Do Quartz And Jade Rollers Really Do Anything For Your Skin?

We've all seen them near the checkout of your favorite beauty store. Quartz and jade rollers in various shapes and sizes have become the newest trend items everyone has in their beauty drawer. These rollers have become essentials for many who believe in the benefits of face rolling. According to Kate Somerville, face rolling is using a stone to massage the face to tone and detoxify the face. Stones like jade and quartz are believed to have extra benefits that users love to add to their skincare. However, it's reasonable to doubt that a tool so simple can have so many unique benefits by just rolling it onto the skin.


Although jade rollers are rather inexpensive, it's best not to have to spend time if something is not working. As we've seen with other skincare trends, certain hacks can end up being worse for your skin rather than beneficial. While many have promoted the benefits of these two facial rollers, it's best to have full knowledge before damaging your skin.

Are jade and quartz rollers beneficial?

Whether jade and quartz face rollers are beneficial to you will depend on your usage of the tools. Los Angeles aesthetician Angela Caglia explains to Net-A-Porter how a facial roller, when used properly, can decrease puffiness, increase blood circulation, and ease tension in the face. As well, facial rollers can have anti-aging properties and when you properly move them in a targeted area, you can tone your face. When you use a facial roller in an upwards movement, you are preventing gravity from pulling your face down.


While all facial rollers have benefits, even jade and quartz have differences from each other. Beauty Bio explains that quartz, unlike jade, remains cool even when in contact with the skin. Furthermore, quartz is naturally made with minerals that are beneficial to the skin like magnesium, oxygen, iron, and sodium. Both jade and quartz can easily be implemented in your skincare routine and can be used with other skincare products to enhance their use. Finally, a quartz roller can be extra beneficial if you're seeking a tool to help lift and shape your face. 

How to properly use a jade and quartz roller

Using a jade or quartz roller is fairly simple and can be added seamlessly to your skincare routine. Ipsy recommends starting by adding a serum or oil to your face before using your roller. Massaging a jade or quartz roller against dry skin will pull your face and won't be as comfortable. Start rolling against your collarbone starting in the middle and going outwards towards the edge. After each line, continue by slowly moving the roller upwards until you have successfully rolled the entire collarbone. Ensure you are also rolling underneath your chin and jaw. This area is best to target if you want to get a defined jawline.


Simply Quinoa recommends starting on your face with your jaw. From your jaw roll towards your ear for five to six strokes. Keep moving the starting point up until you have also rolled your cheeks. Other areas you want to roll on is your forehead, under your eyes, and brows. When rolling, ensure you are starting from the midpoint towards the outside, going against the natural course of gravity.