Does Hair Botox Actually Revive Your Dull Locks?

Dealing with hair damage isn't always fun. There are a variety of factors that can cause hair to become dry, brittle, or damaged in other ways. Whether it is a hairstyle, a heat styling tool, or something environmental, hair damage can occur in many ways. Over time, the damage can accumulate or it can happen suddenly, per Function of Beauty. In an effort to address these hair problems, there are also many products and treatments out there to help nourish your hair to bring it back to life, such as hair Botox.

Normally, Botox is an injection used to treat fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. It is a toxin made of clostridium botulinum usually used on the face for smoother firm skin. According to MedlinePlus, Botox can also be used to treat severe underarm sweating, chronic migraines, and more. Now, a new treatment called hair Botox aims to tackle common hair problems much like Botox targets several skin issues. This hair treatment is quickly rising in popularity for its amazing benefits, and if you're curious, look no further.

What is hair Botox?

Unlike the botulinum injection, hair Botox doesn't actually involve any injections. In fact, it is a unique deep-conditioning treatment used to help repair hair damage. So, why is it called hair Botox if it doesn't actually involve any actual Botox? According to Healthline, the name "hair Botox" is derived from the similarities in their purpose. Botox for the skin is used to relax the muscles to smooth the skin, and hair Botox is used to fill individual hair fibers to make the hair fuller and smoother. In the process, hair Botox treatment coats the hair fibers with a filler treatment to give it a luscious, fuller appearance.

Ingredients of hair Botox depend on the product, but they often have collagen, E vitamins, vitamin B-5, BONT-L peptides, and caviar oil. Trichologist Bridgette Hill tells Cosmopolitan that hair Botox tends to have more potent active ingredients than a regular deep conditioning treatment. These include proteins and pH balancers that aren't usually found in at-home treatments. This then elevates the treatment process for ultimate benefits.

"Caviar oil contains antioxidants that help fight free-radical damage that can cause oxidative stress on the hair, leading to hair damage," cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Michele Green tells The Zoe Report. "Collagen is a protein that can help repair dry and brittle hair, especially if the damage is done by chemical processes and styling with heat. Hair Botox contains hydrating ingredients, which improve the elasticity of the hair and restore shine." Each ingredient has incredible benefits to help your hair return to a healthier state.

What to know if you get hair botox

Hair Botox treatments are often confused with keratin treatments. If you are interested in getting hair Botox, be aware that keratin treatments involve chemicals to straighten and smooth hair, whereas hair Botox is a deep-conditioning treatment without the use of any chemicals for sensitive scalps. According to Jaxson Maximus, hair Botox is suitable for any hair type and is used to treat hair damage like split ends, hair loss, and frizz, as well as to encourage volume and fuller-looking hair. "Hair Botox is wonderful for people who are trying to restore their hair from excessive heat styling, coloring or highlighting, or environmental stressors from the harsh summer months — filled with sun, salt water, and cold air conditioners — and winter, including cold dry air and hot heating units," hairstylist Juliana Ohlmeyer tells The Zoe Report.

Additionally, you can expect your hair Botox to last about two to four months, but it is all dependent on how well you do your hair Botox aftercare. Hair stylist Kayla Ciambrone tells Women's Health that she recommends washing your hair no more than two or three times a week with a gentle sulfate and paraben-free shampoo at home, following your treatment. "I would not recommend doing any form of smoothing and/or texture treatment services more than every two months to maintain the integrity of your hair," Ciambrone tells Women's Health. How often you get your hair Botox treatment is up to you, but you should also proceed with caution so you don't sabotage your results.