The Zodiac Signs That Would Thrive Being Famous

There's no denying some people are just born for the spotlight. We all have that one friend who shines during karaoke night is the life of every party, and thrives off attention (good or bad). Astrologically, the stars tell us that some signs are destined for a life of fame and do great when under the eyes of thousands. According to expert astrologers at Times of India, some signs are naturally introverts while others love public adoration from others. 


One's sun sign can be very telling of one's cosmic blueprint, but it is not the only major player in one's energy breakdown. According to astrologer sisters, The AstroTwins, your sun sign, or the sign you mainly know yourself as, is how you shine in the world. It's an incredible indicator of how you move through life, the energy you present to the world, and opportunities for stardom, depending on your transits. It's equally important, however, to look at your rising sign or how you appear to others, and also your midheaven, which marks your career and social achievements (via Café Astrology). There you could find indications of someone who loves the limelight and could even belong there. 


Royal Leo

Leos are the fierce royalty of the zodiac. Ruled by the Sun, these lions are meant to be seen and shed light on anything they touch, per Café Astrology. As the embodiment of sun energy, those born under this sign radiate positive energy and are always secretly wishing to be the center of attention. 


They do not wish to be in the spotlight, they simply are the spotlight. Their fierce vitality is full of drama and flair meant for TV screens and movie roles, and according to the AstroTwins, they are full of animated expression meant to be seen by others. Leos naturally attract attention because they are born to be performers and adored. They are magnetic and natural-born stars. 

Leading Aries

No one loves admiration and adoration like an Aries. As the first fire sign in the zodiac, these rambunctious rams thrive off attention, according to Tarot. Even if they're not famous, they're always the main character and will always navigate life as such. This mentality tends to lead them to a life of prominence as they naturally assume themselves to be the center of attention. 


Like Leos, they thrive and are in full form when on stage or performing because of their self-assuredness. They have no fear of the spotlight. In fact, they welcome it.

Knowing Sagittarius

As the third fire sign, Sagittarius, just like its sister fire signs Aries and Leo, has a fiery energy that is meant to be seen and heard. Sagittarius is the sign of higher knowledge, according to Know the Zodiac, and having lived a fast life of adventure and freedom, has endless stories to share. 


Not only do they create the rock and roll lifestyle of the rich and famous, but they can also equally take on the role of teacher, philosopher, and sage. They are endless sources of positivity meant to be sharing their optimism with the world. It's only right that fame is the birthright of a Sag. 

Intellectual Gemini

Geminis are the creative geniuses of the zodiac. As an air sign, they are motivated by intellectualism, social interaction, and engaging communication (via Astrograph). Geminis rule communication and are meant to be in the arts, journalism, or media. We see Geminis on our TVs every day, for better or worse. They are constantly presenting a point of view and have tremendous artistic potential. 


As the social butterflies of astrology, these air signs thrive in the limelight. They are meant to be with the high brows of society and, at their best, are the creators of culture.

Creative Pisces

A world without Pisces would be a world without art. As the very last sign of the zodiac, Pisces represents transcendence, spirituality, and crossing the veil into the divine (via Astrotalk). As a water sign, they feel incredibly deeply and channel their expressions through art. Some of the greatest artists and musicians have been Pisces, and as celebrated artists, they push humanity further with their art. 


Pisces use their stage to tell stories, to become a channel for the divine, and to heal. Their art is meant to be seen and heard by many.

Beautiful Libra

Libras are the essence of beauty. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, money, and enchantment, Libras have an allure like no other (via Astrology). These beauties are meant to be with the high-rollers of life and have a need to be surrounded by lush surroundings and environments. 


They not only crave beautiful environments but create beautiful environments with their dazzling aura and personality. Libras enjoy the finer things in life and represent all things charming and refined. In positions of fame, they are the pinnacle of their own existence.