15 Fall Dress Trends That Are Totally Outdated

Fall is one of the best seasons in the world of fashion since it's transitional between winter and summer. When you're preparing for winter, most people tend to go for fluffy materials, extra layers, and thick fabrics. Once summertime rolls around, mini skirts, short shorts, and tank tops are some of the more common items you'll notice other people wearing. Fall is special in its own way, though. 


Joyfully Styled notes that making sure you're comfy and cozy during the fall is just as important as being perfectly up to date with trends. Outfit Trends explains that there is no reason to sacrifice your authentic sense of style based on the ever-changing weather. Fall is a great time to revamp your entire wardrobe by tossing out pieces that are no longer worthy and replacing them with things that make much more sense. There are several fall dress trends that are totally outdated this year, and it's time to reconsider which are meant to be saved and which should be swapped out immediately.

Asymmetrically hemmed dress

Now that fall season is here, it's about time to rid yourself of your dresses with asymmetrical hems. Fashion Magazine explains that dresses with asymmetrical hems are comparable to mullet hairstyles. Mullets are short in the front and long in the back, which perfectly matches what an asymmetrical dress will do for you and your legs. Joyful Clothes says dresses with asymmetrical hems started to stand out in the world of fashion back in the 1970s. 


They were replaced in the 1990s by more traditional dresses that classify as cocktail style with a matching hem all the way around. They made a slight comeback in recent years, but it's time to let them go once again. Dresses that are the same length all the way around without any slanted fabric make more sense this fall season. There's something very imbalanced about a dress with an asymmetrical hem since it doesn't look equal or even in any capacity.

Cutout dress

Although cutout dresses were all the rage during the summer, that simply isn't the case for fall. The Mom Edit says cutout dresses can often hide the parts of your body where you prefer having coverage while also exposing a little bit of skin in areas you're more comfortable with. Nevertheless, cutout dresses are still considered beyond edgy by plenty of people. L'Officiel Singapore describes the fact that the cutout trend has caused a major struggle when it comes to the concept of having the "perfect body." 


Cutout dresses have missing pieces of fabric all over them, but those missing pieces of fabric don't line up the same way on different body types and shapes. For this reason, cutout dresses don't always look as amazing on some people as they do on others. Cutout dresses can be made out of stretchy fabric, knitted fabric, or something else, but the fact of the matter remains the same. This style of dress is no longer considered totally trendy for the fall season.

Crochet dress

Now that the fall season is here, it might be time to toss out your crocheted dresses or donate them at the very least. The Observer describes crochet dresses as being playful pieces that epitomize summer style. The thing is, summer is over. Crochet dresses can be comfortable, fun, and chic, but they are best worn when the weather is warm and sunny. The Hollywood Reporter notes that major celebrities such as Chrissy Teigen, Dua Lipa, Hailey Bieber, and Gigi Hadid have been spotted wearing crocheted dresses in the past. 


They typically wear this style of dress over their swimsuits and bikinis when visiting pools or going to the beach. During the fall though, crochet dresses aren't always the best thing to wear. If you are still obsessed with crochet material, you can wear crochet in the form of platform sneakers, over-the-shoulder purses, and cardigan sweatshirts. It's also not the worst idea ever to wear crochet in the form of long pants.

Ruffled dress

Wearing dresses covered in frilly and flouncy ruffles might make you feel beyond feminine, but that doesn't mean this style of dress should still be worn well into the fall season. According to CR Fashionbook, ruffled pieces of clothing have been around since the 15th century. They were generally connected to the culture of war since they symbolized a soldier's return home. Now, people think of ruffled material on clothing in a much different light. 


PrettyLittleThing suggests wearing ruffle dresses for date nights, at major events, and for everything else in between. They certainly offer an '80s vibe with a modern twist, but for fall 2022, it's time to give them a rest. Instead of wearing dresses that are covered in ruffles from head to toe, it makes more sense to wear dresses that are designed with solid fabric. Anyone who insists on wearing ruffles into the fall season should consider wearing them on a long-sleeved blouse or maxi skirt instead.

