How To Channel The Power Of Spiritual Day 11/11 And Cash In On Good Luck

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November 11 is a big day for people who believe in spirituality and manifestation. After all, think of all the times people have talked about making wishes when the clock strikes 11:11. So, if you believe in the magic of that number, you should take 11/11 seriously. "11 is a master number of spirituality and duality, and it brings a message of greater awakening and synchronicity. Seeing this number is the universe's way of telling you to leave this material reality alone and dive deep into your spirituality," spiritual advisor Kesaine Walker told Bustle. Therefore, anyone curious about tapping into their more spiritual side should embrace 11/11 and see what happens because the universe might pleasantly surprise you on that magical day.

Anyone who wants more insight on 11/11 should search "11 11 spiritual" on TikTok, where many videos of the concept pop up, including explanations, practices, and informational advice. Since this is such a powerful day, we have some tips for working with its power and improving your life that you won't want to miss out on.

Manifest and affirm

If you hope to manifest the life you want or use affirmations to effectively change your life, 11/11 is the perfect time to work on those manifestations and affirmations. "November 11 is a time to connect with your spiritual sphere and a chance for you to explore that doorway to the unknown. Write down your affirmation or goal. It's one of the many manifestation journaling techniques that can amplify and fuel whatever you want to bring into your life," Kamlesh Trivedi, a Vedic astrologer and numerology expert, tells My Imperfect Life. Thus, if you want something to happen in your life, manifest it on 11/11! For instance, if you wish to nail an upcoming job interview, try writing, "I will do a great job in this interview," in your journal — and genuinely believe it.

When manifesting, you should sit down and take the time to think about what you want before writing down that affirmation, but don't get greedy or impulsive. You should figure out which areas of your life you want to focus on, whether that be your career, love life, wealth, health, or family. Once you know precisely what you want, write that wish down to affirm it. While any paper or notebook should work as the canvas for your written affirmations, you can purchase manifestation journals specifically to help you with your affirmations if you want to take your manifestation to the next level. One of our favorites is The 5 Minutes Manifestation Journal on Amazon, which lets you fit manifestation into your daily routine in a timely manner. No more excuses!

Make an 11/11 portal wish list or follow spiritual accounts on social media

While general manifesting is helpful, YouTuber Candice Nikeia explains in one video how to make a portal wish list on 11/11 to help your dreams come true. According to Nikeia, you should start by making a list from one to 11, which you'll use to make 11 wishes. Once you have the numbers down, write, "I am grateful," next to one and two on the list. This can be for something you have and hope to keep or something you want that you don't have yet. Next, for three and four, write, "I love __________," and write something you want that you'll love once it's yours. Then, write, "I now receive _________," for five, "How did I __________," for six. For seven and eight, think along the lines of "How did I meet my soulmate?" — and "Congratulations to me because __________" for nine and 10. Finally, finish off the last spot on your list by simply writing, "I am __________," and fill it in with a word like successful or happy. Think of this manifestation technique as making a holiday gift list for the universe to fulfill.

If you don't feel ready or comfortable manifesting yet, you shouldn't push yourself. However, you can still dip your toe into the spiritual side by following social media accounts focused on spirituality, such as @moonomens, an Instagram account with more than five million followers, to learn more about spiritual topics.