Hit The Store Now To Pick Up These Jewelry Pieces Before They Become Must-Haves In Spring 2023

Spring 2023 runways have spoken, and next year's trends are here. As you prepare to enter the new year, start by looking at the smaller details of these fashion forecasts. Jewelry, for example, made some big statements on the runway, even if they were not the main focus of the shows. But as you know, jewelry plays a bigger role in any outfit. It is perhaps one of the most important accessories to fully complete any look. "I always consider what pieces are both timeless and trend driven when it comes to curating our jewelry selection to make sure our edit is memorable and can stand the test of time," Caroline Maguire, fashion director for Shopbop, tells Harper's Bazaar. "To do so, I make sure we incorporate pieces that evoke emotions, and the wearers' sensibilities, along with being distinguishable and novel."

This upcoming season's jewelry trends are all about going big or going home. These statement jewelry pieces are sure to evoke something within you because of their stand-out features (via Forbes). If you're looking for something bold yet fashionable and chic, you'll definitely want to start growing your jewelry collection with these trending pieces.

Colorful and chunky

Chunky jewelry has been on many people's radars for quite some time, especially with chunky gold pieces. As we near 2023, chunky jewelry is trending once again, but in a different light. Big, bulky, and colorful jewelry is looking like it is making its grand entrance with a maximalist twist. Bangles, earrings, and rings are the must-have statement pieces for 2023, as seen on many runway shows, including LaQuan Smith's. This show featured a variety of chunky lucite bangles and rings.

 "My woman is in a space where she needs air right now, it's all about movement and fluidity," designer LaQuan Smith tells Vogue of his collection. "It's about the female form, about sensuality and femininity, that is what we're here to celebrate today." Smith certainly portrays freedom in fashion and femininity through this collection adorned with vibrant jewelry.

Thick chains and necklaces

In opposition to the quaint, dainty gold jewelry you have been seeing for the past couple of years, thick chains are taking over. Following the chunky jewelry revival, many statement chains or necklaces were spotted on runway shows as seen on Marine Serre and Collin Strada. Many of the colorful outfits featured in the Collin Strada Spring 2023 show, which were inspired by the life cycle of a butterfly, were accompanied by chunky chains in silver or an array of colors. 

These chains were further adorned by a rainbow of flowers and gemstones, also on the chunky side themselves to truly make a statement. These chains were not only spotted as necklaces but also as a part of the outfit themselves through chain belts, offering many ways to wear a chunky chain this upcoming season (via CR Fashionbook).

Empowering arm cuff

Embrace your inner Wonder Woman by sporting an arm cuff. This jewelry piece has been slowly rising in popularity, and now it is here in full force ready to adorn your beautiful arms. This Y2K comeback was another big hit in the Spring 2023 fashion runways. The arm cuff, as spotted on the Kim Shui runway show (via CR Fashionbook), often symbolizes a sense of women's empowerment both in history and today's pop culture, according to Town & Country. This statement piece is meant to make you feel sexy and empowered, totally liberated in your femininity. Think Amazonian warrior or powerful Greek goddess. The perfect thing about the arm cuff is its versatility in dressing it up or down, allowing anyone to rock it.

Dangly chandeliers and drop earrings

The big jewelry trend continues with many dangles, chandeliers, and drop earrings making an appearance on the runways. If you want to make a statement everywhere you go, this is definitely the jewelry you should add to your shopping list. The Marine Serre runway show, per Women's Wear Daily, did not fall short of ideas for the greatest statement earrings you can don for fashionable yourself. Oversized moon-shaped hoops, a chunky gemstone stud with a dangling scarf down to the waist, gold chandeliers, and feather drop earrings were a part of the collection, emphasizing freedom of expression through jewelry. You can go all out or go for something sleeker in this style to stay on trend (via Hypebeast).

Silver revival

Artistic jewelry seems to be a focal point for trending jewelry in the upcoming season. While gold jewelry has been the go-to accessory for quite some time now, silver jewelry is rightfully entering the "fashion must-haves" conversation. Textured, sculptural, and artful silver jewelry seems to be incoming in a variety of shapes and sizes featured in rings, necklaces, arm cuffs, and earrings. The Jil Sander Spring 2023 show, per Women's Wear Daily, did not shy away from chunky silver jewelry in its runway looks. Spotted in the show were chunky chains, bulky hoops, and other forms of bold silver jewelry in pins, bracelets, or necklaces, per Hypebae. Start your silver jewelry collection just in time for the new season to add a layer of chic elegance to any of your looks.