Why Your Fave Pair Of 'Standing Jeans' May Pose Some Big Risks

If you're a millennial, odds are you lived through the massive skinny jeans phase. Some of the biggest stars of our youth, such as the Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez, and more, were peddling those things like it was their job by wearing them all the time. It might have been slightly better than low-rise jeans, a Y2K fashion staple, but it was still bad. Nowadays, we know to how to wear jeans that are inclusive of all body types. But a trend called "standing jeans" is making its way through social media and it might pose similar problems to skinny jeans.

As Popsugar pointed out, health conditions from pants that are too tight are not abnormal and unfortunately have popped up before. "Skinny Pant Syndrome" is a very real medical condition called meralgia paresthetica. It causes the legs to go numb and could even lead to nerve damage in the thighs. ABC News reported that doctors have had to cut jeans off patients and one woman fell over and couldn't get up for hours because her legs were so numb. Are "standing jeans" just as bad?

What are 'standing jeans'?

"Standing jeans" are just what they sound like. They're jeans that are only really good for standing in, not sitting or doing other everyday activities. According to good ole Urban Dictionary, they are "pants specifically worn for standing or dancing when going out." The popular definition site goes a little more in-depth in an unflattering way by saying that sitting in these types of jeans can create visibly unflattering looks, and end up with you popping a button.

While that definition was created in 2010, the trend is still circulating on TikTok. The term "standing jeans" has over 301.3 million views on the platform and some popular videos are of women realizing they wore their "standing jeans" to an event they have to sit at, like brunch or a sit-down bar. Others use the term to promote "sitting jeans," jeans they bought or are trying on that are good for sitting and look great too.

While skinny jeans can be standing jeans (and definitely are if you develop "skinny pant syndrome"), not all "standing jeans" are skinny. Kind of like squares and rectangles. Some of these no-sit jeans look like mom jeans, which are historically tight in the waist and looser on the butt and hips. Some of these jeans also look like straight or bootcut jeans. Basically, there is no specific style for "standing jeans," it's more about how they fit. Which is far too tightly, especially in the waist.

'Standing jeans' could potentially cause internal problems

Sitting in jeans that are far too tight is uncomfortable. But is it unsafe, too? "Tight pants can put pressure on the abdomen pushing the stomach and intestines upward towards the esophagus," Erin Hendricks, a doctor specializing in care for chronic gastro conditions, told Popsugar. "This can increase the likelihood of acid reflux and heartburn." If you have preexisting conditions like IBS or other chronic gastrointestinal issues, she said "standing jeans" can make mealtime even worse.

One red flag when it comes to jeans is if they just don't make you feel good while wearing them. "It's time to part ways with a pair of jeans when you get anxiety or [feel] frustrated when you have to put them on," Bee Stuart, a personal stylist, told Bustle. Too-tight jeans can be a cause for anxiety in how you perceive yourself; it's not fun to feel obligated to constantly "suck in." And even if you like how they look, the pain and discomfort might be a sign it's "time to let those jeans go."

When it comes to gut health, Hendricks told Popsugar listening to your body, eating right, and being active is key. If you do that and only wear "standing jeans" once in a while, you should be fine. But wearing something that impacts your digestive tract all the time will definitely give you gut issues in the future.