How To Style Your Pashmina Scarf For A Timeless Look

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Scarves are the best winter accessory you can own, and a pashmina scarf is an accessory that adds a timeless chic touch to your outfit. Whether it's draped over a simple dress for an evening out or wrapped around a shirt and jeans combo, you can never go wrong wearing one of these elegant cashmere scarves. 

According to, the classic Pashmina scarves originated in Kashmir, India, and are made from the fleece of Changthangi goats. Wearing a pashmina scarf is intimidating to some because this luxe accessory usually costs more than the average winter scarf. Scarves from the Pashmina website are $129, while J. Crew pashminas made from cashmere go for $148. Pricy, but a pashmina is a statement accessory that will upgrade your wardrobe. If you want the look without the price tag, there are non-cashmere options available. Macy's sells Calvin Klein pashmina scarves made from viscose for $48, while Amazon offers a dupe for under $20. 

Pashmina scarves can help you layer like a pro and can be worn in many ways. Looking for more ideas? The possibilities are endless. 

How to style a pashmina scarf

There are many stylish ways to wear a scarf in the winter – or any time of year. One popular way to wear a pashmina scarf is to use it as a wrap. All you have to do is drape the pashmina over your shoulders like you would with a shawl. You can leave it loose or tie the ends in a knot. Either way, you'll be sure to turn heads when you walk into the room. 

Another way to wear a pashmina scarf is the waterfall style. "Tie the Pashmina scarf around your neck, with one end significantly longer than the other," writes "Loop the longer end of this scarf around your neck one time, and then take the end you used to loop and secure it by the top corner. Fit the top corner into the loop at the side of the neck. When draped properly, the unattached side drapes like a waterfall."

Scarf Room suggests styling your pashmina scarf in an Italian knot. To style an Italian knot, "Fold your pashmina shawl lengthways in half. And again. And again. Now fold in half widthways and loop around the neck. Pass both fringed ends through the loop and gently adjust." If you need help, you can watch an Italian knot video on how to style your pashmina scarf. Scarf Room offers another way to style your pashmina scarf called The Kelly, in which one end of the scarf is left in front while the other hangs over your shoulder, resting across your back. 

There are many ways to wear a pashmina

There are so many different ways to style a pashmina scarf! If you've seen the DIY silk scarf hacks taking over TikTok, you may have seen the #scarftop trend. Like the silk scarf, a pashmina makes a great option for an impromptu top when paired with jeans or shorts. To style your pashmina as a top, drape the scarf over one shoulder and pull it down to cover your chest before tying it at the other shoulder like you would with a halter top. Then adjust as needed until you have desired fit and coverage. 

Quick Whit Travel suggests styling a pashmina scarf like an infinity scarf by "tying together diagonally-opposite corners of the pashmina. Wrap around a couple of times, and you're done!"

The pashmina scarf offers so many colors and patterns you'll never be short on ways to style your elegant scarf for a timeless look. Just grab your pashmina and show off your inner fashionista! You won't regret it.