Why Your Bangs May Be Causing Forehead Breakouts And How To Prevent Them

We love the look of a bangs hairstyle. While they usually get a bad reputation as the go-to hairstyle after a breakup, bangs are a great way to switch up your look, and pretty much anyone can pull them off. The senior stylist at Toronto's Cowlick Salon Samantha Stonehouse tells Chatelaine, "I think anyone can have bangs, but maybe not the style of bangs they want. If your hair is fine or thin, a heavy fringe may not work because there isn't enough weight for the hair to lay in place. Thick hair may have trouble with baby bangs because it would need to be thinned out a lot to lay flat."


While there are many factors to consider when getting bangs, you also need to think about the possibility of experiencing the dreaded forehead acne. For a long time, bangs have been accused of causing zits and pimples on the skin beneath them, which can be a real hassle. As acne can take an emotional toll on you, and lead to other inconveniences in your life, this isn't a problem you want to be stuck with unnecessarily. 

How your bangs cause breakouts

Although a chic hairstyle, bangs can lead to an unfortunate forehead breakout. But according to the Sunday Edit, bangs don't directly cause acne. Dermatologist Tiffany Libby explains to the website that bangs increase the likelihood of hair product residue and natural scalp oils (which everyone has) coming into contact with the skin on your forehead, which causes pimples by blocking pores. 


Skincare.com adds that apart from leading oils to your forehead, bangs can hold these oils, plus dirt, dead skin cells, and more, on the skin for a long time, leading to recurring breakouts. Additionally, the website points out that the forehead, which is part of the notorious T-zone, is predisposed to clogged pores. For this reason, those with oily skin types should be wary of getting bangs. But if your heart is set on this hairstyle, there are a few things you can do to prevent breakouts and keep the bangs of your dreams.

How to prevent forehead breakouts

While it's frustrating to find out your hairstyle is aggravating or causing your forehead acne, there are still some ways you can prevent forehead breakouts. L'Oréal Paris suggests making cleansing your forehead a priority in your skincare routine, as cleansing is the best way you can rid your skin of anything that may clog your pores. Cleansing your forehead often will also prevent these substances from sitting on top of your skin for a long time. Another way you can prevent breakouts is by pinning back your bangs during a workout, or any activity that will make you sweat. Instead, let this area breathe so the sweat doesn't stay locked in place. 


If you want to ensure your hair stays clean, you may want to rethink your hair-washing schedule. Jil Goorman Beauty explains that just washing your bangs is good enough to help prevent the oils from accumulating on your forehead, so boosting this number up to every second day can help prevent forehead breakouts. Another simple way you can easily prevent forehead acne is by not touching your skin as often. While it's easier said than done, constantly touching your face after touching your bangs will contribute to the oils and dead skin cells already sitting on your skin. If you must style your bangs with your hands, ensure you have properly cleaned them first.