Gingham dress

If you're looking through your closet and you come across a gingham dress in the middle of the fall season, it's probably not a dress you should pull out and wear for the day. MasterClass describes gingham fabric as being synonymous with picnic tablecloths. The checkered pattern is popular in Europe and the United States, but that doesn't mean it's in style for fall this year. After all, you don't need to be reminded of old-school movies like "The Wizard of Oz" every time you put on your dresses. 


Vox says gingham fabric is fashionable but basic at the same time. It's also noticeable enough to stand out, yet equally predictable. If something can be classified as both basic and predictable, it's probably better to avoid it when revamping your closet with the most tasteful pieces. There's nothing wrong with wearing a gingham dress during summertime when enjoying an outdoor picnic with your friends. The same vibe doesn't carry over into the fall, though.

Smocked dress

If you're thinking about wearing a smocked dress in the fall, you might want to reconsider your options. Carousel Wear says smocked dresses have been around since the 12th and 13th centuries in Europe. Smocked clothing was originally worn by people who worked as farm hands and shepherds, which means that most rural individuals were rocking this style back in the day. 


Frank & Doll describes smocked dresses as being unstructured and designed with the most lightweight materials. Although smocked dresses can be comfortable to wear, that doesn't mean you should be wearing them during the fall season. A smocked dress is usually designed with fabric that has been folded and sewn together in an accordion style, also known as pleats. When thinking of typical pleats, school uniforms are typically one of the first things that come to mind. There's no reason to wear smocked dresses with schoolgirl energy in the fall.

Nap dress

Nap dresses were hugely popular in the '80s, and they made a comeback following the COVID-19 pandemic. The South China Morning Post says that the reason nap dresses started growing in popularity again is because women were seeking comfort after dealing with such a stressful global health issue. There's no denying the fact that COVID-19 acted as the root of many problems from job loss to health crises. 


The National News explains that nap dresses tend to have puffy or slightly exaggerated sleeves, even though they can occasionally be purchased in sleeveless styles. For people interested in seeking comfort over style, nap dresses are certainly a decent option. Anyone who is more inclined to focus on ever-changing trends might want to give their nap dresses a break for the fall season, though. The world is definitely still impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but that doesn't mean nap dresses are the only way to go.

Tie-dye dress

Dresses that are covered in tie-dye print have no place in your closet during the fall season. There's nothing intrinsically reminiscent of a season like fall that comes to mind when you spot someone wearing a tie-dye print. SaraMaker.com explains that creating the perfect tie-dye printed dress that contains rainbow spirals can easily be done at home with the right tools and techniques. That doesn't mean this is a project to get excited about during fall, though. 


The Adair Group notes that when hippies were protesting the Vietnam war back in the 1960s, they were on a mission to promote peace and love. They wanted to see the devastating war finally come to an end. The message behind tie-dye printed dresses was positive and lovely, but that doesn't mean tie-dye dresses are in style for fall in 2022. Tie-dye colors tend to be incredibly bright, and sometimes even a little obnoxious during specific times of the year. 

Cold shoulder sleeve dress

If you're thinking about wearing a cold shoulder sleeve dress during the fall season, you might want to think again. According to JolynneShane.com, the cold shoulder trend was hot for a minute, but that minute has totally passed. When cold shoulder dresses and tops were popular, just about everyone was rocking them, and the hype lasted for about two years. Suddenly, they disappeared at an alarming rate. It's safe to say that cold shoulder sleeve dresses were simply a fleeting trend that you no longer have to worry about. 


Elements of Image explains that cold shoulder dresses can look flattering on nearly any body type, regardless of how old you might be. While that might've been true during the peak of popularity for cold shoulder sleeve dresses, that no longer happens to be the case now. Dresses that have solid fabric over the shoulders are more suitable to wear during the fall season. Sleeveless dresses and spaghetti-strap dresses underneath warm cardigans, coats, and jackets are also great.

Built-in necklace dress

Dresses that have built-in necklaces or other forms of jewelry simply aren't ideal for the fall season. Beading Gem notes that wearing dresses with built-in jewelry can be appealing to some people since the gems can offer somewhat of a sparkling shield in a way. R & M Richards describes dresses with built-in jewelry as being thrilling to all who might wear them. The problem with dresses that have built-in jewelry during the fall season is that the jewelry can do a lot to distract from the actual beauty of the dress you're wearing.


