How To Use An Eyeliner Brush To Get Perfect Nails

From maintenance tools like cuticle pushers and nail buffs to design implements like glitters and striping tape, there are so many things you can buy for at-home nail care and art. During quarantine, do-it-yourself manicures and nail designs became more popular than ever, with so-called "quarantine nails" populating social media, per Allure.


Even though salons have reopened, many people have continued to experiment with nail designs at home and in salons, giving rise to trends like abstract designs and tortoise shell nails, per American Salon. Turns out, there is a lot beyond nail polish that goes into giving yourself an at-home manicure, even more so when you decide to spruce your nails up with creative art, per Glamour.

Luckily, there are some ways to combat what might become a drain on your wallet by using things you already have at home. For example, eyeliner brushes have a surprising place in the nail painting process, and can actually be used in more than one way.

Use an eyeliner brush to clean up nail polish mistakes

If you're an untrained nail painter or simply have an unsteady hand, then you might find your nail looks sabotaged by residual polish that has made its way onto your skin. To achieve the perfect nails, reuse an eyeliner brush for clean-up, targeting any excess polish on the skin around your nails, per Glamour.


YouTuber Young Wild and Polished breaks down this tip, explaining that you'll want to select a stiff makeup brush to achieve the neat look of perfectly applied polish. The Fashion Spot also mentions that an angled brush can be really for the precision necessary for this cleanup.

Once you've selected a good eyeliner brush, all you need to do is dip it in nail polish remover or acetone, dab it on a towel or paper to remove excess liquid, and carefully swipe it across the skin surrounding your nails. In this way, an old eyeliner brush can become a must-have part of your manicure routine!

Eyeliner brushes can also be used as detail brushes

If you want to experiment with interesting line art and designs on your nails, then there is another way you can utilize an eyeliner brush. As demonstrated in a video from OPI, old liquid eyeliner brushes can be cleaned and used for nail art. They provide an example of the kind of art you could potentially create with such a brush, creating a cool baby blue swirl design that we love.


YouTuber its Renee similarly cleans and uses a felt eyeliner brush to create interesting nail art designs. In this way, even though an eyeliner brush with actual bristles is closer to specifically manufactured nail art brushes, you can experiment with any sort of eyeliner brush to figure out what works for you.

If you're wondering how you should clean your eyeliner brush, All Day Chemist explains that water, makeup remover, and disinfectant spray should get the job done. However, you might have to soak the brush if it's a felt-tip liner, as those are likely to hold excess product within.