What You Need To Nail A Sleek Ponytail

While it may look simple, anyone with hair long enough to tie back will tell you that a sleek ponytail can be difficult to achieve. When you throw flyaways and frizz into the mix, it can become a whole process in itself. Whether you want a middle-part ponytail for a casual look or a sleek, fully pulled-back ponytail for the office, there are some tricks of the trade.

For starters, it helps to know your hair type and the challenges that may come with this particular style. For example, those with thin hair might need to consider texturizing it first, per Sitting Pretty. This is because the lack of volume can potentially take away from the statement made by the ponytail look.

Those who have curly or textured hair may need to use more than just an elastic for their ponytail, according to Hair Romance. For instance, hair bungees — tiny bungee cords that work wonders for keeping hair in place — can be incredibly helpful when trying to create a sleek ponytail. You might also want to part your hair in different ways (or not at all!) while attempting to wrangle up all of your locks. If your arms are getting tired just thinking about it, let's take a look at a few tips you can take into account to simplify the process. After all, no one wants a workout while styling their hair.

Gathering your sleek ponytail supplies

Before you even attempt a dry run at your sleek ponytail, you'll want to gather all of the supplies you need to get the job done. As Mane Addicts explains, hair spray will likely be on your list, regardless of your hair type. This is because gel or mousse can create an unwanted crispy, greasy look, especially if you have fine hair. Hair spray will give you the hold you need while making your appearance look as natural as possible.

If frizz is a problem for you, this is where you can add gel or mousse back into the process. These products can be especially helpful for taming flyaways and giving your ponytail the sleek look you desire. Don't be afraid to use a combination of both products, especially if you're up against an enemy like humidity.

Finally, you may want to consider grabbing your mister or spray bottle if you're working with textured hair. Fill it with water, and remember to lightly spray your hair to add a bit of moisture before using any other products. This can help your hair absorb products, such as gel, while you create your ponytail. Curl Centric lists some other supplies you might want to have on hand to make the task easier, including bobby pins, styling or hair cream, and an edge brush.

Creating your sleek ponytail and making it last

To begin, Curl Centric recommends taking a moment to visualize what you want your sleek ponytail to look like — are you going for a high ponytail or a low one? Do you want to part your hair to the side or create a zigzag look? From here, you can create the part in your hair and use hairspray, gel, or mousse to lock it in place.

Once the part has been made, you can start to section the hair to make it easier to manage, per Good Hair Day. By creating separate sections, you can style your hair piece by piece; this gives you more control over how much product goes into your hair as well. If you choose to use a hair straightener during the process, sectioning your hair can also make it easier.

The last step is to brush your locks before tying everything back with your elastic. Once you have the sleek ponytail of your dreams, don't forget to use your hairspray to keep it in place all day. If you notice any frizz or flyaways once you finish the ponytail, now is also the time to use gel to keep them at bay.