If the jewelry is too clunky, large, or excessive, it can create more of a tacky vibe than a classy one. Keeping things as chic as ever means wearing dresses that pair well with regular jewelry that you might choose to add on your own. If you decide to wear a necklace, a pair of earrings, or something else with your dress, it should be your own decision, rather than your dress deciding for you.

Camo print dress

When people see camo print, one of the first things that likely comes to mind is warfare and military clothing. Shutterstock explains that camouflage exists as a pattern to help people blend in better with their environments. If you're not trying to blend into your location during the fall season, camo print dresses don't really belong in your closet. The Brunette from Wall Street reveals that camo print dresses simply aren't considered one of the fashionable prints for fall 2022. 


Camo print dresses tend to come in neutral colors such as brown, tan, green, black, and gray. It's also possible to find camo print dresses in bright color schemes such as pink, purple, blue, or orange. Regardless of the exact color scheme of your camo print dress, the pattern itself is no longer considered incredibly trendy. The good news is that there are plenty more print styles for dresses to choose from during the fall that don't resemble camo print.

Neutral-colored dress

Just because fall colors tend to be incredibly relaxed and neutral, it doesn't mean that neutral-colored dresses are the only way to go during the fall season. Neutral colors include white, black, shades of gray, shades of tan, and shades of brown. Mansion Global explains the fact that people have to really go out of their way to handle neutral colors without creating a boring result. Classy Yet Trendy explains that you have to add tons of accessories to an outfit made of neutral colors in order to avoid a forgettable appearance.


Instead of having to overdo it with accessories during the fall season, it might be a smarter option to opt for brighter-colored dresses. Dresses in shades of pink, red, or lime green will automatically help you stand out in a crowd. If you choose to wear a cream-colored dress, you might have to go all out with a bright-colored scarf, purse, or pair of gloves. There's no reason to give yourself more work trying to spice up your look.

Suit-style dress

Is it time to say goodbye to suit-style dresses for fall 2022? The answer to that is, yes. They are typically designed with collars, buttons, and long sleeves. They look like the feminine version of a typical men's suit with an open bottom instead of pants. Suits Expert says that suits are considered versatile and universally accepted when it comes to men's clothing. When women started wearing suit-style dresses in the workplace, it gave them an incredible edge. 


Still, times are changing and trends are constantly moving. The Guardian notes that due to COVID-19, suits and suit-style dresses have decreased in popularity in a major way. The fact that so many people are working remotely and getting things handled from home means they no longer have to dress up in certain styles in order to show up to an office. With or without taking the workplace into consideration though, suit-style dresses are no longer a popular thing to wear during the fall season.

Leather dress

There is a reason leather material is considered so incredibly luxurious. According to JoseLuisRocha.com, leather has historically always been considered versatile and durable. It's the type of material that lasts a long time because of how thick and strong it is. While leather might be known for being a top-notch material to wear, that doesn't mean you should be concerned about wearing a dress made out of it during the fall.


Leather Cult urges fashionistas to wear leather dresses during winter seasons paired with leggings, jackets, gloves, and other accessories. They don't have anything to say about wearing leather dresses during the fall, though. The good news about leather is that it's the type of material that can last for generations. This means that if you choose to hang your leather dress at the back of your closet or tuck it away deep inside your drawers for fall 2022, you'll still be able to wear it again in the future.

Denim dress

One of the first images that might come to mind when you think of denim dresses might be when Britney Spears hit a red carpet event with her ex-boyfriend, Justin Timberlake. She isn't the only person who's rocked a denim dress over the years, though. Rustic Honey says denim dresses can be worn in casual scenarios when paired with cardigans, purses, boots, scarves, midsection belts, and more. But you have to take the time of year into consideration first. 


Latest Trend Fashion notes that denim dresses aren't exactly in style for fall 2022 unless you're choosing to wear the denim dress as a shirt instead. If your denim dress is short enough to pass for a top, you'll be just fine wearing it. Opting for a typical denim dress on its own in fall 2022 simply isn't the right move to make for fashion lovers, though. If you choose to wear your denim dress as a shirt, you can create a highly attractive result for yourself.