Glam Uncovers Everyone's Go-To Loungewear Brand - Exclusive Survey

Some people will always roll up their noses to casual denim jeans, no matter how the leg is cut. And some people swear that the pair of shorts has not been stitched that complements their body shape. It's also easy to find people who eschew T-shirts because they haven't found one that features a slang-less expression, dude. But just try finding someone who doesn't love loungewear so much that they'll rush to change into it from their dress clothes before, um, even paying a visit to the facilities.

Call loungewear the Great Wardrobe Unifier — the loose-fitting, scrumptiously soft pieces that are as ideal for curling up on the couch for a binge movie night as a cross-legged afternoon in front of the computer, True & Co. says. Consisting mostly of matching tops and bottoms, maybe with the occasional tank thrown in for an extra layer of warmth, it would be a mistake to confuse loungewear with sleepwear (though plenty of people have been known to take a snooze during those binge viewings). You can wear loungewear for a quick trip to the store since it's usually made of heavier, warmer fabric, Lands' End says. But you probably wouldn't wear sleepwear to run errands — at least not without blushing in embarrassment at an unexpected meet-up. As the experts at Lands' End say: "... pajamas are for sleep, and loungewear is for lounging." Glam readers seem to be well-informed — and partial to certain wardrobe unifier brands.

Scan the top three choices

An exclusive survey undertaken by Glam shows that Lululemon was far and away readers' loungewear favorite — garnering 27.26% of the vote for a total of 160. The company says its products are "rooted in the science of feel," especially loungewear that can be felt during sweaty athletic pursuits

A close second choice was UGG, which gathered a 20.95% share, or 123 votes. Many people may associate UGG with the snuggly boots that kick-started an ardent trend. But it's testimony to UGG's versatility that it has branched out to include apparel, accessories, and even houseware products. Its collection of fleece loungewear looks especially conducive to a day at home, ambling between heating chicken noodle soup in the kitchen and slurping a bowl dry on the couch.

Athleta was the third-place choice of readers — with 19.42%, or 114, calling it their favorite. (It appears to be the first choice of singer and company ambassador Alicia Keys. Like her No. 1 hit "Fallin'," she may effortlessly cause fans to fall for her sexy-without-really-trying lounging look.) 

You may recognize a few names

As you might imagine, these companies and others are still riding what Forbes calls "the loungewear wave" after COVID-19 chased thousands of American workers from their desks at the office to their bedrest at home. Loungewear manufacturers continue to benefit from the work-from-home movement, as well as two other influences: the "insiders," or people who prefer staying in rather than going out, and loungewear's androgynous appeal.

The fourth company preferred by Glam readers practically dares shoppers to blur the line between loungewear and sleepwear: Barefoot Dreams. The company registered the last double-digit showing of Glam's exclusive survey — getting 18.23% of the vote, or 107 votes total.

It probably comes as a relief to Glam readers that their fifth-favorite loungewear brand offers "solutions for everybody" — and not just that of co-founder Kim Kardashian. From a total of 587 survey votes cast in the survey, Skims claimed less than 10% of the total or 56 total votes. If nothing else, Skims proves that loungewear can look becoming even on people with wide hips, thick thighs, and ample waists. Loungewear can be the Great Wardrobe Slimmer, too.

Rounding out the Glam survey was Outdoor Voices, which received less than 5% of the vote, or 27 total. Here's another company with no small aspiration: it wants "to get the world moving." You'll get the message once you see a pair of fleece joggers — followed by a pair of dreamy "cloud-knit relaxed sweatpants."