you're still absolutely in love with them. According to Science of People, if you're dating someone who desires physical touch, holding them or getting cuddly in public can help them feel more connected to you. 

Other examples of showing your partner you love them through physical touch would be a bear hug, a massage, a foot rub, affectionately touching their arm, resting on them, and being the one to suggest sexual intimacy (via BetterHelp). Non-sexual touching is extremely important when dating a partner who loves being touched, but making sure that you're also initiating sex is just as important. If they feel like they are always the one to promote sensuality between you, it can make them feel unwanted.

For certain people who rely on physical touch to feel loved in their relationship, they might feel totally rejected and alone if you leave for work in the morning without giving them a kiss or a hug goodbye. It's the little things that count when it comes to dating a partner who loves being touched and receiving affection.

Identifying insecurities and complimenting those areas

Part of being human means feeling insecure about little things every now and then. After all, occasional self doubt is totally normal. According to Insight Therapy, the key to maintaining a long lasting and healthy relationship revolves around learning how to handle any insecurities your partner might have. It's important for individuals to understand their worth and practice positive affirmations (via Healthline). But, you can help your partner feel even better about themselves if you know how to nurture them properly.

For example, if you know that your partner is starting to feel insecure about their receding hairline, you should start complimenting them about how amazing their hair looks whenever you get the chance. If your love is feeling down about their height, you can consistently remind them that you adore their stature and the way their body is built. If they hate their lips or teeth, you might think about going out of your way to compliment them about how gorgeous you think their smile is. Be authentic with your compliments in a way that helps build up their self-esteem. If they try to shut you down upon hearing incoming compliments, remind them that it's more attractive when confident people embrace kind words from others instead of denying them.

Showing an interest in something they care about, even if you find it boring

You might be dating someone who has a handful of interests that simply don't tickle your fancy at all. We've all been there! Showing your partner that you love them through actions instead of words sometimes means demonstrating an interest in the things they care about, even when you aren't particularly fond of those things yourself. According to Psychology Today, having things in common is important because it enables two people to connect over something they both value. Nevertheless, it's unlikely that you and your partner will appreciate all of the same things down to the last detail. When you love your partner, you'll naturally be drawn to their interests too, per First Things First

You don't have to totally share in those interests per se, but it makes sense that you would start caring about the things they care about. If your partner is obsessed with ice fishing — and that's not something you picture yourself getting involved with — there are ways that you can make your partner feel loved anyway. You don't have to bundle up in warm clothes and join them on their next expedition, but you can take time out of your day to ask them questions about their hobby. Inquire about what kind of fish they commonly catch, how low the temperatures usually drop at a frozen fishing lake, and the size of the biggest fish they ever successfully caught. Your genuine interest will make them feel loved, even though ice fishing isn't something you would ever do yourself.

Creating a compliment or date idea jar

Show your partner you love them without explicitly saying it by creating a compliment jar or even a date idea jar. You might even consider doing both. According to Hill City Bride, a DIY date night creation can help keep things interesting as a couple. You can fill the jar with ideas ranging from movie nights at home, to visiting luxurious restaurants, or pampering spa days. You can load the container with activities that are separated with color coding based on how much money you're both comfortable spending for the evening. For example, date night suggestions that are affordable can be written down on green pieces of paper while pricey and over-the-top suggestions can be written on blue pieces of paper. 

Creating a compliment jar is just as thoughtful since it becomes something your partner can reach into whenever they miss you, per Paper & Landscapes. Whenever they're feeling sad or in need of a confidence boost they can pull out a random compliment from you. In order to create the perfect compliment jar, you'll simply write down all of the things that you love about your partner on small scraps of paper before tossing them into a jar. You can write down things about how you consider them to be your best friend, how you love falling to sleep next to them, how much you appreciate their sense of humor, and more.

Opening up to them about something personal

When you open up to your partner about something personal, it shows them you are willing to trust them on a deeper level. Being vulnerable with your love might not be easy — and it might not be something that comes naturally — but it certainly expresses your love in a big way. According to Marriage, sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings with your partner leads to powerful results. It increases the chance of your emotional needs being met, it helps improve the sense of authenticity within your romance, and it helps you feel genuinely supported.

When you let your guard down with your partner, it helps create empathy between the two of you, per Eugene Therapy. Feeling exposed is a sign of courage because it stands as proof that you are a resilient human being. If you keep your walls up in your relationship, your partner will always feel shut out and in the dark. It's easier to foster better connections when you are open and honest about everything you're feeling.

If getting deep is something you struggle with, you can always start small. Reflect on a memory from your childhood that you're comfortable sharing as a way of scratching the surface and testing the waters. Once you realize that your partner is someone you can trust with the most intimate details of your life, it will grow increasingly easier to open up to them. From there, you'll notice that it becomes more natural for them to open up to you about what they've been through as well.

Maintaining peak physical health to keep going strong

Doing your best to maintain peak physical health can help you and your partner to live longer and stronger, in addition to contributing to keeping your relationship going strong. According to Healthline, it's incredibly common for people in new romances to start to gain a small amount of weight. Couples who move in together and newlyweds deal with weight gain more commonly than those who remain single and those who live alone. So why not workout together? Setting up a fitness routine where you can hold each other accountable is another smart route to take. Staying in shape as a couple can even help improve sexual intimacy in your relationship. 

It's easy enough to prevent putting on weight as a couple by switching up some of your habits (via Eat This, Not That!) Cooking for each other at home instead of going out for the majority of your meals can make a huge difference. When you do go to a restaurant, splitting your courses to share with each other instead of ordering individual meals can also be a positive change. Showing your partner that you care about your health by choosing nutritious foods instead of junk food also reminds them that you care enough about them to ensure you'll be around for the long-haul.