How To Perfect The White Concealer Trend For A Brighter Undereye

No matter how much one tries, dark and dull under eyes seem to always pop up. Despite your best attempts, everyone has likely had to find ways to hide or conceal dark under their eyes. There are many reasons why you have dark eyes. According to theĀ Cleveland Clinic, factors like lack of sleep, dehydration, and eczema are some of the potential causes of a dark or dull undereye area. A lack of sleep could even turn this area pale, which with the mix of shadows, gives the appearance of a dark undereye area. Regardless of what might be causing your dark or dull under eyes, treating them isn't as challenging.


Covering up your under eyes is as simple as pulling out your favorite concealer. While the usual technique calls for a concealer that's one shade lighter than your skin tone. However, thanks to recent TikTok trends, a new technique might be taking over. This newest concealer trend might be the perfect way you can brighten your under eyes without much more of a hassle.

What is the white concealer trend?

Thanks to platforms like TikTok, the white concealer trend has become the newest way to brighten up dull or dark under eyes. In a TikTok video, @nakitaglowup showcased how she used several layers of white concealer as one way to brighten up dark circles. Using the same process as with regular concealer, simply apply white concealer underneath your foundation and blend it with a beauty blender or other beauty tools.


Foundation Fairy explains that adding white concealer helps to create a strong contrast against the skin. This contrast helps create the illusion of a brighter undereye area that stands out against the rest of the face. White concealer makes for a great base that can even out the skin tone before placing another product on top, making everything transition smoothly and seamlessly. Using white concealer is recommended for those who want a statement, high-coverage look, as this will mattify the area and make it stand out more than your regular concealer.

Other ways you can brighten your undereyes

While using white concealer is a fascinating trend, it might not be for everyone. To brighten up your undereye area you may need to consider a few lifestyle changes. Foreo recommends a few changes like limiting your salt intake and increasing your water intake. Keeping your hydration high will prevent dehydration, which is one of the causes of dark circles. What's more, you will want to begin helping the blood flow to this area via eye massages. Whether this is while you are applying eye treatment, it's ideal to help stimulate this area so the blood continues flowing to this area and preventing the pale complexion.


Vanguard Dermatology also recommends using an extra pillow while you sleep. Sleep is essential for preventing dark circles from forming. Having your head lifted will prevent fluid from accumulating in this area and allow everything to flow with more ease. If you find yourself needing to rid of dark circles at a moment's notice, try applying a cold compress under your eyes. The cold can reduce puffiness and restrict blood vessels, avoiding the appearance of dark circles.