Runway Trends That May Go Mainstream For The Remainder Of 2022

It's that time of the year when every encounter with the sun feels like a warm privilege reserved for those living in seasonless lands. As we fondly reminisce the time when daylight savings wasn't real, we're reminded that there is a lot to look forward to during the months of frigid cold. Hot chocolate, "Gilmore Girls" reruns, and of course, layering ourselves with the flair of a fashion editor. As actor Lana Condor famously said, "I can't wait for it to get colder so I can really start dressing" (via YouTube).

From fluffy coats and jewel tones to sexy formal wear, the runways for Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 have us in a frenzied note-taking state to prep for the rest of 2022. But, as we all know, the trend cycle and Mother Nature are running in two different races; the trend cycle is sprinting away as the seasons (and consumers) struggle to keep up. This means that we're going to see a lot of repetition and borrowed inspiration that will find themselves in runway collections. And they transcend seasons. 

You'll find summery corsets updated for the winter, low-rise pants paired with wooly cropped tops, and muted winter color palettes for spring shows. So, sustainable participation in the trend cycle might have just become a little easier. We've compiled a list of runway shows that give us a peek into what's trending for the remainder of 2022, whether you want to recycle your wardrobe or shop for fun updates.

Fashion silhouettes are going back in time

Tuning into this year's fashion weeks was like taking a one-credit course on fashion history. While we see many looks that are geared towards the Paris Hilton era of Y2K glam mini skirts and glitzy accessories, there are also other designers who are imbibing older generations of fashion into their collections today. 

Loewe's Spring 2023 collection is a prime example of closing the generation gap; Jonathan Anderson's looks borrowed from silhouettes from the 1920s robe de style and colors that were bold. Rodarte's collection this season also gave us a purple dress that was cinched at the waist and flared out (via Fashionista). These styles are challenging the otherwise straight silhouettes that are accompanying the rest of the runways. We wouldn't be surprised to see a sudden rise in the search for panniers (side hoops that exaggerate the hips) paired with Gen-Z's favorite accessory: the corset. 

Last year, shows like "Bridgerton" and "the newfound fascination for all things relating to royal fashion and the resurgence of Y2K fashion," according to shopping platform Lyst's Morgane Le Caer, led to an insane rush for corset hoarding (via New York Times). It was part of the overall Regencycore trend, referring to the 1800s era fashion, and is now making a comeback with updates. Designer Junya Watanabe's Fall 2022 collection reimagines corsets as puffy protective gear while Balmain takes it a step further with a futuristic metal uniform. 

Get ready for glamorous comfort inside and outside

Many of us have found ourselves imprinted on our couches during the pandemic, and the cozy, comfy warmth is hard to replicate. However, since the rollout of vaccines and boosters, people have been going out a lot more this year (via Ipsos). And since carrying a couch to dinner is usually frowned upon, designers have concocted the next best thing.

Designers like Raf Simons have essentially made cocoons fashionable. Wooly cloak blankets envelope models in Simons' Fall 2022 collection. Paired with glossy boots, these fluffy accessories are updates to your usual winter closet mainstays. Of course, regular sweaters are never going to be out of style, either. This time, however, we may see a difference in the kind of fabric people are wearing. Loewe used mohair and cashmere for their sweaters and dresses in their Fall 2022 collection; essentially, fabric that gives you a serotonin boost every time you pet yourself. 

We can't do plush winter wear without input from Tom Ford; the brand's soft velvet coats are accessories in themselves, displaying the glossy jewel tones you'd need to stand out. If that's still not fancy enough for the party you're going to, take cues from Maya Seyferth's Milan Fall 2022 show. The German designer wanted to "bridge fantasy and reality" with her collection, making exquisite ball gowns and dresses that keep you warm and gala-ready. The brand's use of sparkly shoes was also something that made it to our Pinterest board.

Offices and schools are now Fall 2022 fashion runways

With everyone going back to work this year, office wear is back in the spotlight (via Future Forum). However, after more than a year of casual dressing (or wearing yoga pants at Zoom meetings), most of us aren't ready to adhere to strict dress codes. We're also going out more, experimenting more, and ready to feel excited about our office wardrobe. The rebrand was inevitable. Designers are taking power dressing in an unconventional direction, one that leads to the realm of Y2K.

Think low-rise pants (they're not going anywhere) that are pleated and belted, paired with short cutout tops and chunky jewelry. Sandy Liang's Spring 2023 does it best, with monochrome khaki sets that transform the idea of professionalism. Tailored pants and bralettes are the new workwear uniforms and we're sure that if Annie Hall was born in the 2000s, this would be her wardrobe. 

We also love Tom Ford's Spring 2023 collection for the sequins and glittery blazers. For those with lax HR, Nensi Dojaka shows you how to wear lingerie to work. Of course, you can channel her strappy lingerie with strategic cutouts and pencil skirts outside the office. We'd pair it with a reliable pair of Mary Janes, which are also all over the streets of every metropolis. To sum it up, the rest of 2022 is a potent mixture of Y2K sexy office wear and Regency-era updates. Pick your poison.