What's The Deal With TikTok's Red Nail Theory?

Social media is a wonderful place to learn all about new beauty hacks, tips, and tricks. In fact, these useful tips are not even limited to beauty but they can also be about anything from cleaning, makeup, or even dating, especially on TikTok. The latest in the conversation is all about the red nail theory. In a mysterious turn of events, many people have started thinking a little more deeply about the effect of rocking red nails and the impact it can have on parts of their social and love lives, per Good Morning America.

Since the theory started circulating all over social media, particularly on TikTok, a grander conversation has emerged from it. Red can be considered a powerful color, so many people have started noticing it in action. With over 90.4 million views on the hashtag #rednailtheory on TikTok, something as simple as a red manicure has taken social media by storm as many people detail their personal perspectives on trying it themselves.

What is the red nail theory?

Social media influencer @Girlbosstown, who works in creative development and social strategy, was the first to bring the red nail theory to everyone's attention. In her theory, wearing red nails goes beyond it being a beauty staple. In fact, it ties more into how it can affect the kind of attraction it brings into your life. In a TikTok video, she explains that she believes guys are attracted to red nails. "Every time I have red nails, a guy comments on it," she says in the video. She explains that they will make comments during FaceTime calls or other social settings where her nails are not the focus. "In the '90s when we were growing up, women had red nails a lot. Especially our moms," she continues. "I weirdly think guys are attracted to red nails because it reminds them of their moms."

What's more, fashion and lifestyle influencer Ashley Mescia made a TikTok video showing her nail transformation, with overlaying text stating, "POV: You've exhausted all dating options so trying the red nail theory." In it, she displays her visit to the nail salon where she switches from an orange manicure to a red one. Like Mescia, many other people have been encouraged to give a red manicure a try in an effort to score some hot dates. The color red in general, however, can carry other meanings. Nail artist and founder of Tella Nails @paulinagaloostian responded to the red nail theory explaining that red nails represent overall confidence and provide "bold, fashionable, French vibes" in a TikTok video. Generally, red can be a powerful symbolic color.

The meaning of the color red

Having red nails is simply a way of manifesting what may be more of an underlying symbolism. While it isn't the manicure itself or its connection to a man's mother that is attracting attention, it might have a lot more to do with the color red in general. Romance, passion, love, or being sexy and confident tends to be associated with the color red, as it is often portrayed in movies and television shows (via Sensational Colors). "Dating as far back as the Greek ages, history has proven that red has always been viewed as a symbol of fertility and love," therapist Ciara Helm, LCSW, tells Elite Daily.

A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that men felt more attracted to and behaved more amorous toward women wearing red. "Empirical work has supported the idea that red has amorous meaning, as studies of color associations have indicated that people tend to connect red to carnal passion, lust, and romantic love," the study states. In other words, men may be more attracted to the color red because of its previous connections to sex or anything related to it. Another study found that red may also be more associated with femininity and attractiveness in regard to a man's attraction to a woman. It could be that men are more responsive to a red manicure, but they may also act in a similar way if it was a red dress or red lipstick. Regardless, if you hope to find love, don't be afraid to rock the red in any way you can.