How To Apply Liquid Lipstick Like A Pro

Applying a fun lip color can be a good way to add some flair to any outfit. Whether you go for classic red lipstick or a simple neutral gloss, lip colors can change any look or mood. After you decide on your color, you need to figure out which formula you want. Over the years, different lip formulas have entered the beauty world to become some of the most sought-after products on the market, and now it seems like there are endless possibilities for the type of lipsticks you can use. From your classic lipsticks to lip glosses, lip stains, and liquid lipsticks, there's an option for every preference. However, when using one specific formula, you want to ensure you are applying it properly, or else you'll be met with runny, flawed lipstick.


Your choice between one formula or the other will ultimately depend on what type of look you are going for. explains that liquid lipsticks are ultimately very pigmented versions of a the lighter lip gloss formula, that tend to have a matte finish. Lip glosses tend to be lightly pigmented or sheer in their color and have an ultra-shiny finish. Lip stains are a lighter version of liquid lipsticks that stick rather than slide on the lips.

If you are going for a powerful and statement look, liquid lipsticks are your best bet. However, like with any lipstick type, you want to practice the correct application to get the best high-impact look.

The best way to put on liquid lipstick

Because liquid lipsticks are highly pigmented, you want to ensure you place the product perfectly on your lips, or else you will be left with a mess that's challenging to take off. Maybelline suggests placing extra attention to your lip prep if you want a precise application. Since liquid lipstick is harsh on the lips, you want an even, ready surface where it can smoothly slide on top. Achieving this includes exfoliating and moisturizing your lips to remove any excess dead skin that might ruin your application. You can exfoliate with a toothbrush or a lip scrub for a smooth finish. 


MasterClass recommends lining your lips before using liquid lipstick. This gives you a buffer to avoid leaking color outside of your lips. When you start to apply your liquid lipstick, start with the bottom lip in the center. Working your way outwards, taking your time filling in the bottom lip before continuing with the top lip. Once you've filled in both the top and bottom, purse your lips to evenly distribute the excess product. If you want a more statement look, try adding more layers on top for a bigger pop of color.

The importance of staying hydrated

While liquid lipstick is a great statement factor to add to your look, it can be problematic for your lips. Since it is a highly pigmented product, the risk of it drying out your lips is extremely high. Your lips are one of the first areas to show the symptoms of dehydration, so it's doubly important to make hydration a priority when wearing this kind of lipstick.


Besides keeping your lips moisturized with a good lip balm, Viviane Woodard Skincare recommends staying hydrated with water and other water-rich foods, such as cucumber. Also, you can keep your lips moisturized and safe by choosing liquid lipsticks containing sodium hyaluronate. This ingredient works to keep your lips hydrated as it attracts and absorbs moisture.

Whish Beauty suggests adding lip masks and treatments to your routine for an extra hydration push. After a week of constant liquid lipstick application, give your lips a break with a lip mask that will add some much-needed hydration back in. Another way you can protect your lips is by avoiding licking them throughout the day. While saliva would seem to help hydrate your lips, it actually makes your lips drier once it evaporates.