How To Look Fabulous In Every Zoom Meeting

When the coronavirus pandemic knocked over the first piece in its remarkable domino effect, many societal changes followed. From the great 2020 toilet paper shortage to cabin-fevered quarantiners binging "Tiger King" and downloading TikTok for their daily dose of serotonin, the collective global whole witnessed many things they never thought they would. This is especially true when it comes to the almost-daily use of Zoom.

Whether working from home, attending remote events, or simply chatting with friends, Zoom has become a significant part of daily life for many. An online video telecommunication tool, Zoom never lost popularity, even when the intensity of COVID-19 started to lessen. In fact, as of April 2022, Zoom sees 300 million users per day (via Zoom).

Let's face it, Zoom meetings probably aren't going anywhere anytime soon — at least for the 27 million Americans who work from home (per Census). And before you get caught in 4K through the meticulously harsh lens of your computer that captures every little blemish and misplaced strand of hair, you may want to know the few things you can do to look fabulous in every Zoom meeting.

Touch up your appearance in more ways than one

Getting ready for work at home should be no different than getting ready for the office, especially if you have a Zoom meeting (or more) lined up for that day. According to PopSugar, adding a quick makeup application to your morning routine can help you be more productive and give you the boost of confidence you need to get through the day. Don't forget to brush your hair and get out of those PJs!

You may want to check your appearance on your computer before logging into your meeting, because computer cameras don't accurately portray your makeup application the way your mirror does (via New York Magazine). The camera can dull your appearance and make you look pale, so even if you aren't wearing makeup, you may want to add some blush or bronzer to bring some life back into your face. You can check your appearance before heading into the meeting by using your "Personal Meeting Room," where it's just you! Take a peek and adjust your makeup as needed.

Along with touching up your appearance in real life, you can utilize the "Touch Up My Appearance" function in Zoom's settings, which will blur and brighten your face. To do this, head to your settings (its location may vary depending on your device) and click the video tab. There, you will see the option to touch up your appearance and decide the intensity. This tool is so lifesaving, you could even skip the makeup part and head straight here!

Don't forget the importance of good lighting and background

Looking good during your Zoom meeting involves more than just touching up your face. You want to ensure the room's source of light, whether natural light from the window or artificial light from a lamp, is in front of you — never behind! Sitting with any light behind you is called backlighting and can make you look like a "silhouette" (via Learning with Experts). Obviously, this isn't ideal, especially if you want people to actually see your face.

Having a clean, organized background is also essential in looking your best during Zoom calls. What good is touching up your appearance and sitting in good lighting if the space behind you looks like a tornado hit? Keep in mind that having too much going on can create distractions for others in the meeting, per USA Today). So, even if you think the space behind you is "organized," you may want to opt for a background that errs on the side of simplicity.

Or, for those who don't have time to tidy up or simply want more privacy, you could go into Zoom's settings and give yourself a virtual background. Upload a photo of a chic and simple office to convince others (and maybe yourself) that you have it all together. Remember, regardless of your insecurities, there's probably a Zoom setting or filter for that!