10 Black-Owned Fashion Brands That Will Dominate Your Closet

The number of talented Black designers making an impact on the fashion industry is growing every day. Yet, even with the push to prioritize diversity and inclusion in fashion spaces worldwide, less than 1% of online fashion products are from Black-owned brands (via Edited). So while there is still more to be done to support Black-owned businesses, established Black creators aren't sitting idly by waiting for change to come; they are making it happen, for themselves and for future generations of designers. "I think those walls are being knocked down, and we now have an opportunity to make sure we open the doors for young people behind us," Yousouf Cissè, creative designer of New York-based streetwear brand Cissè, told OtherSuns.


And as more and more Black designers claim space in the fashion world, a fresh perspective is emerging. Unique patterns and fabrics are being brought to life, messages of social justice are being spotlighted, and streetwear is being seamlessly integrated with high fashion. "I feel like we're starting to see a shift in the industry," Leroy Lomotey, founder of streetwear brand Krafted, said (via OtherSuns). "All the people in high fashion who are setting trends now are Black."

Here are 10 Black-owned fashion brands to follow closely, as their collections will invade your wardrobe in upcoming seasons.


Established in 2016 by Jamaican-born designer Edvin Thompson, contemporary clothing brand Theophilio often features a palette of green, black, and yellow hues that mirror the flag of Thompson's birth country. "It feels very good to share stories of Jamaica," the 2021 winner of the CFDA emerging designer award told Hypebeast. "Celebrating the past and the future of Jamaica and what it looks like because I really haven't seen the Caribbean culture on a very conceptual stage in regards to fashion."


Since his inaugural collection in 2016, Thompson has produced six more that feature mesh bodysuits, bold skirts in vibrant hues, and multicolor leather bucket hats.

Showing his commitment to sustainable fashion, Thompson also recently collaborated with Adidas to create a 10-piece collection of patchwork hoodies, pants, and t-shirts made entirely of upcycled products. "Sustainability is instrumental in how we produce our pieces," he explained during an interview for The Knockturnal.

Re Ona

Two sisters have teamed up to create a clothing line in their image. Christina and Philiscia Abayomi honed in on the minimalism trend and designed collections that include basic, neutral, simple, sustainable, high-quality, and affordable pieces. If you're looking for the perfect comfortable white tee, they've got it!


Basic pieces are a must-have in any wardrobe, allowing you to create looks that range from casual and relaxed to upscale and refined. Re Ona offers a color palette ranging from pure white to coffee and brings a touch of modernism to the '90s style the two designers are inspired by (per Stralande).

The sisters describe their brand aesthetic as "elevated simplicity in your everyday essentials" on their Instagram page. "We personally have always been attracted to clean and simple aesthetics ... and it is the true essence of the way Philiscia and I like to dress," the designers shared with Stralande. Some of their iconic pieces are sold in a permanent collection so you're able to always keep a hand on your favorites.


Wales Bonner

Wales Bonner fashion shows rarely go unnoticed thanks to the offbeat style of the creations by London-based designer Grace Wales Bonner. Comprising androgynous pieces such as jacquard '70s-inspired track tops and crochet skirts adorned with real mirrors, and integrating Caribbean symbols, the collection will dominate your closet as you embrace the streetwear style that is often trending on social media.


Grace Wales Bonner studied Black history and fights for racial equality, which is the reason she tries to represent Black communities in her creations. "I'm definitely interested in history and honoring the kinds of lineage and legacy that has allowed me to create," she told Town & Country

The eponymous brand won an LVMH Prize in 2016 and after Meghan, Duchess of Sussex famously wore the brand's white trench dress as she and Prince Harry first introduced their son Archie to the press in 2019, searches for the young designer increased by 1,633% (via Stylight). 

Brandon Blackwood

Accessories have undoubtedly become a way to express oneself, as the ultra-trendy handbags of designer Brandon Blackwood prove. The Brooklyn-based creator, who has Jamaican and Chinese origins, has been active in the fashion world since 2015 (via Complex). But it wasn't until more recently that his work gained major traction. Blackwood created a bag – the "End Systemic Racism" canvas tote — to support the Black Lives Matter movement, and it quickly went viral. The $55 bag has been worn on the arms of many celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Olivia Rodrigo, and Winnie Harlow. On how his activism inspires his collections, he told L'officiel USA, "There is no way a person of color can avoid social activism because we are always fighting for equality or against oppression — it's just a constant in our daily life."


Nominated for the 2022 CFDA award for American Accessory Designer of the Year (per Fashionista), Blackwood's other pieces feature cubic shapes, rhinestones, and fur that will captivate you. In fact, all of his bags have something to them that makes a statement and can elevate any simple outfit you may be wearing. And get excited, because a shoe collection is on the horizon.

