How Long Can You Keep Knotless Box Braids In Your Hair?

Knotless box braids are what the name implies: box braids without the traditional knot at the roots. According to Curl Centric, the knot secures the hair extensions so they can be weaved through the natural hair. The innovation of knotless box braids allows for a seamless transition between your real hair and the added extensions. This gives a more natural look. Both braids are go-to protective styles, find which style is right for you.

There are plenty of advantages to box braids without the knot. Per Curl Centric, they weigh less than traditional box braids. This is because extensions are added a little at a time throughout the braid instead of in a lump sum at the roots. The knotless method also means less painful braiding. The lighter braids decrease tension at the roots minimizing painful tugging on your scalp. Knotless braids are a popular protective style. You can enjoy a break from the intense deep conditioning and detangling. But how long can you keep this protective hairstyle in your hair?

Braids last two to three months

Glamour suggests keeping your braids in for two to three months. However, this time frame is with the proper maintenance. It is important not to neglect your natural hair while wearing braids — Your scalp needs to be tended to. Beauti Zone recommends clarifying your scalp regularly, removing any sweat and product buildup from the area. Don't forget to moisturize: keeping your hair hydrated will prevent it from becoming brittle and breaking. You want your hair to stay protected underneath the braids. Be in the know before getting a protective hairstyle.

How you care for your hair affects the longevity of the braids. So does your hair texture and the style of braids, according to Carol's Daughter, a curly hair company started in 1993. The tighter your curls are, the longer your braids will last. Looser hair textures often separate from the braiding extensions sooner. This gives your braids a fuzzy look, with strands spilling out. Larger-sized braids don't last as long as smaller ones, so you may want to opt for a smaller size if you plan to rock knotless braids for a while. Remember the time frame, or you can inflict damage on your natural hair.

Keeping your braids for too long

Keeping knotless box braids in longer than recommended can cause damage to your hair. Curl Centric warns that braids past their due date can cause your natural hair to become matted, defeating the purpose of a protective style. Matted hair will be time-consuming to detangle, and may result in a need to trim the entwined strands.

If you are unsure whether it is time to remove your braids, Mane Addicts suggests watching out for a few signs. Be on the lookout for new hair growth, heavy buildup, and lots of frizz. If your roots have grown out, it may be time to unbraid: new hair growth is easy to tangle. Since it's not woven into the braids, any buildup will be obvious. When there is a frequent need to clarify your scalp, your stands need a break. Constant washing creates frizzy braids. If your knotless braids start to get frizzy, it is time to let the style go. Perhaps give Fulani braids a try. Frizz can be tamed with hair gels, but layers of gel will lead to product buildup. Don't get stuck in the loop of buildup, frizz, gel, and repeat: stick to the expert's recommendation.