Thebe Magugu

Fashion prodigy Thebe Magugu uses his fashion to call attention to the issues that women face in South Africa, his country of origin. Created in 2016 in Johannesburg, the brand presents African spirituality in each of its collections, and from its inception, Magugu has placed women of color at the center of his designs with the brand's logo depicting two African women intertwined; a symbol for all the women who have inspired him throughout his life (per Commission Studio).


For his collection called "Counterintelligence," the creator interviewed South African women who were spies during the Apartheid. "I hope to demystify, or rather disabuse, people's stereotypical thinking when it comes to African or South African fashion," he explained to The Met.

There is a long research process for each collection and Magugu's work is being recognized for it; he won the LVMH Prize in 2019, making him the first Black designer to receive the prestigious award (per AnOther).


Looking for a pop of color, a touch of originality, and vitality to bring out your wild personality? Hanifa is your answer. Created in 2012 by Congolese designer Anifa Mvuemba, Hanifa features pieces with modern shapes, unusual structures, and fun textures. Mvuemba has never forgotten where she comes from and shows it in her range of clothing. She told Business Insider Africa that "it was important to pay homage to [her] roots and the origin of [her] creativity passed down from [her] mom and African seamstresses."


Because she believes that Africa is the future of fashion, Mvuemba creates designs that empower women, making them feel unique and powerful. "I design to make women feel like they don't have to say a word when they walk in the room because everyone's looking anyway," she told InStyle magazine. 

From liquid silk organza and hand-painted faux leather coats to fluffy faux fur heels, Hanifa will bring out your personality and desire to stand out.

Nubian Skin

While we often see nude undergarments for sale, rarely do they match darker skin tones. British entrepreneur Ade Hassan created Nubian Skin in 2014 to change that. Available in four shades — caramel, café au lait, berry, and cinnamon — Nubian Skin underwear brings more inclusivity to fashion and helps women of color feel represented in society. "Models of color might be underrepresented on the catwalk, but that doesn't mean they don't exist," Hassan explained to HuffPost. Her efforts to redefine the term "nude" earned the brand a UK honorary Member of the Most Excellence Order of the British Empire (MBE) honor for services to the fashion industry.


With bras, panties, bodysuits, and tights that are made to last, Nubian Skin will become your second skin. Thanks to a helpful guide on its website, you can easily find your underwear skin tone depending on the shade of foundation you usually wear (via Nubian Skin). As basics in your wardrobe, Nubian Skin pieces won't be going out of style anytime soon.

House of Aama

When a mother and daughter combine their ideas, magic can happen. House of Aama features Victorian dresses, jacquard pants, crochet tops, and vibrant colors, along with folklore materials and fabrics. They are timeless pieces revisited to bring a little twist to traditional fashion. 


Created in L.A. in 2017, the brand — which stands for gracious and benevolent — was born thanks to Akua Shabaka and Rebecca Henry. This mother/daughter business is the fruit of their love for each other, and the desire to make the Black experience in the U.S. known to everyone. "We aim to evoke dialogue, social commentary, and conversations around heritage, remembrance and to shed light on nuanced histories," the pair told The Daily Front Row

For their most recent collection, "Bloodroot: Into the Archives," the two designers told Apparel News that "by designing timeless garments with nostalgic references informed by historical research, archival analysis, and storytelling," they "explore the folkways of the Black experience."


Farai London

The brand Farai London has proven itself since 2020 when it was launched during the global pandemic in East London by Zimbabwean Mary-Ann Msengi, and was adopted by many it-girls, including Kylie Jenner and singer Meghan Thee Stallion. Farai London's exotic colors and unique prints that are making a statement in the fashion world were inspired by the designer's family. "I attribute a lot of the drive and inspiration behind Farai to my grandma, who also used to sell clothes that she had sewn by hand in South Africa," she told Refinery29


Beyond the pieces that fashion-savvy celebs are loving, what makes Farai London so special is Msengi's connection to and appreciation of her everyday supporters. On TikTok, the designer's brand has more than 100K likes, an impressive number that is only increasing. "All my customers look so good ... and hearing how confident the women feel, I feel like it's a mission accomplished," the designer told Mycomeup

Par Bronté Laurent

Par Bronté Laurent makes women feel confident, empowered, and sensual at the same time through her satin, mesh, and transparent collections. The Brooklyn-based creator, who gave her name to her brand, wanted to create clothes that women won't want to take off. Made from recycled and sustainable materials, her creations are brilliant pieces that highlight women's bodies. The comfort of her clothing line will give you the freedom to move about comfortably during your busy day.


But that's not it, the brand also has a special collection that puts women of color on a pedestal. "We need to be talking about Black pioneers who paved the way, and those who are fighting for representation today," American model Kimora Lee Simmons, a staunch supporter of the brand, told Women's Wear Daily. Laurent's collection called "Honor Black Women" features printed unisex t-shirts to send a clear and precise message: give recognition to Black women while celebrating and valuing them.